Thats How I thought It Worked…

The way I was raised, and taught about relationships, is that when you decide someone is the love of your life and your soul mate, and the person you are in love with feels the same way their baggage becomes your baggage, to a certain degree. Especially if you get married.

And quite frankly, I believe this goes double if you profess yourself a Christian.

I’m not saying you should allow yourself to be a door mat, or that you even have to like all of your love’s history… But no-one’s life is a clean slate, and nobody is perfect.
When you marry someone, you accept their faults and foibles.
When you marry someone, you accept their history.
Granted, you may not know EVERYTHING about your partner when you get married, but as you live and love and grow together, you make a plan to live and love and grow with and around the experiences you share and the ones you go through seperately.

Your other half’s history is a big part of what made him (or her) the person you love with all your heart, is it not!?

I am truly blessed in that my marriage is like that. We both have habits that drive each other bananas.
But the nature of a loving marriage is that either you learn to live with those annoyances, or you try to change what annoys your partner, otherwise it will become the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
The two of us also have our own seperate histories. There are parts of our histories that we both wish were different, but we will not allow those things to ruin our relationship because they are a part of us.
If my husband had children from a previous relationship I would do everything in my power to make sure those children felt at home when they were with me – the way my husband has done for my son, and the way all three of my siblings AND three of my cousins have done for the people they love who brought children with them into their relationships.

Sadly not everyone has a marriage and a relationship like mine and my Glugster’s.

I’m Fast Losing My Temper With @Altech_Autopage

Here’s a list of my most recent phone calls made to Altech Autopage regarding my still disastrous Cell C contract. January’s phone calls aren’t shown here…

  • Tuesday February 19th at 8h18.
  • Monday February 25th between 7h53 and 13h56 I made 7 phone calls – unanswered.
  • Tuesday February 26th at 10h44.
  • Monday March 4th at 14h50 – 40 minutes and 23 seconds. FORTY MINUTES ON THE PHONE!!!
  • Friday March 8th at 12h02 – a 10 minute 14 second phone call.
  • Monday March 11th at 8h43 – 5 minutes 47 seconds and again at 13h44 – 4 minutes and 41 seconds. Both times I was promised a call that I am still waiting for.

How much do you think those calls have cost me?

Do you – Altech Autopage – think that the R105 “refund” I got come close to covering the cost of chasing after the people in your call centre!?
Here are the blog posts I’ve already written about this little saga if you want to catch up:

You Know What I Don’t Get?

People using the word “revert” when they mean they will reply to you later. The definition of the word revert is as follows:
1. To return to a former condition, practice, subject, or belief.
2. Law To return to the former owner or to the former owner’s heirs. Used of money or property.
3. Genetics To undergo reversion.
It does NOT mean “reply” FCOL.


Why businesses have given up using some form of a spelling check on their billboards and adverts.


Why so many of my customers think I should be available at all hours every day because I do not have an actual shop.


Why ALL twelve of the traffic lights I have to traverse on my 12km twice daily round trip can’t ALL be working every day! Every SINGLE day, there is at least ONE traffic light that is off or flashing red.
If we’re lucky we’ll have a local policeman trying to play pointsman at some of the busiest intersections in the area, and if we are REALLY lucky there will be an Outsurance pointsman handling the chaos.


Why SA’s traffic police don’t do more active policing and be more visible on the roads to try to bring down or discourage traffic disasters and law breaking.
All they do is hide in the bushes or set up roadblocks so they can write out tickets and increase the traffic departments’ income.
They’re about as effective as high school prefects who hide in the toilets to catch the smokers.


Today I am heading to my gynae for my annual check up. Although “annual” is a bit of a misnomer here since I haven’t been in a few years… Not since my Glugs and I knew for sure we couldn’t have a baby, so thats three years ago at least.
I loathe going for my gynae appointment, for all the same reasons women around the globe will cite and because she will tell me things I don’t want to hear out loud. In all honesty though, I find the doctor’s breast exam the most uncomfortable part of the whole appointment!
And I’ll probably have to schedule another mammogram today. I know I’m supposed to have one every year, and I am lucky in that I don’t find them all that uncomfortable physically (I think its easier with big boobs), but I do find them uncomfortable emotionally…
I love my cleavage, and I can make my big boobs look great in clothes, but my naked boobs… I think my husband is the only one who loves them.

And there are a few things that I really need to address with a medical professional of some sort for once and for all.
I am fatter than I have ever been which is fucking with my back, my feet and my already screwy sugar metabolism, so I need to get to a dietician… And maybe someone who can actually keep me on a diet since I have no self control (as evidenced by a year of paying for Weight Watchers with me gaining weight and going for maybe 6 weigh-ins).
I’ve started seeing small spider veins on my legs which is just depressing.
My hopelessly under-active thyroid is still untreated because I never get around to going back for a check up.
I suspect I have started developing arthritis in my right hand – in my pointing finger and my thumb. This runs in my family but I am sure I could do something about it…

And there are a couple of other issues that I’ve been putting off seeing to for a long time, mainly because when I think about possible treatments, all I see is a bedside table full of pill bottles and it makes me feel so OOOLD!

So @Altech_Autopage Lived Up To Their Shoddy Reputation After All.

I am BEYOND annoyed!

Just a month ago, I was SO stoked that I had made such great progress with Altech Autopage in fixing my Cell C contract.

Remember how I blogged about Autopage taking a debit order of almost R2400 at the end of January (for my January bill) where I was expecting the “normal” R375 for my son’s phone contract?
I had spent an AGE on the phone and eventually got them to fix my contract and adjust it to the kind of top up contract I had ASKED for when I upgraded, and I was promised I would NOT get another nasty surprise on my account.

Then I got February’s account for over R2000!

Several phone calls later I was assured that this was January’s usage and that they’d “look into it”. Then I was told it had been fixed and they’d look into crediting me.
Towards the end of the month I called Autopage again to find out if I had been credited at all and after being put on hold repeatedly and leaving unanswered messages I was told they had credited me.
With a whole – brace yourself – R105!!!

My phone calls to them cost me more than that!!!

I was furious, but I was again ASSURED that the contract had been fixed and adjusted to the kind of contract I wanted, and that it would all be fixed.

Yet despite what I was promised a month ago, Altech Autopage Cellular has proved true to their reputation and let me down.

A month ago – I was promised that my Cell C had been changed to the Top Up 200 contract it was SUPPOSED to be on as requested when I upgraded last year.
I was promised I would not get anymore surprises on my bill.
And today I get my latest account from Autopage.

For R1460.

Needless to say there was some colourful language happening here.

So I called them again. I spent fifteen minutes on the phone AGAIN and eventually Henry from Altech Autopage Cellular – the same Henry I had spoken to before – blamed “the network” (in other words, the Cell C network) for the fact that my contract did NOT get changed to a Top Up 200 a month ago as I was promised. According to him, they changed it on their system, but Cell-C didn’t.
WTF dude!? Are you kidding me!??
This after my calls at the end of February where I was again assured that all was well and that I had been credited for the mistake (albeit only R105)!??!

I have again been promised – by Henry – that they will sort it out. He has also promised that they have logged a request for an investigation to the accounts department and then told me that I would get A TEXT MESSAGE letting me know what the decision was!

I told him a text message was unacceptable and that I want a phone call FROM HIM in the next three days to tell me what is going on.

This is the last straw with you people, Altech Autopage, I WILL be throwing my toys out the cot if this isn’t sorted out soon.