So How’s The Diet Going?

I had a blog post written, and copied and and and… and I lost it. That did not help improve my foul temper. Now you’re going to be subjected to a whiny rant should you read further, so feel free to click away.

Basically, the dieting sucks. It sucks giant bloody donkey balls is how its going. Not being able to eat what I like when I like makes me one grumpy bitch I can tell you that much. But loathing the blob that I see in the mirror means I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I didn’t even take part in the Sass Designs photo shoot like I was supposed to because when I tried my dress on again a day or so before the shoot I started crying. I’ve spent most of the weekend on the brink of bursting into tears because I think all the time about the foods I am craving and how much I hate the way I look.

Yes my health is suffering and my family’s history of diabetes, kidney trouble, heart problems and arthritis means I should be careful with my diet. And yes I know I will be much happier with myself once I’ve lost the extra weight I’m carrying. But that  doesn’t make it any easier not to think about food. Food is my happy place. But looking in the mirror makes me think that I went back in time to find the thin me from 1992, and ate her.

Sometimes I Don’t Want To Meet New People!

Because I know that once we get to chatting and they find out that my sweetheart and I are newlyweds, they will ask the inevitable and inane question, “So when are you going to have a baby?”

Why- in this day and age, when battling to have a baby is so commonplace- do people still think it is okay to ask a question like that?

I have a very short fuse, and I have a really hard time biting my tongue when someone asks us when we’re planning to procreate. My immediate reaction is anger, and I am sorely tempted to say something snarky like “When are you going to discipline your child?” or “Are you going to have more children?”

Instead, I smile and say something like “We’re too selfish” or simply “we’re not” and I walk away or change the subject. I no longer attempt to explain that we can’t have children. If I do mention that we’ve tried, there’s an onslaught of well-meaning questions, ass-vice and suggestions, as if we haven’t already investigated every option and seen doctors and had tests done and Googled ourselves stupid.

Most of the time I am okay. I am making peace with it. Once in a while I am thrown for a loop but for the most part I am okay. But this one thing especially, still gets to me.

So How Is The Diet Going?


Well, I have lost weight since I started- but not nearly as much as I could have!

I am determined to lose a significant amount however, so I will be sticking with Weigh-Less… but it isn’t easy, and I don’t have the best track record when it comes to self-discipline!

I am eating more than enough food, and anyone who has done Weigh-Less will know it’s not a starvation diet by a long shot. I’m actually surprised that I can lose any weight eating like I do because I lose next to nothing when I attempt to starve myself!

I am even fine on Saturdays, waking up early so as to start with breakfast and everything, but mine and my Glugster’s social calendar is a busy one to say the least… we inevitably have something happening on a weekend, and then we both cheat (he’s pretty much eating what I eat when he’s at home).

The hardest day of the week for me is a Monday! I can’t seem to get back into the dieting groove after a weekend!

I have a feeling that when I go for my weigh-in this afternoon I will have gained again after last week’s fantastic 2.2kg loss… if I am REALLY lucky I will stay the same as last week.

I think drastic anti-social action is needed for me to lose a decent amount of weight. Maybe then I can start gallivanting a bit as a reward to myself?

Scrapbooking at Scrapbook Den!!

On Tuesday night, I was invited to attend a scrapbooking workshop at Scrapbook Den– the longest running, independently owned scrapbook store in South Africa! Its owned by Jeanette and you can add the Facebook page to your favourites.

I haven’t scrapbooked in years, my mom and I actually used to do it together and we tried to get together once a month and do a few pages. I’ve been trying to do an album for my son but I never know where to start on a page and then I never know what to do with the embellishments…! Jeanette knows her stuff, lemme tell you bunnies! When it comes to putting different colour papers together so that they compliment each other, and choosing embellishments and decorations to properly accent your page, she’s on top of her game! What I really liked about the class was that Jeanette had a completed layout that we were going to use as a basis for our class. Last night I fully intended to do a page using some of my Trash The Dress photos, but I took photos of my Damien with me, and I ended up starting a page about Damien and his Grampa!

ExMi was there too! This was her first ever venture into the realms of scrapbooking and her pages were in shades of turquoise and brown, and I was seriously impressed with her finished product!

