Blogging My Blog, Blackhuff Asked…

Where and how did the love of cupcakes originate?

Well Blackhuff, I can’t remember exactly when or where my love of cupcakes came from specifically… But who can resist them! They’re so pretty and versatile!

Anyhoodle, I have always loved spending time in my kitchen. Especially baking. I baked all of Damien’s birthday cakes, letting him pick a theme every year. I baked cookies, cheese cakes, cheese straws, muffins, cupcakes, I even made my own chocolates for Easter and Christmas!!

When I changed jobs and had unfettered access to the internet with my new employers, baking and recipes was one of the first things I Googled, apart from my discovery of blogging of course!

I discovered that cupcakes have an almost cult following and there are HUNDREDS of websites dedicated to them!

Then when my Glugster and I started seeing each other, I suddenly had a kitchen upgrade as well and I could bake to my hearts’ content!! And it grew and grew from there!

Does that answer your question?

Lookit Lookit!

Girl Guides is live!


Girl Guides is gadgets being reviewed by chicks for… wait for it… chicks!!

Be it a GPS, phone, laptop, PC, mouse, printer, AV device, camera, you name it- chances are you’ll find a review of it here eventually!

Anyhoodle, I was pleasantly surprised and hugely honoured when I was invited to be a part of this project. I’m a blogger and a mom, and I do love gadgets, but I am not an uber-tech-savvy geek or anything! Now I am priviledged to be part of a team of awesome people who get to test and review products supplied by the manufacturers specifically for us to tell them what we think- as women!! Of course, it wouldn’t be a chick thing if it didn’t mean we had the opportunity to get together over wine and nibbly things to swop gadgets and talk about the ones we have!

The website is a beta version (which means there may be hiccups or little things that don’t work properly), so pop over and have a look and leave a comment or some constructive feedback in the “Give Us Your Feedback” box on the right hand side of the screen. Its very important that you comment on the reviews and such and on the site as the format to be used for the comments is still to be decided!

Its going to be awesome!

My reviewer profile isn’t up yet, but pretty soon you’ll be able to find me there and read reviews of products I have played with.

Ooh, and you can find Girl Guides on Twitter and Facebook too!

Brace yourselves, the women are taking over, one website at a time!

Blog My Blog

Last week, because i can challenged me to make a list of things I’d said during the week, but the only thing I could remember was telling Damien that no, he could not have a tank built out of a four wheeler. He came home with a bullet proof jacket that afternoon, so I think I may need to start asking questions.

Instead, and while I work on some posts, you can ask me questions!

Be it about food, books, ADHD, cats, family, cupcakes, weddings, love, tattoos, parenting… Ask away! What have you always wanted to know about me?



The word even sounds like the feeling I get when someone sends me one of those long-ass emails that are supposedly true stories with a so-called “moral” at the end.


IMHO, Glurge is the scourge of email. Here’s a quote describing such an email: “There is usually no malicious intent by the sender of glurge, but the messages may not be as inspirational as the sender had hoped. Many examples of glurge tend to collapse under their own weight, as the writer adds one impossible circumstance upon another to drive home the moral of the story. One such example of overwrought glurge concerns a novice mountain climber who loses a contact lens. After asking God for a miraculous recovery of the lens, the mountain climber later discovers an ant carrying the contact lens on its back. The utter implausibility of the story often negates the inspirational impact of glurge.”

What are some other examples of glurge? You’ve probably been emailed the story of the dad who bakes some dog shit into a brownie recipe to demonstrate to his children how a little “smut” can affect the good things in life. And the one about not judging people, about the mothers of Hitler, Roosevelt, and Churchill? There’s a lot more of it here.

Very occasionally, the stories are mostly true, but whatever interest they may contain is completely negated for me by the fact that it is essentially spam and that the emails all too often ask you to forward it to “spread the message“, chain letter style.

Stop sending me this shit.


Sucking it Up

I have to.

Else its going to drive me barmy.

I wrote a post almost a year ago about how we were “finished” trying… but it still hurts. I still get resentful and angry when someone announces a pregnancy. I still get envious and wonder why it can’t be me, us. Our turn. I still wish, in my heart of hearts, that I could give my darling husband a child of his own. A boy child. With his names.

I have apologised many times to my preggy friends and family in case I behave spitefuly or rudely… and that apology stands.

A year ago, after just over a year of trying to get pregnant naturally, my Glugster and I went to see a fertility specialist. The lab we went to has an excellent reputation and track record, and we were both keen to find out about our chances of having a baby of our own. The results were not good, for either of us, and we decided to leave it there. We didn’t want the stress and expense of fertility treatment. It was something we had agreed on when we started trying to get pregnant. Both of us had a lot of tests done, invasive and painful tests. And with each test result, the chances of our having a baby- even with fertility treatments- got smaller and smaller. We did the tests because we wanted to know. My brain functions very well when there are facts and numbers and percentages. And I needed that.

Now its just over two years since we started TTC and just over a year since we stopped. Its two years since I stopped taking birth control pills.

Even though we agreed that we weren’t going to “try” anymore, its still always in the back of my mind. Maybe this month something went right. Maybe this cycle… maybe… And then when I start my period I feel disappointed.

Its not as hard anymore as it was a year ago, or even six months ago, but its still shitty.

Then recently we were chatting again about “one more shot”. I decided I would approach it as clinically as possible to try and not get my hopes up. I Googled, I read, I researched. Then I spoke to someone who has been there done that and written the book- literally- and even though she’s not a doctor I consider her input and opinions invaluable.

I asked her some questions and advice, she asked me some questions, I sent her some of the test results from a year ago, and in her experienced opinion our chances are slim.

So I am going to try and get past this.

I now have the numbers and percentages I need to process things logically and properly. We aren’t going to go back to the specialist. We aren’t going to bother with any kind of birth control- even though I know actually being on the pill would help me jump this hurdle.

We will not be having our own baby. We will not be adopting a baby because we don’t want a child, we want our child. We will not be spending thousands of Rands on fertility treatments because it will be like farting against thunder.

My Glugster is okay with this. He made peace with this a long time ago. I need to deal with it now.

I have my knucklehead, so unlike a lot of women who are unable to conceive I have had a child of my own and I love him to death.

I have the most amazing, loving, romantic, gawjiss husband.

I am starting a new chapter in my life and I am fulfilling a long term dream by working for myself.

I have closed the comments. I am thinking “aloud” on my blog, and as in real life, sometimes you don’t want advice, you just want someone to listen.