There’s A Hole In The Back Lawn Dear Glugster…

Get your minds out of the gutter, bunnies- I’m serious!


On Sunday morning my Glugster stepped off the steps at the kitchen door to go and check on his koi pond – and his right leg went straight through the lawn!! He nearly had a heart attack when the ground opened up underneath him, but thankfully he suffered only a bit of a scraped knee.

As you can see from the ruler I used the hole is about half a metre deep and a thirty-odd centimetres long! Its much bigger under the grass, but I am too much of a chicken to put my arm in and try to work out how far it goes… Yes really. I cannot stick my arm into the hole.

I have asked my sister C’s other half, who is a builder, to come and check out the hole and tell me if I need a plumber or if we can just fill the hole… I can’t see or hear any water so I am hoping there’s no leaks that need repair or some such…

9 thoughts on “There’s A Hole In The Back Lawn Dear Glugster…

  1. Holy wow. I also wouldn’t be sticking my arm in there. Just now it’s some portal to another dimension and they suck you in. Nope. Not sticking my arm in there. Uh-uh.

  2. Where’s the knucklehead? You KNOW he’ll want to stick his arm in there…. and if he was smaller his gi joes too!!

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