I’m Once… Twice… Seven Tiiiiimes Awarded!!!

Yup! SEVEN!!! I got given an award seven times!! And no prizes for guessing the song that is alluded to in this post title.

These incredible women- Fairy Girl, Wenchy, Boobah’s Mom, Mama MeeA, Sharon, Louisa and Bananaramagirl– decided all on their own, that I was worthy of this bloggerward:




What an awesome compliment! And the reasons these women stated for giving me the award? Wow, between them they quite literally reduced me to tears more than once!


So instead of seven random and new things about me, as required by the award meme, I’m going to tell you a little bit about these women from my point of view. And in no particular order either. And because there are seven of them I’m still technically sticking to the rules 🙂 how’s that!??


Fairy Girl is a blogger I only met recently. I won the Female2Female Phenomenal Woman Awardlawd that sounds so pretentious– and one of my prizes was an aromatherapy massage and a hamper of products from Tranquil Sanctuary. It was fantastic, and Leigh-Ann is very VERY good at what she does. I was amazed to watch her feet through the table’s face-hole and see her move around the massage table, and her hands never lost contact with my skin! We’ve met socially once or twice since, and I was very pleased to discover she’s fabulous outside of her work too!


Wenchy was the second South African blogger I found when I started blogging! The South African blogging scene wasn’t nearly as big in 2005 as it is now, so finding another SAFFA was always cool. I was totally captivated by her writing and I loved her gawjiss self portraits, wishing I could master the art myself. And of course, sharing the battle of raising an ADHDer meant I had to get to know her better. I’m just glad she’s always remembered to let me know when she changed URLs or added a password. She’s a genuine SA Bloggebrity, and I am privileged to count her as a real life friend as well.


Boobah’s Mom is someone I discovered through link jumping, and I thoroughly enjoyed her writing! She disappeared for a while, life taking over and all that, and I was thrilled when she reappeared! We’re also real life, Twitter and Facebook friends. She has baby #2 on the way, and her excitement is palpable. I just love her ingenious method of including her first born in the whole adventure.


When I started reading her blog, MeeA was- to me- one of those uber cool bloggers that I just longed to meet! She was one of “the cool kids” 😀 ! She’s beautiful physically and in her heart, and is one of those women who gets nauseatingly skinny all too soon after having a baby! I loved her writing, and if she visited and commented on my blog, or replied to a comment I made on hers, I was like “OMW! MamaMeeA likes me! Look everyone, she reads my blog!!” Now we are real life friends too, and I consider myself lucky.


Sharon is someone I got to meet in real life before I started reading her blog! We were Twitter friends first, and I like to think we clicked. I feel I have a kinship with her that I can’t quite define. She’s a single mom to a boy child who has a glorious impish smile. And like me, she’s met a wonderful man who adores her, and she’s going to be planning her wedding soon!


Louisa is a blogger that I have been reading for longer than I can remember! Her blog title caught me first, and I am always curious as to what she’s going to change her blog header to every season. I treasure her insight and her outlook on life, and being a new single mommy she’s now even more special to me! I am also privileged in that I can call her a real life friend of mine as well.


Bananaramagirl is new to the blogging scene and preggers with her first baby, I met her through Twitter first and then through mutual friends we have met in real life a few times too. She’s one of those gawjiss women with a personality to match her beautiful face, and the way she’s been writing about her pregnancy has literally reduced me to tears on more than one occasion.


Ladies- blogger-wards may simply be fun; and entertaining; and occasionally fluff- but I am truly honoured that you all thought of me when you had the chance to pass this one on.

Thank you.

And I am awarding this bloggerward right back at all of you!!!

And now to complete the circle, I am going to give it to the following bloggers, even if they already have been awarded this one.


acidicice. A wonderfully brave and loving new mommy to a beautiful baby boy, and a baby angel. She has eyes you could drown in. When we met, we connected, and she is my friend.


BecauseIcan. Awesome mom. Killer boobs. Business owner. And she battles monster ex-people with aplomb! She is my friend.


Cath Jenkin. You wanna meet a personality a hundred times bigger than the gawjiss, elfin, fascinating woman who embodies it!?? She’s brave. She’s a wonderful mother. She is my friend.


Doula Mel. She’s a fellow mom to an ADHDer. She’s beautiful. She’s a surfer. She’s tattooed. She’s brave and she’s a wonderfully inspirational Christian. She is my friend.


ExMi. One word- powerful. Do not ever judge this firecracker by her appearance. She’s gawjiss and draws people in, but don’t let her easy smile fool you. She will not take shit from anyone. Ever. She is my friend.


Philly Girl. Fiercely independent- but so completely in a good way. She’s travelling the world a little at a time, she owns property, she has a social life that “skriks vir niks” and she makes me think of the Sex And The City girls! She is my friend.


Shebeeliciousness herself. She’s an incredibly beautiful woman and I admire her temerity and her determination to get what she wants. She is a survivor of note. She is my friend.


Supermom. Career woman and mom to 3 beautiful, loving, smart boys. She doesn’t hesitate to look out for others and she has even accepted the burden of looking after someone else’s child. Not for glory or thanks, but because that little girl needed help and love. I wish we didn’t live so far apart. She is my friend.

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  2. Such awesome bloggers – they all definitely deserve this award! And especially YOU, Angel!!

    (I’m going to enjoy some link jumping myself now 🙂 )
    .-= SwissTwist´s last blog ..Monday Mayhem =-.

  3. Aww, thank you, Angel! And believe me, you deserve every single one of those Beautiful Bloggerwards; You have a warmth and a presence about you that puts people at ease and draws them in as soon as they meet you. 🙂 I usually take quite a while to warm up to people, but I knew the instant we first got to chatting that I was going to call you my friend. You are lovely!

  4. Aw wow, Angel. Thanks so much for those lovely words 🙂 I am in a very weird headspace this morning about my life and it really made me smile. Am thrilled to be able to count you among my jumped-off-the-page-and-into-real-life friends as well.
    .-= phillygirl´s last blog ..More Weekend Stuffs =-.

  5. Oh wow *sniff sniff* I also felt that “click” and I’m so glad we met. Thanks hon, what a gift getting a friend like you 😛
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Happy Birthday =-.

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