The Xbox360 Kinect Challenge Thus Far…

I have…

  • Spent 3 hours and 43 minutes exercising
  • Burnt 1214 calories
  • Completed 13 workouts
  • Travelled 7.8km
  • Earned 27 milestones
  • Earned 745 gauge points
  • Had an average heart rate of 106 with an average heart rate recovery time of 1 minute 28 seconds


I am personally quite proud of myself right now. I have never in my life been so voluntarily active! I didn’t do any kindof sports at school. I didn’t ever join any kind of sports clubs. Company team building and fun days had me volunteering to photograph everything rather than actually exert myself. I get out of breath just climbing the stairs to my upstairs bedroom, and walking the dogs would have me gasping for air like I’d been running for my life!

And now, after just this short length of time, I am actually completing most of the workouts without stopping for a breather! I must admit, I have skipped some of the flat-on-the-floor exercises since I really hate getting down onto the floor and getting back up- my knees are completely forked and it hurts like a mother trucker… but the rest of the exercises I really worked hard at doing properly because it tells you whether you have completed a workout completely or partially, and I like the 90+ percentages!


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Tagged By @Nayes!

She actually tagged me on Facebook to take part in this challenge- The Katalina Blog Challenge #5: Sophisticate Me and it looked like fun.

It was a lot harder than I thought!


Here’s a quote from the challenge: “Each of us has a different idea of sophistication. Each of us has certain items that speak to us as tokens of success. Sometimes in all our striving we overlook treating ourselves symbolically in ways that match our accomplishments. Make a list of 25 things that represent to you sophistication and success.

So here goes. This is my list of twenty five things that symbolise sophistication and success to me. It may seem like a strange list, and it is very materialistic, but it’s all in good fun. Many of these things I already have, and many I will never have, but it was fun to think about.

1. Matching underwear
2. Diamond jewellery
3. Fresh flowers in vases in my home
4. A little black dress
5. Real champagne
6. Liking who you are
7. A custom-made corset
8. A luxury car
9. A selection of leather hand bags
10. Nine West heels
11. Manicures
12. Pedicures
13. Air conditioning throughout my home
14. A red couch
15. A full length fur coat
16. A dining room and table that seats 12 people
17. Soft leather gloves
18. My own house
19. A red lipstick that suits me
20. A cocktail dress for special occasions
21. Good red wine
22. A full length towelling dressing gown
23. Chanel #5
24. A Jacuzzi bath
25. Drinking coffee in coffee shops

The XBox360 Challenge

I mentioned in my last post that I had missed last Friday’s workout, and I was disappointed with myself but it wasn’t the end of the world or anything. Then this morning, I was finishing up with today’s workout and I realised – when I was checking the stats and the journal and all that stuff – that I could still do Friday’s work out!!

So I did!

I finished today’s workout and then I did the one I missed too! I still can’t get over the fact that I am exercising voluntarily! At home on my own! With no one waiting for me to show up or share a car or train with them!

Ooer, sorry – perhaps I should have warned those who know me well, to sit down before reading this post…?


Brace yourselves bunnies – I have exercised (in total) for over 3 hours and I’ve burned 1000 calories! You read that right- one thousand calories! I have completed 8 workouts and done something like 170 seperate exercises in those work outs!

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~~ExMiA Bit Of This A Bit Of ThatSo Close,ImpatientLeo~

All About Friday

I missed my Friday workout because I was working baking catching up on admin sick gallivanting!


I admit it, I was visiting and driving around and I have no good excuse for why I didn’t do my work out.

I did some shopping early, I decorated some cupcakes, and then I met an old friend for brunch!

This old friend is someone who features high on my list of important people.
I’m call her “Tarty” because it was her calling people “tart” that got me doing it!! When Tarty and her family moved into the house next door to my folks, we did the meet-the-neighbours thing and discovered some pretty cool people!
I was 19 years old in 1993, and Tarty helped me get a job with the big company she worked for which gave me a good salary, awesome job security, full medical aid and all that. She taught me to drive using her own car, and after a couple of years I could afford to buy a car and for the knucklehead and I to move out of my mother’s house and into our flat! She was my boss for a long time too, and her work ethic and attitude towards people taught me a lot about how the world works.
It was learning from her that made me an expert in my field for that same employer, and that expertise was what got me my business consultant position in 2005 with a different company entirely! And I never thought I would be able to leave that big company because it was the only real work experience and training I had and who would want me!?
I was always a little in awe of Tarty. She is the kind of person who does the things a lot of people have on their bucket list and never get to! She took an upholstery course and fixed up her own furniture. She took a welding course because she wanted to know how to do it! She painted and decorated her own house and did it beautifully too. Tarty also got me hooked in Douglas Adams!

I was uber lucky to have a mentor like Tarty, and I will be eternally grateful to her.

Then I visited Mandi Made It to finally give her the gifts left with me by Swiss Twist when she visited SA months ago. The day we arranged a get together in Joburg with Swiss Twist, it turned into the most wonderfully cool, rainy day- but it was dreadful weather for taking babies out in so several people who were going to have a Tweetup with her couldn’t make it. And Mandi and I traded several emails and such before we finally got together! And Mandi’s boys are so cute, Mic loves his little brother and he is so polite. And little Mason is just the sweetest smiley baby!

Then when I got home from visiting Mandi, it was time to pack a cooler box and shower and change in order to go and celebrate my mommy darling’s birthday! And let me tell you, not having anything to drink and dieting has turned me into such a lightweight! I had two whiskies and two glasses of red wine and I was on my ear! It was so funny! I had my Glugster and my mom and my son in fits of giggles at me!

I’m Feeling It Again…

That itch for more that never really goes away. It dies down a little sometimes.

When I distract myself with a project or something else for a while.

Its always in the background though, niggling and whining and scratching at the door of my unconscious like a puppy that hates being left outside.

And seeing it everywhere doesn’t help either.

People often ask me why I do it. And many people don’t want to start because they’re afraid of the apparent danger of addiction… but I don’t think its addictive at all.

I think it just gets easier once you are over the hurdle of the first one.

Yes, it hurts, and I always forget just how much it hurts… but holy hell, when I see pictures of beautiful artwork adorning someone’s skin- I long for more of my own with a desperation that is almost laughable and very hard to explain!

Anyhoodle. I am indeed contemplating more ink. I have seen several designs that I really really like, and I have decided on my next two- which will actually be one tattoo as I can’t have one without the other…

And I stumbled on this chart again which I thought might put a smile on your dial whether you have ink or not.