Spam Glorious Spam…

Here is another fabulous example of a spam email! These things are hysterically funny to me! The grammar, the spelling, the shirty punctuation… She doesn’t know my name yet I’m her beneficiary?! A “cancer problem”?! “…upset my medical bills”!?!


I get that people still fall for these emails, because if they didn’t then these emails wouldn’t still be being sent.

Dear Beloved

I am sending you this mail in good faith. I am Gladys Osborne currently undergoing medical treatment for cancer. My Late Husband Mr. Peter Osborne
was a contractor with the United Kingdom consulate in Hong Kong for many years. Before he died in 2002; we both had an account with a financial
institution in Europe where we deposited the sum of Six million five hundred united states dollars. Recently, my doctor told me that I have few
months to live due to cancer problem.

Having known my condition; I have decided to nominate you as my beneficiary since the financial company has now written me that the length
of time agreed upon to hold my funds have now expired. My desire and purpose is for you to promote humanitarian works. I.e. assisting the less
privileged and building orphanage homes in your country and to upset my medical bills.

Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein. I will give you further details when I hear from you via email.

In His Arms.

Well @McDonalds_SA – Colour Me Impressed!

McDonald’s already got back to me!

You may remember that I complained yesterday about arriving home and discovering my drive-through order was incomplete?

I called their customer care number and left details about what had happened and I got a text message from them with a reference number for my complaint. They told me it could be up to 48 hours before someone got back to me so I was waiting.

I got a call around noon today from the owner of this particular franchise! He apologised for what had happened and assured me I could pop round and collect the cheeseburger I hadn’t gotten.

I thanked him and assured him that I wasn’t concerned about the R10 burger, I just wanted this not to happen again. I then got a call from the manager a little later that afternoon and told her I had been called already. And then this afternoon the customer care people called me to find out if it had been resolved and if they could close the call.

Well done Mickey D’s for getting back to me and for being prepared to take action.

A Mosaic Meme… AKA Blog Fodder…

In 2008 I “stole” a meme from B at Because I Can ‘coz she didn’t tag anyone, and looking for something else in my blog posts this weekend I rediscovered it and thought it would be fun to do again!

So here’s how it works.

There’s a set of questions:

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite colour?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. What is one word that describes you?
12. What is your blog name?

And then you image search using your answers, and build a mosaic with the images. I used several sources, and Flickr Search and Big Huge Labs MosaicMaker works really well!

See if you can work out which picture goes with which question!

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Come On @McDonalds_SA – Why Can’t I Just Have What I Paid For!?

I mean seriously!? Is that really too much to ask!??!

Unlike a lot of South Africans, I do not shut up when I get shirty service or sub-standard product. I never have. I work hard for my money. I also spent years working in an industry where the customer was always right no matter what, and learning from my employers I decided long ago that I would not get shafted if I could help it. I complain if its necessary and I pay compliments when its appropriate. Fair’s fair after all.

This afternoon is a case in point.

When you have to pinch pennies you become acutely aware of exactly what things cost. This afternoon I went to PnP to stock up on some groceries and baking supplies, and I used my Smart Shopper points (which are AWEsome when you have to spend wisely) and I was happy with my shopping trip. I was starving when I left the shopping centre and I knew I would be passing a fairly new McDonald’s on the way home. I hadn’t had Mickey D’s in aaaages and I decided that two cheese burgers were in order to sate my hunger. I hit the drive through where the little screen spoke to me and on the spur of the moment I decided an Oreo McFlurry was the perfect treat. My order was taken. Done. Easy. The voice said “next window please” so I drove on.

And now let me set the scene.

There was a guy in a Mickey D’s uniform outside the pay & collect window, and he looked to be laughing and conversing with whoever was inside the window. There was no-one ahead of me so I didn’t anticipate a wait. When I pulled up to the window I could see three or four Mickey D’s employees squished into the small space on the other side of the window, talking amongst each other and to the guy outside. The woman with the headphone thing greeted me, took my cash (my order came to just under R34), handed me my change and disappeared. She returned quickly with my McFlurry and then handed me a small brown McDonald’s paper bag which I dropped on the seat next to me. I drove off, eating my McFlurry as I drove home. DEE! VINE!

