Have Duvet Cover, Will Itch!

So weird!

A few weeks ago, whilst we were still on holiday, my poor Glugster spent several nights battling to sleep and complaining that he felt like something was biting him. He eventually resorted to sleeping tablets and after a few days it stopped, and he could sleep again. Keeping in mind that we share a queen size bed, I felt none of the biting he felt! We even considered that Riddick may have fleas or some such since he sleeps on our bed too, but I am absolutely diligent about tick and flea treatments on all our animals and there was no sign of any fleas.

Once it stopped, we didn’t think about it again.

Then on Tuesday, Dora came as usual. She switched all the linen, washed some of the curtains, and did her usual thing.

When we went to bed on Tuesday night my Glugs didn’t say anything at first, but I started feeling a sensation on my legs and arms that felt almost like I’d touched a prickly pear! you know how those little fine hairs itch-burn on our skin?
I didn’t say anything but when I got up to go to the bathroom and a stronger light to look for bumps or SOMETHING, my Glugs asked if I was feeling it too!
He said it was the same thing he’d felt a few weeks earlier and we were mystified! There were no bumps, we could find no bugs or anything, and for Glugs- rubbing Peaceful Sleep on himself seemed to help. I used a topical cortisone cream I use for allergic reactions and it seemed to help a bit…

And then I asked if he could remember if we’d had the same linen on the bed for that week he’d been unable to sleep!?
We are lucky enough to have several sets of linen that we alternate on the bed, and for some reason I suspected this one had been on our bed when Glugs had battled to sleep in December.
We immediately stripped the duvet cover off the duvet and we haven’t had a problem again!

Whatever it was- or is- it was in the duvet cover.

The Knucklehead And His Spike

The knucklehead’s bearded dragon, the lizard formerly known as Mojo, is a little over two years old now.
When he comes home from work, Spike is fetched out of his terrarium and they head outside into whatever sunshine is left so the knucklehead can have a smoke and Spike can “chill”. When he’s in his bedroom listening to music, Spike gets to walk around on the bed, much to Greebo the cat’s disgust!

20130112_IMGP5462 - Copy

20130103_IMG01314 20130104_IMG01318

I think when I die I’d like to come back as a bearded dragon belonging to my son!
His terrarium is cleaned and rearranged on a weekly basis with an assortment of rocks and logs so he never gets bored!
And outside in the garden there’s a little play place – fenced so the dogs can’t disturb it – where Spike gets to hang out and warm up in the son whilst the knucklehead has a cigarette. The knucklehead has even cultivated a strawberry plant in the pen for Spike to snack on when they’re ripe! There’s a half-buried log with a hole under it for Spike to hide in, plants for shade and rocks to climb on.

I Just Might Be Able To Say “Thank You @Absa”…

But I’m going to wait a month before I do, I have learned not to look a gift horse in the mouth when it comes to banking…

After I blogged yesterday about how upset I was about what I was paying Absa every month, they got hold of me on Twitter and asked how they could help.
This morning I got a call from a very sweet young lady who offered me a package deal that she promises will cost me just R79 a month- all inclusive- although I will start paying for ATM withdrawals after the 5th one- which is fine since I almost never do that anyway.
She also apologised that I had had to throw my toys out the cot before I got offered a far more cost effective package.
When I asked why it wasn’t standard across the board anyway, she said that when they implemented it last year they started calling people to offer it to them but people don’t answer “private number” calls!
I had to laugh as I am guilty of that too.

So, as of the end of this week- she said she’d put a rush on it- I will be saving a lot of money because I won’t be paying for debit orders, internal transactions, internet banking or card payments when I shop.

If you’re an Absa client, phone them or go and see them and get your charges sorted out too!

Happy Birthday And Welcome Baby!

Our family welcomed a new member last week!
My brother’s new baby, E, was born on January 10th 2013. He weighed 2.86kg and he is just so beautiful and so perfect. We went to meet him the day after he was born and we were all quite smitten.

20130111_IMGP5431 - Copy

its a dreadful picture because I forgot to check my settings before attempting a photo in the dark ward

It was a bit of an up and down day though… We were so happy and excited to be able to welcome baby E into our lives and our hearts, but we still hurt so much from the loss of E’s big brother, Nathan. And it is so heart sore that E will never know him.

Baby E does have a really sweet big brother who is very proud of his new title! Almost 6 year old J is so cute and so smart, and my Glugster and I are his godparents!
He visited us this weekend past without his mommy for the first time and we had so much fun! We baked cupcakes, the boys swam, he played with the puppy, he played PS2 with his cousin the knucklehead, and he got to know the knucklehead’s beardie, Spike.
He loved the baking part- cracking eggs like a pro- but the decorating isn’t the best part for him. He’s a right little fish too- he’ll swim all day if you let him! And he thinks his big cousin D is just awesome!



We’re really glad he’s happy to spend time with us without his mommy because we love having him around, and there’s a lot we want to do like take him to Sci-Bono (at the end of the month) and the zoo! And of course spending time with him gives his mommy a break and focuses some attention on him which is important when there’s a new baby competing for the spotlight and mommy’s time at home.