Lennox It Is!

On Tuesday 9 April, SAGA’s brood bitch, Jelly, gave birth to eight healthy puppies! Aren’t these fat, squishy little babies just the cutest!??!?


Jelly is a yellow Lab and she was mated to a black Lab named Manny (owned by a breeder, not by SAGA) and all eight of their pups – four girls and four boys – are black!

We’ve been thinking of names for ages already, because we were hoping to get one of the “L” litter puppies, also known as “the jelly babies”, and last week we sent a shortlist of names to SAGA for approval for our new puppy.

Lennox          Leroy
Levi          Lex
Lexie (F)          Lightning
Lisbon          Loki
Lola (F)          Luna (F)
Lyric (F)

We had already asked our Puppy Development Supervisor (PDS) to assist us with choosing a puppy, and when she returned the list, only Lennox and Loki were still options so we’re pretty sure we’re getting a boy.

Towards the end of May, we will go to SAGA to fetch our new puppy, and we let them know today that we would like our baby to be named “Lennox”!

If you’re on Twitter, keep an eye out for the #SAGApupLennox hashtag to keep an eye on how his training is going, I’m going to create a Facebook page for him, and I’ll be blogging about him here too.

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I Nearly Crapped Myself!

My Monday started off pretty well – I had taken care of a whole lot of admin, I was running pretty much on time, and I had a coffee date with an old friend scheduled…
And then on my way back from dropping Kenzo back at SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind this morning, a dude in a white Kia – who was profusely apologetic and very embarrassed – was looking at himself in his rearview mirror and drifted into my lane!
I didn’t even have time to think. I saw the Kia heading for me, narrowly missing the one in front of me – and I started to move to the left but I didn’t really have anywhere to go with a steep grass verge and no emergency lane.
As I started to brace myself for an impact, he swerved and our side mirrors were all that touched.
He turned around to return to where I had pulled over, and got out with his drivers license in his hand.


We each have desctroyed side mirrors, and some damage to the window and the door where the mirror slammed back onto the car, so we’re both okay thank goodness.
And he’s licensed and insured, as I am, so the insurance will take care of the rest whilst we get panelbeater quotes.

It took me about an hour to stop shaking!

Weekend Visit With #SAGApupKenzo

This is what happens when Kenzo arrives – Riddick is all over him from the second we walk in the gate, and then they run – round the pool, round the house and back again – until they’re worn out, and then they drink water from the swimming pool before coming inside with me.

First there’s the tussle on the patio at the gate…


then there’s the mad dash round the pool…


…in both directions!


And then they drink water out of the pool.


Kenzo is an absolute sweetheart!

He’s such a people-loving dog and likes nothing better than a ride in the car. He’ll even jump into the boot so when I have him at the boot and we’re loading food or groceries or whatever, I have to tell him to sit-stay else he jumps into the boot!
We’ve done a lot of work with waiting before walking through a doorway – on and off the lead – and he obeys instructions immediately.
He’s great on lead, which is thanks to his daily guide-dog training with his SAGA trainer.
He’s very seldom vocal even when Riddick is barking so he’s made great progress in that aspect.
He’s still not mad about being in the front footwell of the car, so we’ll continue working on that a little at a time. Things like getting him to get in on that side of the car, and eating his breakfast or supper in the car whilst in the footwell.

He waits until he’s told he may eat and he’s doing really well with not jumping on people who come to the house. We have had a couple of “accidents” in the house but that is largely due to my not having worked out his signal yet… Our first guide-dog puppy, Volt, would go to the door when he needed to busy and wait to be let out, even whining if no-one noticed. Riddick comes and stands in front of you and stares at you until you get up and let him out. I don’t know what Kenzo’s “tell” is…

We’ll fetch him tomorrow afternoon after his normal Friday training, and he’ll spend the weekend with us again.

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Five Weeks Down, A Hundred To Go!

Dieting. No, not dieting, changing our lifestyle. Yes. We’re making changes.

And we’re not doing too badly. My Glugster is already able to wear shirts he hasn’t been able to wear in AGES, and my pants are feeling a little loose on me…
And we’re taking pictures. Scary pictures, where I don’t even attempt to pull my stomach in (which I can now do again, BTW). We took BEFORE pictures a couple of days after we started and on Sunday we took another picture. We decided to take a picture a month since we’re not “weighing in” more than once a month. Maybe we’ll even turn them into .GIFs when we get to our goal weight one day!

My Glugster is doing so much better than I am though… And I do better when he’s with me. Even though our dietitian has split up my morning snack into two seperate ones so I don’t go looking for sweet treats in between scheduled meals, and she’s given me ample carbs and a “sweet” allowance, and even a small fizzy cooldrink allowance I still battle not to just have something anyway.
Even though I’m not hungry, even though and I’m feeling better in general and I’m not feeling like I could fall dead-asleep at two in the afternoon – I still find I have to literally talk my way past the KFC or Pick n Pay’s bakery. I am still having to tell myself- actually consciously remind myself- not to eat more of the spaghetti/ bread/ rice/ cheese I’m serving onto our plates, with carefully measured portions… And I feel so lame when I do cheat.

We are not suffering under any delusions, we know that the two of us having to lose what equates a to a whole one of ME is going to take time. A lot of time. We’re talking at least year, probably more.


Another Weekend With #SAGApupKenzo

Kenzo’s weekend visits are going really well.

20130414_IMGP6661 - Copy

He and Riddick get on fabulously, playing and getting up to mischief whenever the opportunity presents itself, and he treats Thelma and Louise with the respect they’re due even if Riddick doesn’t. 😛 And he’s getting better and better with the cats, almost completely ignoring them which is great.

20130414_RiddickKenzo_IMGP6655 - Copy20130414_RiddickKenzo_IMGP6648 - Copy20130414_RiddickKenzo_IMGP6667 - Copy20130414_RiddickKenzo_IMGP6666 - Copy

Last weekend we went to the dog park and took Kenzo with us. He had fun but he was a little too eager to chase any smaller dogs that ran from him so we’re working on that by encouraging him to ignore them altogether. Thankfully his recall is fantastic!

We’re also going to work on him sitting in the front footwell of the car. He’s really well behaved in the car and if he’s alone on the back seat he’ll stretch out and take up the whole thing, but he needs to be happy sitting in the front footwell of the car as well, which he’s not sure of at all.


guide-dog-in-training Kenzo stretched out on the back seat

He is such a sweetheart too. He has the most loving temperament and he’s happiest when he can be inside the house where the people are.

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