At home I unloaded the groceries from the car, got it all into the house, mopped up a pee puddle from the puppy who had been locked inside whilst I was away, packed the groceries away, washed my hands and then poured myself some Coke Zero to have with my cheeseburgers. By now I was ravenous.

I stuck my hand in the bag. One burger. Only one. I checked my receipt and it clearly stated I had paid for two cheeseburgers. I looked in the bag and then tipped it upside down just in case the second cheeseburger was hiding under the serviette or something.


Now I am hungry and angry.

I didn’t check the bag before I drove away. I really didn’t think I needed to check the bag when my order had been so ridiculously simple.

I called the customer service number on the receipt and- kudos to the woman who answered- they were exceedingly polite and very apologetic. She promised that someone would get back to me within 48 hours, which she assured me is their standard turn-around-time for addressing issues. Fine. Done.

Now I ask you with tears in my baby blue eyes- why do we have to resort to complaining in order to get what we pay for!? I know that in this case its only a R10 cheeseburger, but its the principal of the thing! I am not expecting free food for a year or even a reimbursement of my R10. I want them to make sure no-one else gets screwed over again.

I really do not understand why the level of customer service in our country is so bad!?! Why do so many businesses behave as if they are doing you a favour by providing you with a service or a product!? Whether you’re buying a car or a cheeseburger you are seldom treated as if your business is appreciated. You are snarled at by cashiers, ignored by shop floor staff, appointments aren’t kept and unless you have a hissy fit, you are dismissed as an irritation.

There are many shops that are getting it right, and many are using social media like Twitter and Facebook to interact with their clients and customers, but this country has a loooong way to go.

Yesterday Was Fathers Day…

For years I approached this particular day with very mixed feelings, as you can see by my 20052006 and 2007 blog posts… I haven’t actually blogged about fathers day since then! This year it was a particularly strange occasion… I am almost glad we didn’t get together to celebrate it like we usually do…

Yesterday, my many friends who have lost their daddy darlings were also on my mind and in my prayers. I have no words for you.

As a daughter I love Fathers Day! I have an incredible daddy darling! My daddy darling loves his children, and he loves his grandchildren. He’ll drop everything and come running should we need “rescuing” of any kind. I didn’t get to see him this year because he and my mommy darling were both home sick with some kind of flu, but we usually try to do something together as a family every year. It was strange not seeing him this year. He has been so much better in the last few months than he has been in a couple of years! He is actually picking up weight and his Peritoneal Dialysis is going so well that he only has to do the procedure every 8 hours now! Miraculously, his kidney function has actually improved a wee bit! Dialysing every 8 hours gives my dad time between dialysis sessions to enjoy a day out without worrying about cutting his visit short to dash home to do dialysis! Its wonderful to see him more like himself.

Happy Fathers Day to you my daddy darling! 

As a sibling, my heart broke for da Bruvva this year. Just two months ago, he lost his seven year old son Nathan in a car accident. I can’t imagine losing my son. And I can’t imagine having to go through any kind of special occasion without my boy.

da Bruvva, I hope this Fathers Day wasn’t too terrible for you…

As a single mother who had no contact with her son’s biological father, I didn’t look forward to Fathers Day. It meant my son would have to take part in activities at school and nursery school and church related to Fathers Day- making gifts and cards for a daddy he didn’t have. Listening to people wax lyrical about how special dads are and how they are to be celebrated. Some of his teachers used their heads and let him make something for his grampa instead, but every year it meant explaining it to someone. As a single mother I was chief cook and bottle washer, exam revision and homework helper,  advocate and ally, sports fan, supporter, disciplinarian, the go-to person, the organiser, the driver, the breadwinner, the mom and the “dad”. I wouldn’t change a thing, my son was my life, but I have said it before and I will say it again- single parenthood is not to be taken lightly! It sounds like a small thing, but having to answer your child and other people’s questions leaves special occasions tainted with angst.

My son is now lucky enough to have a wonderful stepdad. And he has contact with his biological father on occasion. And he has my family, filled with fabulous examples of what a daddy is supposed to be like. And I have many friends who are wonderful fathers to their children.

Happy Fathers Day to you, my Glugster and to my BILs B and D

And last but not least, happy Fathers Day to my single mom friends!

You are braver than most can comprehend!

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