Oh Ever Loyal Bunnies Of Mine

My darling Glugster and I are on honeymoon!

Thassaright, I am officially Mrs Glugster with a certificate and all to make it legal!

I will be scarce till we get home again, but if you’d like a glimpse at the photos from the day, our photographer- the phenomenal  Jeanette Verster- has posted a “sneak peek“!! You may want to keep an eye on Kat Forsyth’s page too, she was second shooter for the day…


Be A Virtual Guest At AnGlugWedding!

Thats right! Would you like to watch our wedding streamed live online? Here’s the link:


All you have to do is create yourself a free account using the “sign up” link at the very tippity top of the screen. You can also comment using your Twitter account- how cool is that!!

On Saturday (the wedding starts at 4pm) the streaming will start shortly before the ceremony and you’ll be able to watch and listen as if you are there yourself.

Do please remember that streaming will chew up a fair amount of your internet usage, so I do apologise for that… but there’s no better way for us to share our wonderful day with our loved ones far away.

5 Sleeps…

Just 5 sleeps!

Just 4 days!

On Saturday at this time, I reckon we will be winding down our wedding reception, and I will officially be Mrs Glugster!

I can’t believe its so close already! I’ve been planning it for well over a year, and now there’s no planning left, its just final payments and meetings.

Tomorrow I am having my final fitting and collecting my wedding dress from the one and only ChristaB. The fabulous Jeanette Verster will be there to document my final fitting with ChristaB– the couture dress designer I truly never thought I’d be able to go to! My mommy darling, my bridesmaids- sister B and sister C- and the knucklehead will be there too. I was originally going to make everyone wait till Saturday- then only my mom and Jeanette would know what the dress looked like- but my sisters and Damien are all very curious and traditionally the bridal party is involved in the dress selection!

Right now, anyone and everyone who asks is told its green and orange with yellow accents, and its a tutu! And you’ll all have to wait till Saturday. I am really happy with the dress, lemme tell you.

I was also going to insist that no pictures of me be published on the interwebs until we get back from honeymoon as I find it incredibly inconsiderate for everyone and their dog to see pictures of the bride before she does- but since its going to be streamed live online my request would be moot…


So this week I am fetching my wedding gown, having my nails done, colouring my grey away and we’ll be having a couple more dance lessons. I am also going to be baking the cupcakes for our wedding, trying to catch up on some blog reading and trying to relax! The knucklehead’s outfit is sorted, he’s had a haircut, and my Glugs’ suit will be undergoing some final alterations.

After the wedding, there will be a series of posts on my wedding site- Angel’s Weddings– about all the things I planned and the ideas I had, so you may want to stay tuned for those.

5 sleeps… Just 5 sleeps…

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

Every 6 months or so, I buy myself a Heat or People magazine for some fluff and light entertainment. The next to last issue of Heat (thats how out of date I am, I don’t even buy the newest one) had a piece in it that had my jaw on the floor!!

It seems South African parents are in an uproar over their children seeing people have sex during a prime-time TV show called Vixens– on Vuzu channel! Vixens is a reality show (which most people know I can’t stand) about self-proclaimed sluts living in a Big Brother type “house”, and dudes who have girlfriends going to stay in the same house and NOT having sex with the sluts to prove their fidelity!!

Any questions as to why I dislike “reality” TV shows?

Vuzu is not a channel your children should be watching people! The channel is geared towards the 18-23 age demographic and if you’re really as concerned about what your children see on TV as you claim to be, they wouldn’t be watching Vuzu!

I’ve never watched Vixens BTW, not do I watch much of anything on Vuzu besides The Vampire Diaries. It is one of my 19 year old son’s favourite channels though.