The 2010 Nerdies Auctions Are Open!


If you pop over here, you may be initially confused by the mother-trucker long list of comments… don’t panic!!

What it comes down to is that if there’s something you’ve seen online that another blogger/ tweeter owns or can provide- you can start bidding on it!

For example, I put in a bid by saying I wanted Cath Jenkin’s heart-shaped sun glasses!

And I am now offering 2 batches of 12 cupcakes after Shebee put in a bid saying she wanted a batch of her favourite strawberry cupcakes with creamcheese icing. The other batch I am offering is chocolate creme-caramel secret-centre with chocolate fudge icing.

Oh, and if someone puts in a bid for something you don’t want to part with, you have to put in a bid yourself!

All the proceeds from this year’s madness go to Wet Nose, so its for a fabulous cause!

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  2. hey girl
    Im wireless and back!
    soooooooooooo .. Ill be catching up and posting more often now.

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