Things I Found When We Moved…

My wedding lipstick!


A green glass dog, made to hold bath salts… Its so retro it actually works with the glass bricks in our bathroom!


My rubber square thing that takes pet hair off furniture!


Sheesh! That sounded a little obscene…

My bridal shower tiara!


A zip-up CD holder full of CDs with pictures on that I thought I’d lost!


My paraffin lamps for in-case-the-power-goes-out, that I bought and painted years ago!


I really have FAR too much crap…

20130729_DSCF7125And thats only a fraction of what we got rid of… These are the boxes I haven’t decided what to do with yet…

A Burger Tart

Last week my mommy darling emailed me a recipe…


I was intrigued, so last Friday I made a version of the recipe for us for supper.
It was far more carbs than we’re supposed to eat – with the buns and the cheese sauce – but it was delicious! We will be making it again!

20130719_IMG00282First I made a tomato and onion sauce, using a combination of fresh and tinned ingredients,

20130719_IMG00281then I made the mince, a little less saucy than I normally make it for spagbol.

20130719_IMG00283The rolls were halved, and the bottom halves placed into an oven dish,


then I spread the tomato and onion sauce onto the buns, the spread the mince over that.


I made a cheese sauce as well, poured it over the mince, and topped it with the other half of the rolls already placed in the bottom of the dish,


then for good measure I sprinkled some more cheese over the top, then stuck it in the preheated oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees C.


The finished dish was delicious, and it was easy to serve too with each person getting a bun!

The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways Indeed…

My faith is not something I discuss openly, or often.
As a Christian, I believe – me, personally, I believe – that there are three things that are integral to how God wants a Christian to live. One is witnessing to people. I don’t witness, not verbally. I feel that since I don’t go to church on any kind of regular basis (which is the second thing I believe is a very important part of being a Christian, fellowship, worship and learning with other Christians), I can’t tell other people how to be a Christian without coming across as a hypocrite… But I do hope that how I live my life will “witness” for me.
Does that make sense?
Prayer is the third thing about being a Christian that I believe you should practise all the time. You need to talk to Him and listen to Him, and you do that through prayer.

I often tell people I will pray for them, and unless I know they would do the same I am often afraid that they may find it a little, um… Whats the word…? Off putting? Irksome? Offensive? I dunno.
I do mean it when I say it, though. And I do pray for my friends and my family, every day.
Sometimes there are specific things I pray for – if I know someone is ill or concerned about something or someone. I ask that my husband and my son will get to and from work safely every day. I ask for healing for my daddy darling and for my mommy darling to stress less. I pray for each of my family members and their partners and children. I ask for things for me too.
And I thank Him. I thank Him for prayers answered and for blessings – my wonderful family, my amazing friends, my animals, the opportunities I am given, our health – the list is a long one.

And my prayers are answered. Thats what the title is about.
He doesn’t always answer prayers with a simple “yes” or “no”, and He doesn’t always do so immediately. You have to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the answers. You have to be patient. And you have to know that He will answer you.

This week was a perfect example and a reminder of that for me.

After our move to the new house, on which we spent more money than we should have – painting, rubble removers, take out, an extra cleaning lady – we were severely short on petrol and grocery money.
Then the TV packed up, and when I got stopped in a roadblock I realised the car’s license had also expired (I hadn’t been checking it). My dad wasn’t well and spent a couple of days in hospital, stressing my mommy darling even more than she usually is.
It felt like one of those weeks when everything just goes wrong! Nothing new, everyone goes through shite like this.
But I asked for help. I prayed for help. Amongst other things I didn’t know where I was going to get petrol money and the car was nigh on empty…

And then I got an invitation to spend the day at a social media event yesterday (Thursday), and part of the invitation was the use of a car. The car I was to use, and experience so that I could blog about it, was delivered on Tuesday night, with a full tank of fuel!
I didn’t get handed any actual cash, but I didn’t have to worry about putting fuel in my car for almost three days!
And my Glugster found someone who came and paid cash for the borked TV, and I got a couple of orders confirmed. Cash came in, meaning I could buy groceries and put fuel in the car.
And my daddy darling only spent two days in hospital instead of a week or more!
Prayers answered!

This week there was a lot for me to thank Him for.

So Who’s Going To @WODAC With @FordSouthAfrica…

If you entered my WODAC Johannesburg ticket giveaway, you’re probably eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner!


5782_487722061297405_1096456571_nMy two tickets were won by…


Yay Karen! Congratulations! I’ll be emailing you shortly!

~~as per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state clearly that whilst I was gifted tickets for the show, I was not paid to write this blog post, and all opinions contained herein are mine and mine alone~~ 

Sixteen Weeks In…

We were back at the dietitian this morning and I was VERY disappointed that I lost only 700g in the last month…
Granted, we road tripped to KZN for a friends’ wedding, and moving house really threw a spanner in the works when it came to planning our meals as we didn’t do a proper grocery shop before the move, but I didn’t think it would be that little.
I’ve lost a total of 6.2kg since we started our big adventure, and according the the dietitian’s larny scale I have not lost any muscle weight so my loss is all fat. Because I lost momentum in the last month my average loss per week is down to just under 400g, but I need it to be a lot more to continue to feel motivated… I can see the loss when I look in the mirror, and I can feel it in my clothes, but I’m not seeing enough to keep going. Does that make sense?

My Glugster’s loss also continues, and he’s doing so well! He also slowed down his loss in the last month with a week long hunting trip over and above our trip to KZN.

So we know where we went wrong, and why, the aim is now to get back on track.

And to exercise more. One good thing is that I’m going to be walking more and more as our guide-dog-puppy Lennox’s walks get longer and longer, and that is certainly going to make a difference.

Ooh, what I have started doing for me that seems to be helping is packing a lunchbox for myself when I pack one for my Glugster for work (except for the last couple of weeks with the move and so on). Now, instead of going to the pantry or the fridge to look for my lunch or a snack and finding EVERYthing there is, I go to my lunchbox and there is only what I have planned for me.
See, before I started packing a lunchbox, I was trying the whole planning-my-meals-for-the-day thing. It was all good and well, but when I actually went to get my planned meal or snack and found all the other stuff in the pantry, my planning fell to pieces. Now my options are limited to my lunchbox!
Oh, and just so you know, the food diary that I blogged about in May lasted less than two weeks…

Uh huh.