Weigh-Less… Erm…

I’m not going to weigh in today.

scale7I know I shouldn’t miss a weigh-in, but a weekend of cheating because we were away, and then a 27 Dinner last night means I am 110% sure I have gained the weight I had lost at last week’s weigh-in, and then some.

I have decided to get back on the wagon as of this morning and see if I can’t reverse the dietary damage I’ve done before next week Wednesday’s weigh-in.

The Xbox360 Kinect Blogger Challenge

Today was the last day of my 3 week fitness challenge as it is laid out by the EA Sports Active 2 and I have never in my life worked so hard to win a competition!!!

In case you missed it, I blogged about it here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here (and experienced a brief “Over The Hedge” moment there), and I competed against fellow mommy bloggers ExMi, A Bit Of This A Bit Of That, So Close and ImpatientLeo.

Here are my stats as recorded by the Xbox360 Kinect of the end of my challenge:


  • Calories Burned: 1556.9
  • Total Exercise Time: 04:34:45
  • Workouts Completed: 16
  • Programmes Completed: 1
  • Total Distance Travelled: 12.4km
  • Milestones Earned: 31
  • Average Heart Rate: 107
  • Average Heart Rate Recovery Time: 00:01:22
  • Gauge Points Earned: 960

I set my goals for the challenge as follows:

  • Do all 12 of the workouts in the programme by the time the Xbox bundle is collected on the 28th
    • I missed one…
  • Burn the 1800 calories in the three weeks, as laid out in the program.
    • I’m rather pleased with my 1556.9
  • Do the 6 hours of workout in the three weeks of the programme.
    • I fell short of this one…
  • My average weight loss is 800g per week on Weigh Less, and I would like to double that by using the Active 2 program
    • I only lost a kilogram the three weeks, but I was cheating on my diet every weekend which certainly didn’t help!!!

Lemme tell you bunnies, if I don’t win this challenge I am seriously considering buying an Xbox360 Kinect for me. I started enjoying exercising. I love that I could exercise in my undies since I LOATHE the heat. I love that I could swear at my personal trainer to my hearts’ content- without hurting his feelings or upsetting any gym patrons, although the swearing did decrease as I got a bit fitter and didn’t feel like I was half dead after completing a warm-up!!

Finding Bliss… And Having Fun!

Bliss is defined on the interwebs as the following:


1. Extreme happiness; ecstasy.
2. The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy.

Phrasal Verb:

bliss out Slang
To go into a state of ecstasy.

[Middle English blisse, from Old English bliss, from blths, from blthejoyful; see blithe.]

blissful adj.
blissful·ly adv.
blissful·ness n.

Its not always plain and simple. In fact its almost never plain and simple. But I found mine. I got lucky. When I fall asleep at night with my darling Glugster next to me, I am the happiest I could possibly be. Knowing my darling knucklehead is happy and healthy puts my mind at ease and makes me happy. Spending time with just my Glugster, and being able to do so away from home, puts me on cloud nine!

This weekend past, we spent the weekend at Badplaas Golf Club Guest House & Lodge. We took advantage of a special offer from Sharon Senior Photography and had a weekend away AND had fun being photographed in a Trash-The-Dress session, which meant I got to wear my wedding dress again! I packed all sorts of props for the shoot including glitter, a blackboard and chalk, a giant lollipop, a tiara, a birdcage veil… And we actually got to use most of them! I wore my wedding dress and black leather boots for the shoot, and I did my own hair and make-up, going for a make-up look I don’t often wear. My Glugster wore jeans and a smart shirt to match my boots and dress attire. We were going to start the shoot at 4pm, but when we awoke to a gloriously cool and overcast Badplaas day with the weather man was predicting thunderstorms, we started a couple of hours earlier and it was just as well. We got several shots and then had to wait out a bit of a shower before continuing the shoot.

I was very excited to see the photos  since this shoot is very different to the photos we already have, and you can see them on Sharon Senior Photography too!

On Sunday when we left, the weather was worse than it had been on Saturday, but its the kind of weather I adore! It was misty and rainy, and slow going down the mountain away from the golf course. We decided to go home the long way and headed out of Badplaas to Kaapschehoop– after going on a very wet game drive on the game reserve in the still under construction Cradle of Life! We were hoping to find the horses that roam wild around Kaapschehoop, but with the mist we had maybe 50m visibility and only found two of them- a mare and her foal. We had lunch at Salvador’s Bistro and then headed home, with rain and mist all the way.