My page isn’t finished, but I will be adding some journaling, a few embellishments and a new picture of Damien and his grampa after our family photoshoot in March this year.

If you are into scrapbooking, you really need to get yourself to Scrapbook Den! If you’ve always wanted to try your hand, then Jeanette’s ready prepared themed kits are exactly what you need to get started!

A New Bloggyward!!

I am deeply touched that I have been given this here bloggy bling by no less than five bloggers!


This post serves as a big, HUGE thank you to Laura from female2female, Mandi Made It, Bobbi from When Did I Go From A Kid To A Grown Up, Heather of acidicice fame, Alida from Seize the Chocolate and Tanya, author of My Blog!! Wow, really feeling the love here. The things they all wrote about me made me feel so special!

And now onto the 7 things about me. Right. Okay. Wracking my brain here for something I may never have mentioned…

Ooh here’s one! Until my Glugsterand I decided to try and have a baby, I had experienced ovulation pain, or mittelschmerz, all my life and never knew what it was!

Number two. I repack shelves and display cases in shops. You know the metal basket things filled with sale DVDs and CDs? I will repack them so that they’re neatly aligned and all facing the right way up. The same with book sale tables. I have also been known to rearrange restaurant and coffee shop décor if it isn’t aesthetic enough.

On to number three. I have a knack for remembering song lyrics, and I can learn a song very quickly. And if I sing, I have perfect pitch 😛

Number four… if I could afford to do so, I would happily have a wedding every year! Different colour schemes, different themes, different dresses… so much fun!

And in fifth place. I don’t cry in movies and the like, but true natural beauty can reduce me to tears instantly. So what is true natural beauty to me? Looking up at the night sky on a clear night in a game reserve and seeing countless stars. Watching a horse run at full gallop. Chokes me up completely. Yes really.

Point number six: I dance. All the time. In the car, whilst I’m baking or cooking, sitting on my bed reading… Often without even realising I’m doing so. And according to my knucklehead and my hubby, I even mime actions to go with the words I am singing or mouthing!

And last but not least on my list of seven… I never go anywhere without a fan in my handbag! I intensely dislike heat and carrying a fan with me means I can keep myself at least a little bit cool when I’m not home with my electric fan or air conditioner.

And now I have to award it to others. So many of the bloggers I read often have already received this one! We can be a rather, um, “incestuous” bunch of bloggers sometimes, LOL… so here are my awardees- and they’re in no particular order. Some have already received the award, but they’re not all recently discovered as these days I don’t add very many new blogs to my reader.

1. Tumbling Sanity of Raising Sadie Jane she’s a mom to an ADHDer daughter and I so often see flashes of my life in her blog posts.

2. Sharon Senior Photography has just revamped her site and her logo!

3. And I would like to award it to ADHD from A to Zoe. Reading her posts gives me so much insight into how my son’s ADHD head works!

4. The Cave Sometimes her blog posts make me cringe a little, but she makes me laugh!

5. RANDOMTHOUGHTSFROMUNDERNEATHTHETABLEV3.0 she doesn’t really do memes and stuff, but she’s a wonderful mother.

6. You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me she’s a meme stealer so I think she’ll like this one 🙂 !

7. Baby Mama is relatively new to the blogging world, but I like what she’s doing.

8. I want to give to Darla too, she’s a hooker, and all too often our lives seem to follow very similar paths albeit on opposite sides of the globe!

9. Sleepy Jane is someone I am lucky enough to know in real life, and has fantastic taste in music.

10. ExMi is a blogger with phenomenal writing skills and her head in the right place, and she’s a friend of mine.

11. Shebee of If These Walls Could Talk infamy is a real life friend and a writer extraordinaire.

12. Heather from acidicice gets it too, coz we connected!

13. Alida from Seize the Chocolate is such a cool person! She’s an animal nut and a friend of mine.

14. I am a long time worshipper at the blogging shrine of camikaos, so she gets it too.

15. And someone else I’ve been reading for a long time is sports nut Phats.


So if you have been awarded this little badge of honour, these are the rules.

1. Thank- and link back to- the blogger (or bloggers) who awarded you this award.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Award fifteen recently discovered great bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!