A Note To The Blogs I Read…

You’re losing me… But also not really!


I am fixing up and sorting out my Google Reader, and I was “following” a lot of blogs using my Google Blogger account- and these also appeared on my Google Reader. But they weren’t alphabetically listed which was driving me to distraction! And no matter how much sorting and organising I did, it kept going back to the two seperate lists- a “Blogs I Follow” list and a “Google Reader” list!

So if you are a “.blogspot.com” blogger and you have a widget like this:


You will not see me on it anymore, but rest assured I am still following you using my Google Reader!!


10 thoughts on “A Note To The Blogs I Read…

  1. LOL @ SimplyCurious! I dont use google reader anymore – it used to freak me out and make me feel like I would never catch up. I tend to bookmark aswell!

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