Thirty Days of Blog, Day Four

Something you have to forgive someone for.


number_4Hhmmm… this was a tough one.

There are a few people- a miniscule handful of them- that I could mention, but I don’t want to… I’d rather try to forget them, and I’m almost there too- except when a question like this pops up!


I must say that I have been exceptionally blessed in my life in that I don’t have anyone I really resent or dislike.

There are a couple of people that I have blocked from seeing my Facebook profile for example… but they are mainly ex-boyfriend type people, the people I would rather have know as little as possible about me and mine.


I’m doing a 30 Days Of Blog Challenge

Free Stuff!!!

Admit it bunnies, there’s nothing nicer than winning a prize or being handed a package full of free goodies!!

Last night, courtesy of an invitation from Girl Guides, I attended the Logitech launch of their fantasy range!

A presentation, lots of giggling (and we weren’t even shooshed), snacky things and a couple of glasses of pinotage later, we- ExMi, Shebee, Jenty, Gina, Sleepy Jane and I- walked out and were handed a goodie bag each. They were in a variety of colours and I grabbed a red one containing a bright red branded Logitech umbrella and a gawjiss blue Logitech Wireless Mouse M305!!

Its small and sexy, and its just so awesome to have a mouse again! I can actually scroll down with the mouse wheel since my little laptop mousepad thingy doesn’t let me do that, and it was so easy to install too- I put the battery in, switched on the mouse, plugged in the dongle and that was it!! No looking for drivers, no installation process nothing- just plug it in and go!!

Thirty Days of Blog, Day Three

Something you have to forgive yourself for.


9d556128551d41bfb55fa76f63b6bcbfThe many, many mistakes I made when raising my son.

And oh what a long list this is.

I really have to focus on not dwelling on this… it’s not healthy and I can’t change anything.

If I could go back… I would say no less. I would spend more time making happy memories for us. I would accept every single hug and kiss and snuggle offered to me. I would shout less. I would take more pictures. I would actually write down the funny things he said and came up with instead of just meaning to do it…

I’m doing a 30 Days Of Blog Challenge

Thirty Days of Blog, Day Two

Something you love about yourself.


metal-number-2I love that people recognise me by my laugh!

I love that even though someone may not recognise my voice on the phone immediately, they know exactly who is speaking as soon as I laugh or giggle.

It tells me that no matter how crappy I think things may be going… I must laugh a lot for people to know it so well.


I’m doing a 30 Days Of Blog Challenge


Thirty Days of Blog, Day One

Something I hate about myself.


number-1-signMy teeth.

Plain and simple.

I love to smile and laugh, and when I really smile I show ALL my teeth and my eyes scrunch up and my nose wrinkles making the tip go pink… and I hate my teeth.

Years of smoking, too much coffee, and various cortisone asthma inhaler treatments* have made them yellow and brittle and unbelievably sensitive.

I have attempted to whiten them, but two weeks of a whitening toothpaste means they’re too sensitive to even breathe! And fixing them at the dentist means whitening treatments (which makes them more sensitive), veneers or crowns. Veneers and crowns are hellishingly expensive, and I simply can’t afford such a luxury… not to mention my completely irrational fear of the dentist!!

I’m doing a 30 Days Of Blog Challenge


*why don’t the doctors tell you to rinse your mouth after using a cortisone asthma inhaler because it can damage your teeth!!??!