Pretty Impressed With @TeljoyOwnIt!

On Saturday April 12th, our house was broken into while we were out.
Among the things taken, was our 43″ rent-to-own TV from Teljoy.

We phoned Teljoy as soon as the cops had been and we had a case number, and then we had to send through some paperwork to them so they could start the process to replace the TV, which is insured by them until you own it.
Its taken till today for them to bring the replacement TV through, but all the public holidays we’ve had have seriously messed with the timeline!
The other issue was that they didn’t have stock of the model we were paying for.

I was very impressed in that someone from Teljoy phoned us every couple of days to let us know how things were progressing.
At one point she offered us a different TV, which was a tiny bit smaller, in order to get us a replacement sooner rather than later. Initially we agreed but she phoned us back the next day and said she had spoken to a technician and the other make of TV was not as good as the one we were already paying for.
If we wanted it, we could take the lesser model, otherwise we’d have to wait a little longer for the same model as the one we’d had.
We opted to wait.

Today the replacement TV was delivered. The exact same make and model we’d had from the start.

It did take a while, but at no point did I feel like we didn’t know what was going on.

That is good service.

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On Job Interviews…

It had been more than 9 years since the last time I had been for a job interview and I thought I had prepared myself…
The advertisement seemed ideal.
The timing seemed ideal.
The company is one I know and respect, and have worked with before, so I know and like the people.

Opportunities like that rarely come along twice.

I thought the first part of the interview – the one where you talk to a panel – went really well. The second part was a skills test… And it could have gone better. Some of the things they were testing I had never done before, and the others I haven’t done in YEARS. I wish I could go back in a few days and redo the test once I’ve brushed up on my skills. I wish I could assure them that the ones I don’t know how to do I will very quickly be able to learn.
I wish that simply reassuring them that I am perfect for the position was enough…

I like the fact that a skills test formed part of the interview process (I had known there would be a test beforehand). Too many people claim to be able to do something and then can’t perform when they are in the position.


After my recent experience, I thought I’d give you – however many readers I may still have – a few tips on properly preparing for a job interview.

If you don’t know the company, read up on them. Visit their website and find them on social media. Read up on their vision and mission. They may not question you about what you know about the company, but it will give you insight into whether you will fit in there.

Have a brief introduction of yourself prepared. If they ask for it, they really would like to know who you are “in a nutshell” – they already have your CV after all.

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. At least 5 of each. Personally, I loathe this question and I have yet to work out why it is asked… And I didn’t prepare for this. I battled to come up with a decent list on the fly so I completely forgot to include my personal and professional integrity as a strength.

And if there is a skills test, and you have applied for a job you are qualified for, you shouldn’t battle with it too much…

What are your suggestions?

The Long Easter Weekend…

I was both looking forward to and dreading this long Easter weekend. I mean, who doesn’t like a four day weekend with a valid excuse to indulge in loads of chocolate and sweet treats!

So why was I dreading it? Because Saturday April 19th was the second anniversary of my sweet nephew Nathan’s death. I cannot put into words how much I miss that little boy… How much it hurts to think that I will never again be able to speak to him or hug him…
We didn’t do a lot on Saturday for Nathan, but there were images of Nathan showing on the TV, and we spoke about him through the day, and da Bruvva and my mom tidied up his little remembrance garden.


For Easter we joined da Bruvva and his family at my folks’ place, with our now nearly completely blind Riddick in tow. We had chocolate Easter eggs, iced Easter cookies and cold meat sandwiches on my Glugster’s fresh homemade bread. My sisters B and C and their families couldn’t make it – B was working and C and nephew L were sick as dogs, so it was a much smaller family Easter than is normal for us.
da Bruvva’s two little boys hunted their Easter eggs in the garden, and when the knucklehead arrived he had to go and find his too!
I’ll explain his late arrival shortly…
It was a peaceful, happy day.



my knucklehead finding his hidden chocolate Easter bunny


I made iced cookies for Easter


my nephew E eating an iced cookie


my daddy darling and my godson J eating iced cookies

One thing I really love about visiting at my parents’ house is being able to take my dogs with me.
My parents’ dog is a fox terrier cross and he and Riddick love playing together. He’s also very comical in that he will climb a tree to catch the “lights” – reflections from the sun catchers in the garden!

