Single Mom Support

I think most people know I had my Damien when I was 17 years old? Well, because of this, supporting young moms is something I try to do whenever I get the chance- especially if they’re single- which they usually are in their teens. I was a teen mom, I was a single mom, and I know how long and hard that road is.


Now, before any of you get your soapboxes out from under the bed- I KNOW teen moms are not suffering from an illness or disorder, and that teen pregnancies can be prevented- I’m not going to debate that here.

The truth is that teenage girls are having babies despite people trying to educate them about sex and the dangers of STDs.


I found out recently- through a contact who also was a single mom- that a wonderful woman named Laura (how’s that for a coincidence, eh) is starting a support group at a high school for the many teen moms and the girls who are currently pregnant in the school! This is the first time I’ve heard of something like this being done, since most people are still determined to hide this issue, and I think its fargin fantastic!!

I know a LOT of single moms, in fact I think I could name 10 off the top of my head- some of whom are technically and gloriously no longer single 🙂 – but thats besides the point. As someone once said to me, its a club you never lose your membership to, its a title you never lose.

As single moms, we support each other. We’re there at the drop of a hat if one of us calls for help. We fetch and carry when we can, bring wine when its needed, make phone calls, send text messages checking up on each other, and call in the troops when it’s necessary.

What I want to do with this here post is call on the single mothers I know in the blogosphere for advice and support on issues that single moms face.

Laura would like to have topics to discuss with these teen moms, to try and help them through parenting. Perhaps you have suggestions on issues single moms face, and how these young moms can get around them or deal with them?


I’ll give you an example. Something I could never get used to as a teen mom- and a young mom- was that people never took me seriously as a mother. They always asked where Damien’s father was, and often assumed I was his big sister and asked where his parents were! And something else I battled with as a single mom was allowing a romantic interest “in”…


What suggestions do you have that Laura can turn into a “lesson” of sorts for these young moms?

A Blog Challenge


This week’s challenge from Female2Female is a 10 things list!

Any ten things!

10 things to do before you die. 10 of your favourite books or movies. 10 of your favourite chocolates. 10 reasons to love Johnny Depp! 10 reasons you think Facebook applications are from the devil.


And I didn’t know where to start…



I decided to go with 10 things I am busy with right now! And trust me, it’s not only for your entertainment but for me to keep track of too!!

  1. I’m doing a certificate in Advanced Wedding Planning with SA School of Weddings. It’s a once a week class and it finishes at the beginning of June. It’s a shite load of work, and I am thoroughly enjoying it… but its more than a little daunting being in a class with 20 other women who- for the most part- are better qualified and more experienced than I am.
  2. I have an assignment for the course that I have to work on a little every day; else I won’t complete it on time! I have to plan a wedding- every single little detail- from start to finish!!
  3. I am planning mine and my Glugster’s wedding for July 24th! It’s so much fun and I have SOOO many ideas! You can read more about it here if you’d like to.
  4. I am preparing to adopt an orange point kitten, who we have already named “Turk”! He and two litter mates was born to Shebee’s Seasea just over 5 weeks ago. You can see pictures of him, and my first blog posts about him here.
  5. I am researching and writing a few blog posts on ADHD, including one about how the knucklehead is doing and how things have changed since I took him out of school- as requested by loyal-reader-Julia.
  6. I have cupcake orders to schedule! The biggest is for 200!! It’s so exciting, and I love that the people who order my cupcakes are so happy with them! I never expected something I had so much fun doing to turn into a little business!!
  7. I am planning I was planning my mommy darling’s surprise birthday party- along with my siblings- and with one email I shot all our weeks of planning and secrecy to hell! I mailed my sisters and my mommy darling with the menus for our chosen restaurant- instead of mailing my sisters and da Bruvva!!
  8. I am working to lose weight so that I can look svelte and sylphlike on my wedding day. Okay, maybe not svelte… but at least not chunky! 😀 This process involves trying to get to the gym at least twice a week, and failing miserably! I am dieting, which is going fairly well, and my sweetheart and I have a dancing lesson once a week which is awesome exercise… but I SO need to exercise more. And I need to stop dreaming about bread sticks and pasta.
  9. I’m forcing myself to come to terms with several things about myself. It’s a long process, and I have to work on it every day, but I am making progress.
  10. And last but not least, I am still working my regular 8-4 job, the one I get paid my salary for!!

I Am Humbled And Proud

Is that even possible?

I think I did blog here about being nominated by friends and family for a Feather Award in their “Heroine” category? I was nominated for my “work” in creating awareness of ADHD and supporting parents who are raising ADHDers. In all honesty, I didn’t ever think it was something deserving of an award! Its quite mind blowing!


The latest news is that I got an email on the February 9th notifying me that I am now a semi-finalist, and I had an electronic interview to do. It was no small task answering their questions, I had to think long and hard- and I only had 3 days to do so!

My stomach started doing back flips as soon as I read the opening lines of the email…


You have been selected as a semi-finalist.”

I was quite flabbergasted! The other nominees in my category are such incredibly brave and inspiring women and I never expected to get a nomination let alone get to the next round!

Anyhoodle, if you’d like to read it you can find my “profile” and my interview if you click here, it includes the nomination justification as well as my own motivation.

You can’t vote for me as the process is judged by a panel of four women who are extraordinary in their own right- and you can find them on the website as well- but you can leave a comment about me on their Facebook page if you’d like to.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who had a hand in this.