It Finally Happened…

Are you singing the Queen song now? I always do when I hear this phrase… and in this case it may even be apt…

I’m going slightly mad. It finally happened. I’m knitting with only one needle…


I have so much to blog about, oh ever loyal bunnies of mine!

I haven’t even told you about the Feather Awards- which I didn’t win, as I’m sure you may have guessed.

I’ve been given an award by no less than 5 extraordinary bloggers.

I’m going to be speaking at the ADHASA Vaal Seminar for parents again- which I am so stoked about.

I’m baking up a storm.

AnGlug wedding plans are going swimmingly, and I still have some invitations to mail.

I haven’t had a chance to read and comment on blogs like I usually do, which I am very sad about. Please don’t think I’m lurking- especially if you’re used to me commenting on everything… I haven’t even been able to read at all, and I’m feeling very “out of the loop”. But I am determined to get back to reading and commenting the way I love to do. Thank goodness I can stay “connected” via Twitter.


But first I have to get these spinning, deafening thoughts out of my head.


Tonight, at 6:45PM, Damien finally asked.


Tonight, we decided to do a bit of a family outing since we’d had such an uber relaxing, chilled day. Chinese for supper at Zen Garden- and the irony of the name is not lost on me– and the Clash Of the Titans in 3D.

We were about to have dessert at Zen Garden after a divine supper of duck and veggies and pancakes and soup and noodles and rice, and kidding around with each other like we do. Damien said something silly and I asked my Glugster if I could head-butt Damien, who giggled maniacally and said I’d be sorry since he had such a hard head. I said I had one too, and he asked if he got his from me or from his father. I said it was entirely probable he had his father’s hard head, and a split second later he said “Speaking of my father, I think I’d like to meet him.”


He went on to say something about how its been a year since he turned 18, and I believe I answered him and said it was okay and that I’ll look for him, but I was kind of on auto pilot. I think I even asked him questions about whether he’d thought about where or how he wanted to do it. And I said he must remember that his father may not want to speak to him, especially if he hasn’t told his wife…

I’ve been trying to prepare myself for this moment for years, but my head was full of this rushing noise like I was in a decompressing airplane and all I could think was fuck no. No. I’m not ready. Please no. Fuck. Not yet. I’ve got too much to do.

I reckon I deserve an Oscar for my performance tonight bunnies. I betrayed none of my panic and fear and sadness as I spoke to my son. Not a bit. We didn’t even talk about it very long, and then we headed out to see the movie, laughing about our stack of leftovers in take away boxes.


I haven’t stopped thinking about it of course.


Now I have to find the man. I know his sister is on Facebook. And I admit was momentarily tempted to send him a message via his wife on Facebook… but I resisted. I know where his parents live, if they’re still there, so I can leave a letter for him in their mailbox…


For so long I hoped that I would be enough. That Damien’s extended family would be enough. That with everything I and we have done and tried and loved that he wouldn’t ever feel the need to look for this man. Sometimes I wish I’d told him nothing, or told him he was dead. But only sometimes, and not for a long time. I was almost starting to think it wouldn’t happen.

And I always dreamed that if he ever met his paternal family he would be dux scholar and head boy and an A student and at varsity. I hoped for a long time that if they met I could half rub their noses in his success, in what they missed out on…


I have a lot to process. I’ll try to keep you all up to date.

Very Pleased With Myself…

Yuppiechef held a cupcake baking competition over the last few days, and I entered- of course! There were some divine entries lemme tell you bunnies! One was inspired by Marie Antoinette and the decadence of the gold and glitter and such… gawjiss! There was an entry of cupcakes made to look like cups and saucers, there were little piggy faces, someone made sugar paste flowers… so much inspiration right there.

Yesterday, they announced the winner… ME!!! I won!!

