I was reading acidicice’s post today about babyice’s first proper haircut and I was instantly transported back in time about 17 years!

The knucklehead’s first professional haircut! I forget the date, I can’t even remember the time of year, and there are no photos since this was pre-cellphone and 35mm film was too expensive to use willy-nilly…

Anyhoodle. I phoned the salon from work the day before to make the appointment. I felt it was a ridiculous expenditure for a three year old considering I didn’t even take myself to salons, but I had the money and I wanted to do it.

This was a regular salon, it didn’t specialise in kids or anything and it was a far cry from the clued up kiddies’ salons you can go to nowadays! When we arrived for the knucklehead’s appointment and they called a hairstylist to tell her she’d be cutting his hair I could see by her face this was the last thing she was in the mood for! But she was a pro and she would handle this- her determination was obvious!

We went through to her station and the knucklehead was put onto a raised cushion in the chair and draped with a colourful sheet that fastened around his neck. The stylist spritzed his hair to dampen it and tried making small talk with the two of us as I anticipated having to help her deal with a squirming screaming Damien, and to both our surprise he fell asleep in the chair! It wasn’t 5 minutes and he was out like a light! I had to hold his head up for the hairdresser to finish her job!

It didn’t take long, and when I went to pay I actually got a discount because it was so easy!

I didn’t take him back to a salon or a barber again until he was in his teens, ‘coz I started cutting his hair myself. I think I would have taken him regularly had I had the money and had I known he’d be that good every time!

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  1. I wish mine would sleep through haircuts. We’ve always cut them ourselves, and 99.9% of the time it’s with wiggling, whining and other drama involved…
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  2. Awww… And just look at him now!! 🙂

    Sadly, I was not present for my daughter’s first haircut. My mother-in-law took it upon herself to take her without consulting me.
    My boys (Michael & Jack) had their first haircuts courtesy of Dad & his clipper set – I think he normally does a number 3.
    James has yet to have his first haircut and I plan to delay it for as long as I possibly can – I just adore those little blonde whisps!
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  3. We have a lock of Cams hair from his first hair cut – Chop It at Lifestyle also take a photo for you 🙂 I think the first person to cut Kiaras hair was Kiara *sigh*

    We know cut Camerons hair ourselves as well.

    We are doing lots of walking down memory lane at the moment. Kids want to know how they were as babies 🙂

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