My New Sites!

Firstly, I’ve updated my wedding blog- and it has its own domain now!!! Go and see the latest on Angel’s Weddings!! I had another wedding nightmare and you can read all about it there.

And!! Drum roll please!! I have a website for Angel’s Cupcakes now as well!! I am having a Valentines Special that you can check out, and I will be posting pictures of the cupcakes I bake as well as what they cost!

7 thoughts on “My New Sites!

  1. luv the new cupcakes blogspot-wish u were also in dbn-ull have to make a plan to split yourself in 3 so u can b in ct.dbn and jhb hee hee – i gotta do cupcakes 2nite for kids school and im hoping its not too disastraus just know my daughter will say i need her help (how much can a 3 year old do though hee hee)

  2. They’re awesome 🙂 I so wish I could order the cupcakes *sniff* You need to grow and have a CT branch 😉

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