A Bloggers #GRCExp at @GoldReefCitySA – Parker’s

Did you know there was a Parker’s at Gold Reef City’s Casino Hotel?

We didn’t, not till we got there and were told we’d be seeing a show!

When we walked out of Parker’s, I actually had sore tummy muscles and a headache from laughing! It was some line-up let me tell you.
@meltsieb was the host for the evening with @darrenmaule headlining.
Also on stage was @MarkDotBanks@moniquenortje@alfredadriaan and someone- something- I have only ever seen in the movies, a comedian completely failing on stage… He called himself The Couch Ninja and he was the only act I couldn’t find on Twitter. I felt SO bad for him. I almost wanted to laugh just to make him feel better.

I don’t often watch stand-up comedy because I laugh myself into an asthmatic coughing fit which is most disturbing to witness, but on Saturday night I managed to rein myself in by forcing myself to stop laughing when I felt like my chest was getting dodgy.

And I’m glad I could stay for the whole show. Obviously not every comic caters to everyone’s taste, but Monique Nortje was hysterically funny and Darren Maule was fantastic! They were by far my favourite acts of the evening. And Alfred Adriaan used his open mic opportunity to its fullest and I can see him going far on the comedy scene.

Next time you’re at Gold Reef City – whether you’re gambling or rocking the theme park, make a plan to end your day with a show at Parker’s Comedy in The Globe.

~~as per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state here that whilst we were gifted with this incredible adventure, I was not paid to write this blog post, and all opinions contained herein are mine and mine alone~~

Eight Years Of Blogging…

Eight years of blogging…

Wow… I even baked a cake, and I got to share it with several other bloggers at a blogger event! How cool is that!

The traditional gifts for the eighth anniversary are made of bronze or pottery, and the modern gift for the same anniversary are made of linen or lace – feel free to send gifts of all kinds – I’m not at all fussy!


There are 2,160 blog posts on this blog, many of them now hidden and just for me, and there have been countless posts never published.
There are  currently 15,676 comments!
Here is a link to some of my favourite blog posts, that I’ve written, if you want to read them.
I’ve tried my hand at fiction.
I’ve been sent goodies to review and I’ve been sent all over the country to check out new products!
I’ve won competitions and hosted a few myself.
I’ve met and befriended some incredible people.
I’ve thrown my toys out the cot and tried to help others.

Happy bloggiversary to me!

And here’s to the next eight!


Behind the #JerseyBoysMonte Scenes, Courtesy of @MONTECASINOZA

~~as per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state clearly that whilst I was gifted tickets for the show, I was not paid to write this blog post, and all opinions contained herein are mine and mine alone~~

Now this was a wonderful treat! What an incredible production! I’ll never listen to “Oh What A Night” the same way again! 🙂


It was a great evening out with several other Twitter folk- @P_Kuttah, @sian_202, @Roxy_Robinson, @DalenLance, @Akio_DJ_ID, @sanchahein and @Sandbrat__, thanks to @MONTECASINOZA!


After drinks @ Monte Restaurant, we were given a backstage tour by Jersey Boys Manager, Yolanda. Photography was restricted as the stage, props, costumes and stage setup are subject to copyright, but we were allowed to take a few pictures in neutral sort of areas… 😛

20130515_IMG01809 20130515_IMG01811 20130515_IMG01812 20130515_IMG01813The level of organisation and planning is mind blowing! The live performance is managed to the second by an incredible crew! And every set piece, costume and design in all aspects of all the productions worldwide are identical.
The fastest costume change for one of the female cast members between scenes during the show was 9 seconds!
The musicians are actually backstage in soundproof rooms so that they can provide the cleanest possible sound to accompany the singers on the stage, and even the singers on the stage aren’t singing alone- the entire cast sings along to every song during the performance to ensure a quality of sound that you just won’t believe.

After the tour we headed back to @ Monte Restaurant for dinner which was phenomenal, and then back into the Teatro for the show.
We had wonderful seats too and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

20130515_IMG01814After the show we headed back to @ Monte Restaurant for dessert and coffee.

Oh what a night!