20140419_15.06.21_edit 20140419_17.03.39_edit


sweet Riddick, worn out after a day of visiting and playing

So why did my knucklehead arrive at my mom’s house late? Because getting all three of us, Riddick the Lab, the cooler box full of food and drink and the Easter eggs to my folks’ house took two trips… In a Smart car!!
Why on earth are we driving a Smart? Its certainly not by choice… And we had family and friends alike in hysterics over this situation. With just my Glugster and I in the car its like a clown car!
We have been driving my parents’ old Merc for a while but its age and wear-and-tear were starting to make it really unreliable… So my Glugster traded it in for a Peugeot 407 which we were supposed to get last Thursday, and when it developed some issue that delayed its delivery they organised this Smart for us to use until the 407 is ready. Which will hopefully be by later today…

On Sunday afternoon my Glugster and I went to the movies! I can’t remember when last we indulged in Ster Kinekor’s lovenest seats for a big screen movie, but its been long enough that we were quite flabbergasted by the ticket prices! And while we were enjoying a bit of a date for the first time inabout a year, we found a photo booth! How cute is this strip I now have in my wallet!
I love this!
Its like the cheesiest, most old fashioned thing a couple can do!


I also got to see my dear friends Sweets and Leeds this weekend, and seeing friends I care deeply for is always a bonus.

I hope you had a good Easter weekend too.

The Good, The Bad & The Sucky

The good.
I had a great meeting with a wedding client, my baking went well and I finished on time, and my mommy darling and I got to see The Sound of Music together at Montecasino.
We had a really good meeting with the people at scubaversity about the knucklehead joining their Blue Ocean internship programme.

The bad.
Our car. Its getting worse by the day and driving it makes me so anxious and tense. And replacing it is not an option right now.
It was our last few days with our guide dog puppy Lennox. He goes back to SAGA tomorrow to start his formal guide dog training.


The sucky.
Mother fuckers broke into our house while we were out on Saturday afternoon. They knew exactly what they were after too.
The rented TV AND its remote, our laptops (including our old machines), spare phones, my jewellery box, Glugsters’s clothes, the knucklehead’s suit and, AND – all three back up hard drives. I am so fucking angry and I can do nothing.
FIVE dogs on the property. FIVE. All fine thank goodness, and the cats are fine, but FIVE dogs didn’t deter them at all.
Mother fucking sons of bitches.
Everytime I think about how much I’ve lost I start crying again. YEARS of work data and THOUSANDS of photographs.







And then today the guy arrived to see if they could find fingerprints. Which is pretty much a futile exercise since the South African forensic database is nothing like what they have in Europe or the USA.



Easter 2014 for online gamers and dog lovers

When you think of Easter, egg hunting and chocolate Easter bunnies are usually the things that commonly spring to mind. In fact, according to History, over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made every year. Information released by Statistic Brain states that Americans spend over $2.1 billion on Easter candy every year. But Easter isn’t just about chocolates, it can also be a huge event for online gamers and dog lovers.

DSC_0174Image Credit: ArtMutt via Flickr

Despite its religious significance, most businesses still find a way to commercialize Easter. Various industries capitalize on this holiday to endorse their goods and services. Aside from food establishments and other stores, gaming industries also have their share of special offers for Easter.

Binary Pumpkin Ltd. has recently released Easter Bingo through Google Play. This Android mobile app is a special version of Pumpkin Bingo specifically for Easter. An online bingo game also announced their special promotion for Easter via their social media account. On their Twitter account, Cheekybingo is promoting #Eggstravaganza, their easter offering which takes place from April 1 to 28. It is filled with 5 fun games and exciting prizes like cash and vouchers.

Easter can also be great holiday for dog lovers. Pet Connection Magazine is presenting the 7th Annual Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt. It is a fundraising event held every year to benefit local charities. This year’s charity event takes place at The Regional Athletic Center of Lacey (RAC) on April 12th, 2014, 10:00AM to 3:00PM. Proceeds that will be collected during the event will benefit local charities namely Concern for Animals, Feline Friends and Old Dog Heaven.

In Canada, the National Service Dogs is also hosting their own Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs on Good Friday, April 18, in 8 cities across Ontario namely Brampton, Calgary, Guelph, Kitchener, London, Oakville, St. Catherines and Windsor. Their 2013 event helped raise around $90,000 for NSD.

NSD is known to have pioneered the program for breeding, training and placing Certified Service Dogs with children with autism. It has graduated over 250 CSD teams and aided many service dog organizations around the world with their own autism programs.



This is a guest post by Anna Wilson.

~~as per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state here that I was paid for this post~~