My Dream House…

I have many Pinterest pins about my dream house, and I have separate boards for my dream bathroom, my dream kitchen and my dream decor.
This week I was kind of dreaming about which ones are just nice to look at and which ones I would REALLY like to have one day… Like I am wont to do when I have work I’m supposed to be doing.


Every time I start thinking about my dream home, I start in the kitchen. Probably because I spend more time in my kitchen than anywhere else – apart from my bedroom.

Of the many things I’ve found on Pinterest, there are several things that I just must have when it comes to my kitchen – beginning with its size.
About 30 square metres ought to do it, open plan leading into the rest of the house, of course, with loads of granite counter space and a centre island. Yup. Huge. Like an old-farmhouse-kitchen huge.
I can’t decide though whether I prefer an industrial style kitchen like this one:

KitchenIndustrial Or a “prettier” kitchen like this one:


Of course, this kind of decorating costs a fortune- unless I build it from scratch… So I’ll have to see what I can do with what we find when we buy a house again.

A massive oven is absolutely non-negotiable, without a doubt!


Something I think is simply ingenious – is a big drawer for the dustbin!
I HATE having a bin in the kitchen, and in all likelihood I will one day locate it in my scullery-laundry-mud room, but even then I like the idea of the drawer.
The bin hidden from sight, from animals, there’s space for extra bags, space for roach and/or ant traps, and space for an air freshener!


A pantry is a non-negotiable for me.
It must have sensible shelves and packing space, even drawers would work for me! I like the idea of wire mesh shelves so that they don’t get covered in dust and stuff… But that isn’t set in stone… Lazy Susans in the corner of the pantry is an absolute must!

PantryA scullery is another non-negotiable for me, and it won’t only be a scullery. I love the idea of combining functions to use it as a mud room and laundry as well. I will also be putting a doggy bathing station in there as well.
The animals will be fed in this room and all outdoor things like brollies, jackets, leashes, puppy bags and so on will also be kept there.

LaundrySculleryMudThis kind of lighting is another MUST HAVE for me! I can never have enough light!

UnderLightsWhen it comes to clever storage I am often amazed by what people come up with! I would love to not have to unpack the whole cupboard in order to find one particular baking pan. I would love to have all drawers so that I didn’t have to get on my knees to reach into the back of a cupboard! Just look at these ideas!

drawersHere are some of the nice-to-have things for a divine kitchen!

I’m not even going to start on the things I want in the rest of the house!

So what would you put in your kitchen if you could have anything you want?

On Dining At Table

Some of the most important conversations I’ve ever had occurred at my family’s dinner table.” Bob Ehrlich

When I was growing up, my family ate dinner at the table every night, except for the occasional Sunday supper of toast-and-tea in front of 50/50.
Our parents both worked full day, and it was one of our chores to cook dinner and set the table, and we took turns doing it.
There was no TV (and back then there were no cellphones), and if we had friends over they were invited to join us at table.
And table manners were imperative – no eating before everyone was seated, elbows off, both your knife and your fork were to be used, no talking with your mouth full, and no leaving the table without asking to be excused. You asked for the salt to be passed to you and you didn’t slurp your spagetti.

Comedy has always been important in my family. If you got in a good joke at the dinner table, it meant more than almost anything else.” Isla Fisher

A few months ago, my mommy and daddy darling gave me a wooden table. This particular table was used as a desk by my Ouma Jean when she was employed by Cullinan, and when she left Cullinan my daddy darling used it as a desk. And for a long time now its been used by my folks on their stoep- but it didn’t do well outside…
Then when we moved into this house I lost a lot of the kitchen work space I’d had before, so my folks said I could have the table!

20131201_084525_small I don’t have proper dining chairs yet, and I intend to buy some mis-matched wooden chairs over time but we’re using the table every night!

I’ve never been to a dinner party where everyone at the dinner table didn’t say something funny.” Lorrie Moore

When my knucklehead was a little boy, we had a dining room table and chairs, and we ate at the table, but we haven’t had one for a long time.
There was no question from the knucklehead when the table arrived and we started eating dinner at the table, and he remembers most of the etiquette he was taught growing up.
And the other day a friend of his was visiting and when he said he would like to eat, the knucklehead joked that he would have to talk about his day when he sat at the table with us!

Never argue at the dinner table, for the one who is not hungry always gets the best of the argument.” Richard Whately

I am loving having the table, and our little family eating at the table. Its almost as if the people seated at the table can’t help but have a conversation!
I didn’t realise as much while it wasn’t happening, but I’ve actually missed it.

Do you eat dinner at the table?

So, Do We Actually WANT The Little Village?

A few days ago, I was telling my Glugster about experiencing a real “dorpie” once upon a week… And how it rendered me quite speechless with surprise.

It was many years ago, and I was away on holiday and staying with family. The one day, my cousin’s wife and I went shopping in the tiny town they lived in, and between stopping at various shops – where she knew all the owners and chatted to everyone – we also popped in at several houses along the way.
At every stop, she exchanged gossip with the occupants of the houses, and some of the shops! Different people had different versions of the same story, and some had new ones for her, and she had new stories for some of them.


Never having lived in so small a town as an adult, I was quite stunned at the time by how eager they were to share stories about each other.

And as I was talking to my Glugster, I realised that blogging and social media is much like living in one of these small towns. Social media would be a hopeless failure if we didn’t actually want to know about each others’ lives.
With a few exceptions we’re not blogging about each other, and there’s still loads of gossiping*, but we happily share intimate details about our lives and our loved ones, our trials and our victories.
And even though we sometimes do our sharing anonymously, we like nothing better than when someone comments on what we’ve shared!

As much as we value our privacy, and as much as so many of us hate to talk on a phone (I’m not one of those people 🙂 ), do we actually want the “little village”? The “dorpie”? Where people chat over their fences and everyone knows everyone…?

* Having been a victim of much vicious gossip in my life, I cannot tolerate it and I try very hard not to gossip because I pride myself on my integrity.

Searches That Found Me…

I haven’t checked these things in aaaages, so I went to look. As always, I get a lot of ADHD related searches, here are a few I haven’t seen before:

  • Hein Badenhorst
  • 10 steps before ritalin
  • why starcharts dont work for adhd children

And there were several about things I know have blogged about before:

  • suncares arts academy
  • 1.6 ford focus trend option pack with candy red
  • tsogo sun arts academy
  • glurge examples
  • “how much i sneeze”

And then there were some odd ones… A surprising number of them dealing with medication of some kind!

  • thermark 
  • can i drink 7 betasleep capsules? 
  • how long does it take for deselex tablets to work on throat allergies
  • monsters inc “smelly garbage and wet dog”
  • crutches me
  • duvet