Check it out: And The Winner Is…

It Was Voted On

Out of a mind blowing 81 entries (some of which were outside the Sunday night deadline) – WOW – the winner is…



In a very close second place was Fairy Girl’s submission:


And here are my two personal favourites!! One of Tanya’s many many entries:


And Charlene:


I sent all my favourites (8 of them) to friends and family who are not online socially so they could help me choose a winner- so it was completely unbiased. And its incredible how different a sense of humour can be from person to person, which is really obvious when you watch something like “America’s Funniest Home Videos”… Anyhoodle. MeeA- I’ll get a hold of you to organise your prize.

Thanx all bunnies!!

The Weekend That Was


Talk about socialising… weekends like the one we just had are very the reason my darling Glugster and I started to schedule weekends for ourselves where we don’t accept invitations, and have a chance to sleep late and go on a date or something!

It was hectic and non-stop, but oh so much fun.

On Friday night I delivered cupcakes to a client in Pretoria. Or should I say, we delivered cupcakes! I really battle to drive at night. So my Glugster drove me and the two boxes to her flat. We then got KFC on the way home and watched a couple of episodes of stuff we’d PVR’d and I fell asleep quite early.

That was as quiet as our weekend got!

On Saturday morning, we took ourselves off to The Wedding Expo at The Dome. It was very interesting- as a wedding planner- and we managed to sort out the music for our wedding and I found several other vendors I liked. There some seriously impressive vendors on show, but with over 300 stalls to see, people literally walk past, grab a pamphlet and go. Unless you’re actually looking for something specific, its mind boggling! There are lots of competitions from the vendors and from The Wedding Expo itself, and almost every vendor has an expo “special” that you can qualify for… but there’s almost too much to see. For example- there were 34 photographers and 45 venues on display! We had a bit of a giggle at the faces of some of the men being dragged from stall to stall… you can SO see they’d rather be anywhere else!!

On Saturday afternoon, we finally had the long awaited and many times postponed games night at Wenchy’s with @Sirnoid and their many many children. We were joined by Laurakim and her kidlets, and her @Flavid! We had awesome conversation, a fabulous steak dinner- replete with rice pudding and custard for dessert- and then my Glugs and I kicked butt at 30 Seconds, and the girls got their asses whipped by the guys in the same game! We also played a couple of games of BUZZ on the Playstation. It’s also a general knowledge type of game, and 8 of us could play including the kids! I won the first game, and had I not eliminated myself the second time instead of throwing a pie at Wenchy, I woulda won that one too! 🙂 You know those times when you’re having so much fun you have no idea what time it is? It was one of those occasions!

On Sunday morning, I woke my exhausted sweetheart early and we went off to our wedding venue, Helderfontein Estate, to test the dance floor. I know it sounds like a strange thing to do- but knowing whether or not you can boogie in your wedding shoes on what will be the dance floor is very important! You never know if your heels will go through the slats of a wooden floor, or if your soles are too slippy for tiles unless you try it beforehand! We had no problemo however- and went home happy.

I then baked a batch of koeksister cupcakes and was subsequently late for our #WeddingTweetup at Cappuccino’s with Sharon, Tanya, MeeA and Jessica! Lots of coffee was consumed, and lots of girly wedding talk and ring comparison was going on!! It was great fun… and I wasn’t watching the time properly, which made us late for a lunch date!!!

Sunday afternoon was spent with the ever fabulous The Jackson Files and ExMi, their men and their little boys. The boys had a blast, which included flooding the bathroom!! The food was mouthwatering and our hostess made a divine pavlova for dessert! I was wishing I wasn’t so full so I could have more!! And I got a pressie from her trip to China! That was such an unexpected surprise!

On the way home we were pulled over by the traffic cops! I didn’t realise Sunday nights were the times to do the breathalyser thing, but we got there as they were setting up the roadblock! We were polite, and honest as to what we’d been up to, and the officer let us go with no test… he clearly wasn’t in the mood, and as we weren’t speeding or slurring, he decided we were fine.

We made it home safely and passed out after a very quick shower!!

I love weekends like that. We haven’t had one in a few weeks and it was very entertaining!!

Thank you to my friends for making it fun.

Thank you my sweet Glugs for driving me all over the place