Win A Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone!

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You- yes one of YOU oh ever loyal bunnies of mine- can WIN


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the Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone!


You read it right!

Right here on my blog!


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The Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone, worth over R4K, is up for grabs, from me!

The phone comes with a charger (naturally), a USB cable, and walk-n-talk earphones- which I didn’t use BTW, in case you were wondering 😀 .

Here’s what you have to do.

  • Firstly, you gotta be in South Africa!
  • Then, in the comments section, post your answers to the two questions BEFORE midnight Friday 1st July 2011.
  • You must make sure you include a valid email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.
  • I will randomly choose a winner from the commenters who posted the correct answer.
  • I will announce the winner on Monday 4th July 2011.

Here are your questions!

  1. How many Internet Explorer browser windows, or “tabs”, can you open at one time using the Windows Phone 7? (You can go to to find the answer).
  2. And just for fun, tell me your funniest cell phone story!

Good luck!

15 thoughts on “Win A Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone!

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  2. 6 by default, but you can get it up a lot higher by editing some files.

    Funny cell phone story.. I’ve got lots, like dropping a phone from a 2 story balcony, dropping the phone in the toilet, swimming pool, hell I’ve even seen a phone fall out of a friends pocket in a parking lot and get ridden over by a car. Funniest though.. Probably sitting in my car at a roadhouse with a friend drinking a bubblegum milkshake, Vito (the friend) had his shake between his legs and his phone on his leg, the phone somehow managed to slide off and land in the milkshake, that part was funny, but it was funnier seeing all the other people there watching him running around the parking lot with a blue, dripping phone while trying to get it cleaned up 😀 The phone smelled of bubblegum for a few days after that.

  3. 🙂 🙂

    Answers :

    1. 6 tabs
    2. Many moons ago.. had a brand new Nokia 3230.. It was super sexy (for its time) and anyway not to bore you too much with its features.. Was a hot Saturday. And I decided to lounge by the pool, listen to music from my phone and watch the boys swim. Now because the ground was hot I thought it was a good idea to lie on one of them blow up lilo thingies. Everything was still cool by the pool at this point, till I went to help one of the kiddies out of the pool. I jumped up, carefully placing my new phone on the lilo under the blankie and ran over. JUST THEN a gust of wind came from goodness knows where and picked the lilo up, with my phone and blankie and tossed it all in the POOL!!
    OMW!! I just stood there in shock as I watched my phone sink to the bottom.. After a few seconds I came too and dived after it. It was too late though – even after many mouth to mouth session and wailing I had to accept the fact that she drowned 🙁
    R1200 later it was repaired but it was never the same(think turrets syndrome).. I then vowed never to lounge by the pool again.. hence the white legs, see!?

    😛 😛 😀

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  4. Cool giveaway Angel!

    1. 6
    2. I have quite a few funny cellphone stories, going back to the days of the good old Phillips Savvy’s and Nokia bricks – but I’m going to tell you about my current phone – my beloved Blackberry Curve. I bought my BB in Nigeria and it has served me well at almost 2 years old. BUT for the last 3 months or so, the damn roller-ball thingie has been super dodgy. For a long time I could not scroll down on my BB screen, which is terrible because basically you cannot navigate to anything other than your top row of icons. Luckily in each app, you can kind of figure out and manage with different keypad shortcuts – so for example, I would open an email, press “b” to get to the bottom and then slowly scroll up and read the email backwards. 🙂 Last week my G decided to take my phone apart and see if he could fix it. He did! The ball now works perfectly to scroll down, but now it does not scroll up!!!
    So now I can navigate the menus, read my emails and sms’s properly BUT now my BBM is a huge problem! Somehow I scrolled all the way to the bottom of my BBM contacts screen and cannot get to the top, so now if I get a bbm I have to guess who might be sending me a message and type their initial in until I get it right and then can click their message.
    It’s complicated and funny and I hope you can see how much I neeeeed a new phone 🙂
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  5. Cool competition 🙂
    1. Six
    2. My funniest phone story would be when my boyfriend bought a brand new samsung and we were at friends house when I spilt a full glass of red wine over his jeans. Now if you know me this won’t be a suprise because I’m totally accident prone and I mess more than my two year old. I felt terrible so I insisted I hand wash his pants and guess what….I chucked his red wine infused pants into some hot soapy water with his new phone in it.

    We managed to save it with my trusty old hair dryer. So all is well that ends well I suppose 🙂 He still married me!
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  6. 1. 6

    2. I loved my smart phone and was so totally used to having it on me all the time, reading mails, on the web, tweeting etc. So a ahile ago it was stolen at the Spur, on a Friday evening. Monday morning, now sporting a very ordinary loan phone of the office – not smart at all, I was sitting in a meeting and someone asked if a mail has been received from a third party. Without thinkg I said, I will check and in a meeting of 11 people whipped out a little Nokia slide phone (totally unintelligent and so un-cool in the BB, i phone and smart phone world) and just then realized that, oops, I made a total fool of myself. Needless to say, you know why I really need to win this one.

