Moving Sucks…

But at the same time, its pretty exciting.

We aren’t going far, the new place is just a short walk from this house, and I am starting to get excited about where I am going to put everything and desperately hoping that what I remember from our quick visit to view the place is accurate!
I’m also glad we’re not going far because I don’t have to change all the shops and doctors and such that I know.
For example – I can remember that the main bedroom has a walk-through closet, a sunken corner bath and its own geyser, but I can’t remember if it has carpets or tiles!
And considering how much time I spend in my kitchen I should probably have taken more than a cursory glance at it… I know its much smaller than mine, but the pantry is big. I can’t even remember if there’s a kitchen door leading outside or not!
The garden is big enough for our dogs, and safely enclosed so I don’t have to worry about the dogs when I have to leave them at home (and it matches SAGA requirements for puppy walkers), and our kitties are going with us. Our search priorities were a minimum of two bedrooms and pet friendly – which is tricky when you’re renting!

Its the perfect opportunity to spring clean and de-clutter, and we’ve managed to accumulate a LOT of crap in the last four and a half years!
Our walls are already very bare and bookshelves half empty, and there are boxes everywhere which the cats are LOVING!
And I have made a plan for moving day – the three older dogs will go first and stay locked inside the new garden with food and water, the puppy will probably have to be locked in a bathroom ‘coz he’ll only be 12 weeks old.
The cats will be moved second and locked in the other bathroom for the day. That way I don’t have to worry about doors left open for furniture to be carried in and out.
And I’ll rope in a friend or a family member or three to come and hang curtains and so on.

I am going to miss this house though… and I’m going to miss our ADSL a LOT.
I love this house. I still catch myself looking up at the house when I turn into the driveway and marveling at the fact that its my home, that I live there.
This has been a happy home. We’ve done LOADS of entertaining with MANY friends and family, and I am going to miss this house something awful.
But I will have my Glugster, and my knucklehead, and my furbabies, and they do say that home is where the heart is.

Do you like where you live? Would you be sorry to move?