The Redhead Got Me Started

Seeing as I love shoes as much as the next girl *coff* I thought A Daft Scots Lass’ Friday Shoegasm would be fun to participate in! If you take a look at my Pinterest board that is dedicated to my dream wardrobe, a large number of the pins are shoes! Shiny shoes!


You can get this button off of her blog then you can participate too!

A Daft Scots Lass

And here are my selections for this week. You may want to remind yourself to close your mouth every now and then.

And since its winter I thought I’d include some boots…


…come play on my roller coaster

14 thoughts on “The Redhead Got Me Started

  1. Absolutely stunning. I would never wear shoes this high (I’m 1.8m myself), but have a secret covet every now and then for glittery platforms. Maybe for dancing around the flat in with a glass of champagne in hand πŸ™‚

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