My Glugster and I took a few photos this weekend too, you can see them on my wannabe photographer blog if you’d like to.

Something’s Changed

Back in September 2006, I had a Nissen Fundoplication to repair a hiatus hernia that I had battled with for years. I won’t bore you with the details, but you can read the related posts by clicking here, if you want to. The simple explanation is that I have a new stomach valve, constructed using the top section of my own stomach. After the operation- which was a huge success and I’ve only had heartburn two or three times since then– I had to train this new stomach valve how to allow food through into my stomach, and it started with a liquid diet, then a soft food diet, them slowly adding normal food until I was eating normally again.

One HUGE thing I had to learn to do was chew my food to death and eat tiny little fork-fulls of food at a time, otherwise the swallowed food was too big or too course to go through the new valve opening and it would get stuck- painfully- for several minutes whilst my stomach valve worked the food down. I know it sounds dreadfully graphic, but it took several painful lessons before I learnt to keep a mouthful small and chew properly.

Lately though, since I started Weigh-Less, I have started experiencing that pain again! Is worst with chicken or bread, which is dry, but I haven’t battled like this in ages! Its very strange, but it has served as a reminder to keep my spoonfuls small and to chew properly…

The Dieting Thing

Its hard.

It sucks.

And I’m not strict enough with myself.

Yes, I am losing- very VERY slowly- but I am still cheating. Its like I haven’t managed to do that mind-shift that puts you off cheating or wanting to cheat because you’re making progress on your weight loss journey. And wanting to be healthy and good to yourself instead. My darling hubby is dieting right along with me, but unlike me he seems unconcerned with eating the “wrong” foods. He doesn’t constantly think about food and daydream about bread sticks and KFC like I do. The food we get to eat on Weigh-Less is a LOT, and its enough for him. I’ll have my six meals a day and STILL think about how good a big bowl of spaghetti with butter and chutney would taste! I all but throw a temper tantrum when the Coke Zero is finished and I can’t have any with my supper!

I’ve been on Weigh-Less for more than 6 weeks, but I have only lost 3.6kg! Most women who have as much to lose as I do, lose a kilogram a week when they join Weigh-Less because they actually stick to the diet, but not me. I have worked out that if I do cheat, cutting out my carb rations for the day following the cheating means I don’t gain as much as I could have- but it isn’t how its supposed to work. Its like I’ve given myself an excuse to cheat now because I can “undo” some of the damage the next day.

One HUGE change is that I am exercising! I am exercising at home, on my own, every day. For the first time in my life. I have had three gym contracts and all three have expired because I didn’t go to the gym enough times to meet the minimum requirement of twice a month. I couldn’t motivate myself enough to go to the gym twice a month!??!? Now I am exercising on my living room floor because I want to. And I can feel a difference too! Yesterday was an Xbox360 Kinect rest day, which means there’s no scheduled work out. I could have done a custom workout anyway, which scores me points in the competition, but I took my two dogs for a walk after my Weigh-Less weigh in instead. Thelma and Louise absolutely loved it of course, and I was amazed that I wasn’t half-dead by the time we got home! Normally the short walk we do- just to the end of the block and back which is a total of about 1.6km in total- has me drenched in sweat, wheezing, sore, and cursing my aching calves. But not this time. I was sweating, but I wasn’t in agony and I wasn’t wheezing. I could feel that I had done some exercise, but I wasn’t limping or cursing. I felt good.

I still can’t stand to look at myself in a full length mirror, and seeing photographs of myself makes me want to cry. But I will still go out and get McDonalds for lunch. Or suggest KFC for supper.

I am moving forward, but I have never been one to work towards a goal. I want to lose weight and I want it now.


I’ve put a ticker in my sidebar to track my weight loss- it doesn’t show my weight or what my goal weight is, it just shows how much I want to lose and how much I’ve lost. I do love to see that I have lost- considering I spent the last twenty years picking it up… And I am really hoping that it will keep me more or less on track if I see my loss every week.

My apologies, oh ever loyal bunnies of mine. This post is more than a little disjointed.

But this sucks giant donkey balls.