Photos I Found On My Phone…

I take a lot of pictures, with my phone and with my camera.

I take pictures to remind myself to do/ buy/ try or look things up.
I take pictures that make me think of other people.
I take pictures of things I would like other people to see.

A lot of them get Tweeted or put on Facebook, but most of them just stay on my phone. So here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure.

The mug on the right says “I’d rather be drinking champagne” and that is SO me!
R300 for five metres? Shoowee…
My new dress! All pretty and floral and an absolute bargain at Miladys!
Such a cool cake topper in Big Blue!
Possibly the coolest jelly moulds I have ever seen! These were in Big Blue.
Who’da thunk it! Mismatched cutlery for sale as a set in Big Blue. So my mommy darling has been cool like this for years!
One of the things I photographed because I wanted to remember – a meal replacement/ supplement shake
We have been told by SAGA to keep Friday 31 May open to collect our new puppy, Lennox!
My gorgeously straight newlt done hair, a Mothers Day gift from my Glugster.
And two days later… I wanted a picture in the sun to show how red it is now and I am so pale in the sunlight…
LEG WARMERS! In Dischem! I couldn’t believe it either!
Do you know what is your responsibility to check on when you go to the chemist? You may be surprised…
I have to get this for my friend Sweets…

We’re Eight Weeks Into Our Lifestyle Change (Not Diet)

And according to my scale this morning, I am 5kg down.

Apart from the changes in the way I ate that I HAD to make when I had my hernia repaired in 2006, this is the longest I have ever adhered to a structured, healthy eating plan. And I say I HAD to because it was under a doctors’ orders so that I could “train” my new stomach valve to work properly. And it literally hurt like a mother trucker if I didn’t eat properly! Me being such a pissy when it comes to pain, that was quite an incentive, let me tell you.

We had our follow-up with the dietician last Friday and she’s happy with mine and my Glugster’s progress. I’m losing about half a kilo a week and my sweetheart is losing about a kilo a week, and that with cheating over Easter and at weddings and such. 😀 We were both a tad disappointed that we hadn’t lost more, but we are losing. And we will lose more – faster – if we exercise.
We had a good chat with her and whilst my Glugs is happy with our food and is eating enough, I am still battling with cheating… And I don’t even have to be hungry to cheat! Its ridiculous and embarrassing.
She gave us a list of weight loss tips and suggested we choose three of them each to focus on for the next month, to sort of up the stakes until our next appointment.
The list consists of some I’ve-heard-that-before items like plan all your meals and snacks, eat off a smaller plate, don’t shop when you’re hungry, leave some food on our plate, chew 30 times for every bite and eat the veggies first. And then there are a few I’d-never-have-thought-of-that points like serving from smaller bowls, using a teaspoon or a cake fork instead of full sized cutlery in order to slow us down and focus on your meal with no distractions!
I have chosen the following three:

  • leave some food on your plate
  • chew every mouthful 30 times (literally count as you chew)
  • eat slowly – make every meal last 15 to 20 minutes.

Our dietician also asked me to keep a food diary for the next month, noting everything I eat as I eat it, so that I have a visual “OMG I REALLY ATE ALL THAT!??!” reference. I started it on Friday already as we had a really early appointment and I think this may well be what I need to keep me on track… Every time I feel like I want to have something I’m not supposed to, I think about how I’m going to have to write it down, so it won’t be just me who knows about it. And I know I could just not write it down, but thats not how my brain works. 😛

So what differences have I noticed in the last eight weeks?

My bras fit better, and my jeans are a little loose on me. I’m not ready to fall asleep at two o’clock in the afternoon. I’m not getting the shakes from a sugar “low” every other day, and I can’t remember when last I woke up in the morning with my gums having bled overnight! If anyone has read this blog long enough they will know my teeth are not my favourite feature… They’re ridiculously sensitive and I have to be drugged to the eyeballs to go to the dentist – and every morning I woke up with blood on my teeth from my gums having bled while I slept! My brushing and flossing routine hasn’t changed, so I putting this happy development down to our new eating regimen.

How long have you ever managed to stick to a diet of any kind?