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I am home alone for the first time in months! This last week I was very embarrassed to tell my bosses I was booked off again because of my asthma. I haven’t battled like this in years! The slightest exertion- getting dressed for my doctor’s appointment or walking downstairs- made my heart race. On Tuesday at the doctor my O2 sats (SaO2) was down to 93% and she wanted to hospitalise me! I said no, because if she did I’d never get out before Thursday night’s Feather Award ceremony and there’s no way I was missing that! 🙂 I’m still feeling it, but its better.


I love my life right now. Its crazy- I’m so busy that my to-do lists have sub-categories… but it is so awesome. I am focusing on me without even feeling guilty. And being so busy has also taken my mind off not being able to have a baby. And I love my fiancé. He truly is my hero, and his patience and passion makes every day bliss.


I taste the Coke Zero I’m currently drinking. I love the stuff, and it helps get the taste of my twice a day dose of Inflammide out of my mouth. Hell that stuff’s vile!!!


I believe, no- I know- that I have the most incredible man on this planet. He’s my fiancé, my confidant, my lover, my friend, my companion, my parent partner and my dance partner. He keeps me sane and he makes me laugh.


I hope my two men get home safely tonight. It’s a boy’s night out for the men in my family, organised by da Bruvva  and attended by my BILs and my daddy darling.


I wish… I wish… I wish… right now the only thing I wish is that my knucklehead can get his license and find a job.


I laugh at my kittens, Diva and Turk, all the time!


I feel relaxed. But even though I feel pretty relaxed right now I have a tiny nagging niggle in the pit of my stomach that reminds me that I have a shit-load of work to do.


I dream about making wedding planning my career…


I smell almost nothing… my nose is pretty much permanently blocked. And then sometimes I smell things no-one else seems able to smell!


I fear for my knucklehead’s future. If I can open a bakery then he can work for me… but that’s not likely to happen soon, if at all.

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  1. oh my gosh. all websites are banned in china except YOURS and laura-kims. what does this say…get more political maybe??? ayway, haven’t been online for ages and kinda out of date so nice to read that you’re STILL happy etc. it’s like the world carries on even if i don’t read about it for 4 days or something? xxxxxxx
    .-= rebecca´s last blog ..ola from doha =-.

  2. I hope you feel better soon, soon. I hope your son finds a job soon, it is really difficult with the economic crisis but my fingers are crossed.
    .-= Fairy Girl´s last blog ..A gift =-.

  3. I had been having a really rough day and started cruising female 2 female and found your blog and this post. thank you – you helped me today

  4. It’s great to have a day when you remember all the things you have to be grateful for. “When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears”
    .-= Rosemary´s last blog ..Winter Bean Soup =-.

  5. Re: Your Fear – I am feeling it with you. It is something I think about every single day with my son. I often wonder what sort of fears I would have had if he were not ADHD.
    Hang in there.
    And may I ask why the bakery thing (according to you) will never happen? Never say never.x

  6. Oh gosh girl, I really hope you feel better soon. Have you tried Singulair? It has changed our lives (C has paediatric asthama). Apart from the other day’s attack after the smoke from the truck accident near us, he hasn’t had one since he started on it. One of my mom’s friends in her 60s has since started using it and it has changed her world.

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