The Lions Took It!!!

And I was there!!!

I am no rugby buff, I almost never watch unless I’m at a get together and everyone is watching. It isn’t that I don’t like rugby, I just don’t know all the rules or completely understand how to tell what’s happening on the field, so I would rather watch something else if given the choice.


On the last Saturday of November however, my Glugster and I were invited to go to Coca Cola Park to watch the Currie Cup Final – LIVE – with some friends.

I can’t tell you how excited my husband was! He’s a die-hard, born-and-bred Lions supporter, and they were top of the log all the way through the Currie Cup! They’ve had a few shitty years and my Glugster was on cloud nine! In fact, this was the first time in 61 years that the Lions took the Currie Cup on home ground!

The atmosphere was- to use a cliché- electric! To hear the excitement in people’s voices made the hair on the back of my neck stand up- a lot like when I hear a powerful engine go by me… 😀 ! The Lions have a mascot who went around the stadium with an inflatable shark and kicked it and threw it around and wrestled with it much to the crowd’s delight. He also had a giant watergun that he used on any Sharks supporters that were close enough for him to reach with it! We even saw a couple of Lions supporters get hold of a Sharks fan and hold him up for the mascot to drench! The Lions cheerleaders were also pretty cool to watch too, with some acrobatics thrown in to the mix.

It was awesome to be in the stadium with all the fans. It is a huge place and it was very nearly full up with people dressed mostly in red. We had to park a couple of blocks away and people were having braais on the sidewalks and cheering and singing songs and giving opposing teams’ fans some good natured ribbing.

I took my camera along of course and I think I managed to get a few cool shots of the game and the crowd.

My Glugster went home a very happy man indeed when the Lions beat the Sharks by 42 points to 16!

What Is Proprioception?

…proprioception is the sense of the orientation of one’s limbs in space… Without proprioception, we’d need to consciously watch our feet to make sure that we stay upright while walking.
Proprioception is something many ADHDers battle with. Perhaps I can try and explain it in laymen’s terms…
When a neuro-typical person with properly developed proprioception is working on a PC or reading a book, and they look away- they can look back at their screen or page in exactly the same place and continue what they were doing. This can be done repeatedly. Proprioception means their brain keeps an equivalent of a “bookmark” for them.
Now think of a neuro-atypical ADHDer in a classroom. They have the board in the front of the class and a book or a screen on their desk. They look from the board to their page and it takes a few seconds to find their place on the page- whether they’re reading or writing. When they look back up at the board, they again have to take a few seconds to orientate to where they were looking the last time before they can focus again. Each time they look at their book or the board they lose a few seconds of what the teacher is showing them or saying because they have to work very hard to re-focus.
For an ADHDer in a classroom, its kind of like watching a movie that’s jumping and skipping, they lose the plot completely.
A lack of proprioception is also often what makes ADHDers come across as clumsy, even when they seem fearless. Sports like gymnastics and martial arts are very good ways of building proprioception in ADHD children. I know I have ADHD, though its never been diagnosed formally. I have also learned my own coping mechanisms over the years- but my own proprioception sucks. When I am walking I have to watch the floor or the ground to see where my feet have to go, else I will trip, often over nothing! If I walk outside or attempt to go hiking or some such- I have to stop walking to actually look around and enjoy the scenery because if I try to see it while I walk- in other words, without watching my feet- I will trip. I fall over my own feet if I can’t see the stairs when I am walking down them. I can’t get on an escalator without holding on to the railing or watching the steps very carefully.
Can you see any ways that your ADHDer battles with proprioception?
You can read more here and here.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional anything. I’m a mom to an almost-adult ADHDer. What I write is purely my opinion on things I feel strongly about, based on my experience as an ADHDer parent.

The Knucklehead Has A Lizard!

No- I’m not being obscene- he actually has a pet lizard! A bearded dragon, no less!

My son has been asking (read- hinting, begging and pleading) for a snake, lizard or spider since he was in pre-school, but I always said no because I knew who would end up taking care of it (since he was a little kid), and an exotic pet is an expensive pet.

Then ExMi mentioned on Twitter that although she hated herself for it, the bearded dragon she purchased about a year ago needed a new home.

It was like magic! Have you seen “Despicable Me“? You know when Gru says: “Light bullllb.” It was like that!

I hadn’t been thinking about it or anything, but I knew in that instant that the lizard, named Mojo, was meant for my knucklehead. I didn’t say a word to him though- I would never have heard the end of it, and had things fallen through and Mojo hadn’t come to live with us, I would have been nagged endlessly because it would have meant I’d said yes in principle! I did discuss it with my Glugster of course, and we agreed that it was all good as long as the knucklehead understood that the lizard would be his responsibility.

ExMi and I went into negotiations, and a week later I went to fetch Mojo from her house. I only told my knucklehead that he was getting a very early Christmas present the night before I collected the lizard.

Mojo has been renamed Spike (I know, I know, not exactly original), and he has taken up residence- in his terrarium- in the knucklehead’s bedroom. When the knucklehead came home to find the lizard in his room, he spent the entire evening rearranging furniture, preparing food, and watching and talking to and cuddling Spike. And as is typical with the knucklehead, I was summoned to the room several times to see what the lizard was doing. There are big plans underfoot for plants, a bigger terrarium, and leash training! Is that even possible?

The knucklehead couldn’t be happier.

Food!! Glorious Food!!

On Saturday morning, I set off for my favourite Pick n Pay store on William Nicol, to take advantage of an invitation from Fresh Living for a Fresh Living Reader Event!

I had to giggle during the introduction to the event when the audience was told there were “bloggers” in attendance. I always wonder what people think when they hear that… are they looking out the corners of their eyes for the cliché, pasty-faced, dressed all in black, never-see-the-sunlight, monitor tanned weirdos? I wonder if they realise that the row of people who are almost constantly head down and typing furiously on their phones or tablets during presentations are actually expected to do so, and aren’t just being rude… 🙂 ?! And I am always amazed that a group of people who spend so much time on their cameras, phones and tablets at events like this one, can have quite so much fun! We had the people around us in stitches at our antics and I went home in a very good mood indeed.

Joining me at Pick n Pay’s Good Food Studio was @KerryHaggard@gnat_j and @badtennis_, and I met @nomnom_cupcake too! We had so much fun! The presentations from Fresh Living’s chefs were fabulous to watch and learn from! I got some awesome tips for when next I feel adventurous in the kitchen, and they always make it look so easy! So what did we eat? The starter was quince and blue cheese phyllo parcels with a divine avo and baby marrow salad, then the mains was a slow-roasted shoulder of lamb with salsa verde and lemon and parmesan risotto, and then we had chocolate truffles and lemon tart for dessert! This was after the Simonsberg cheese platter and a wine tasting! I couldn’t finish my food! ME!!! I was flabbergasted!! And let me tell you… I didn’t eat again until around 10am Sunday morning!