  7. 1. six

    2. My DH’s cellphone recently went missing. After looking all around the house for it, we eventually found it in my Toddlers toy box. Luckily it was still in an OK condition. However, my Toddler was NOT happy that we found “his” phone and was upset that we were taking “his toy”. So he hid the phone again. We heard it ringing and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Eventually, my Toddler needed a nappy change. Guess where I found the phone??? What a hoot! Needless to say, my DH refused to use it again and we threw it away!
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  8. 1. Six

    2. Funny cell phone story – My boss called me over to collect some files, I had nowhere to put my cellphone so I shoved it into the front of my bra.
    As I was standing at his desk, it rang, lighting up the whole front of my shirt . Very amusing at the time 🙂

  9. Awesome!!!

    1. 6 Tabs.

    2. I once told my boss to “fuck off” in an IM conversation on my BB Pearl, in response to being asked to do a specific task.
    It was one of those wrong window type errors – I was messaging with a friend at the same time, who’d made a joke at my expense and I’d meant to respond to her. But then the boss sent me a message at the wrong moment and I replied to him instead…
    Luckily he understood when I explained!
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  10. 1. 6 Tabs
    2. A year ago, me and my family were sitting in the church, listening to the preach. My cellphone was in my pocket but to my big regret that day, I forgot to put it on silent.
    So we were in the middle of the preach, when some rather disturbing groaning, huffing and puffing sounds came from my pocket. All of a sudden, everyone in church turned their heads to me and the Reverent also stopped preaching.
    I took out my phone as quick as I can while I felt how red my face were becoming because of these groaning, huffing and puffing sounds. When I looked at my phone, I could see that the phone wasn’t locked and it have somehow logged onto the internet and was on a porn site. Yes! A porn site.
    I had a touch screen phone and for some reason the touch screen did not want to respond as well, so I tried to open the back of the phone but with the urgency that I wanted to stop the sounds coming from the phone, in the middle of the church being all silent, I threw the phone on the ground. The sounds stopped, I took my phone and went out the church. I did not go back in there that day. Luckily my phone did work after I threw it on the ground but my shame was too big to attend church and only went back in a month.
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  11. 1. Six

    2. I worked in Vodacom’s call centre for quite a number of years…one day I got a call from a customer, but I couldn’t hear him/her at all. The call was just silent. There was a general problem though, so I asked them to press a button if he/she could hear me. They pressed a button. I asked if they were having the “general problem” (one press for yes, two presses for no). I managed to resolve the problem without actually hearing what it was! My colleagues wouldn’t believe me, but luckily all the calls are recorded and I could prove my story.

    BAH. I don’t know if that is a funny story or not, but it was amazing!
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  12. 1. Six

    2. My first cellphone was a Phillips Savvy. This was way back when SMS was the new thing, mind you. This poor little phone took a lot of abuse from me and just kept going. I flung it at walls, dropped it repeatedly, once left it outside in the rain overnight…and it just kept working. The thing that finally got it was one new year’s where I accidentally dropped it in a double rum and coke and it sank right to the bottom. I took it out and apart, and let it dry for three days and when it was back in one piece it did actually work fine but the microphone didn’t make it so I could only listen to calls not talk back.
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    1. Six

    2. I popped into visit a friend a the local Netcare Hospital and decided only to take my cellphone in with me and left my handbag in the car because I had to carry her huge bunch of flowers. So, I slipped my phone in the back pocket of my jeans to carry the flowers. On my way out, I gave the bathrooms a visit and quickly pulled my jeans down and PLOP! cellphone into the toilet. Well, I’ve never moved so fast in my life. Speedy Gonzales had NOTHING on me! I whipped around quick as a flash and delved my hand into the toilet bowl to scoop my phone out. I immediately took it apart and held it under the hand drier for quite a while. I think that’s what saved it because when I switched it on about an hour later it worked! Yeah, thinking back on it now, I’m glad I just did a #1 because I don’t think I would’ve plunged my hand in that brown water if I had done a #2.
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  14. Oh haaaai.


    1. 6 Tabs yeah.

    2. Funny cellphone story…hmmm…well, way back in the day when this young lass was still in school and cellphones were relatively new, I had one of those big bulky Alcatel things. To hide it’s ugliness, I had a cover for it which made it bulkier and more awkward to carry because it was basically a giant soft toy – Kenny from South Park that went over the phone.
    Anyway, one weekend my mom and I went to the video shop and when we got home we couldn’t find my phone. So after a verbal bashing about taking care of my things, we decided to try and give the phone a ring. Once it started ringing, we heard it in the distance and followed the sound until we got closer and closer. We eventually found the phone on the grass with a shredded Kenny cover next to it. The dog had decided it made a brilliant toy. My phone was alright though.
    The same can’t be said for my Mumzy’s phone.
    Apparently one of the dogs had a phone fetish and decided hers would make a brilliant chew toy – all we found were chewed up pieces of plastic.
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