Ugh… Insurance…

We finally found a jeweller that stocks Donna Mia Jewellery to get a quote on replacing mine.

And we’ve decided that instead of attempting to replace ALL my precious rings and costume jewellery we just asked the same jeweller to quote on a necklace and ring along with the bracelet.

This whole process of having to get our own quotes is taking too bloody long and we’ve given up trying to find a place to quote on replacing my Glugster’s clothes.

And my beloved bracelet was one of the MANY things stolen when they burgled us and every day I remember another thing that was in my jewellery box that is now gone.
My wedding earrings…
My umbrella earrings from Snowgoose…
My amethyst ring from my Glugster…
My silver ring with my name on it…
My collection of cupcake earrings…
My cupcake necklace from Shebee & Jon…
My infinity sign earrings from Sweets…
My bead and enamel “dragon” necklace from my mommy darling…

Another thing in my jewellery box was an apple pendant on a silk rope. Years ago my Glugster and I bought matching pendants for myself, sister B, sister C and my mommy darling on a special offer from Jenna Clifford, and we often wore them at the same time – without any planning.
Anyhoodle, mine was gone and when I lamented the fact to them one day my mommy darling went and fetched hers and gave it to me. So now my sisters and I still have matching pendants!
Isn’t that just awesome of my mommy darling!

As for the laptops, hard drives and the phone we have those quotes already sorted, and the TV was replaced by Teljoy as it was a rental.

Dear Internet…

You’re going to be a quieter, darker place.

The Gorgeous and Divine Bee is no longer of this earth and that is very, very sad.

Bee’s blog was the second one I found on the internet waaaaay back in 2005. It was titled “Accidental Mother” and my first thought was …ooh I’m one of those…
When I started reading her blog I realised that not only was she a wonderful writer and a scream to read, she was a single mother like me, and she was a South African!
From Bee’s blog I found a veritable smorgasbord of South African bloggers, as small as our little club was back then it seemed like a smorgasbord to me.
And I figured that if Bee liked them they must be okay.

On Mother’s Day, Bee lost her battle with cancer and today her nearest and dearest are wishing her farewell.

When I think of you Bee, I remember a wicked sense of humour and grabbing life by the short and curlies. I was privileged to have met you in real life Bee, to have a beer with you and to be able to put a laugh to the face.

I will be forever grateful to the internet for putting you in my life, G&D Bee. I am going to miss you.

A Big Step for the Knucklehead and Me!

A while ago we found out about a programme where our knucklehead can learn a set of skills he can use internationally, AND he can get out of the house!
It seemed too good to be true, and its far from cheap – but we did our homework and he applied for an internship.

Then we had a million public holidays so he only had his interview today, and they’ve agreed to let him do a trial month.
He had to cut his hair and take out his studs, and he has to be clean shaven so its a big commitment for him already… We’ll pay for his course equipment & groceries & such – but he moved in tonight! We dropped him off with his PC, clothes and some food, and then had to make a list of the things we’d forgotten!
He has the next month to decide if he likes the programme, and for them to decide if he can handle the workload of an intern.


~~ the “before” picture ~~


~~ after the haircut, piercings all empty, goatee went next ~~


~~ with his first course material ~~


~~ in his bungalow ~~

He was really nervous and serious after his interview, and whilst we were packing and cutting his hair and such. When we got there and he was welcomed by his new boss, he started unpacking and he started relaxing a little. Then when we went up to pay for his first course a couple of other interns went and greeted him and when he joined us in the office he was already much more himself.
The interns also teased him as he’s quite a bit older than them!

When we left he was getting ready to start his first course. We’ll pop round on weekends with whatever we forgot to take and with more groceries.

Ah me…

I’m seriously torn.
I’m so excited for him and proud of him and I’m so afraid afraid he’ll fail.
And my apron strings have gotten longer and longer but I’ve never quite cut them…

Mother’s Day 2014

After my darling Glugster let me sleep late and then made me breakfast in bed, I got to spend the day with my family!

My knucklehead, my mommy and daddy darling, sister B and sister C, da Bruvva and their families (we were short a couple of nephews and a niece – all grown ups and doing their own thing) were all at our house!
We did a bring-and-share like we usually do when we all get together as its easier than trying to make salad-rice-veggies-rolls for 20, and today we had a veritable smorgasbord! Roast beef, veggies, mac-n-cheese, KFC… Talk about a crazy mish-mash!
I was surrounded all day by my loved ones and my dogs… What could have been better!
We talked and laughed, we played with the dogs, we ate too much food (and no, apart from my breakfast I did not stick to my new eating plan at all), we took a lot of photographs – it was glorious.

I am lucky and happy to be able to wish my mommy darling on Mother’s Day and hug her and kiss her and spend time with her.

And yesterday I got to spend some time with my mom-in-law!
With our two Lab puppies in tow, we spent the day with my Glugster’s parents and in case you haven’t been reading my blog forever and a day, I lucked out in the in-laws department — I couldn’t have asked for a better mom-in-law!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy darling and my very special mom-in-law, I am blessed indeed.

A very happy Mother’s Day to my very many mom friends.

A peaceful Mother’s Day to my friends who are moms to angels in heaven.

A loving Mother’s Day to my friends who celebrate today in memory of their mommy darlings.

What’s On My Mind…?

I’ve had something on my mind a lot the last couple of days.
Today even more so with near-crippling “ovulation” pain on my left side and Mothers Day on Sunday.

I can usually get things out of my head by blogging them, so here goes.

When my knucklehead was born, I was counting his fingers and toes and marveling at the perfection of my beautiful baby boy with his mop of black hair, and I had a sudden epiphany – as clear as if someone had come up and whispered in my ear – that I would not have any more children.

At that point I was already a single mom, having split from my son’s biological father several months before and I had NO intention of getting involved with anyone or having any more children… But that revelation stuck with me.
In the years before I met my darling husband, my Glugster, I had four relationships – two of which I thought were “serious”. My first boyfriend was a nice guy, but he was too immature for me. My first serious relationship was with a live-in boyfriend who had absolutely NO interest in marriage or children, and it ended very badly. The second “serious” relationship was with a man who had already had a vasectomy. The last relationship was more a friendship-with-a-hectic-crush and neither of us were in a space to pursue a real relationship, but he too had had a vasectomy.

And then I met my sweetheart. My darling Glugs. My best friend. A man who loved me so much he had to marry me. For the first time in my life I actually wanted to have a baby! I wanted to have a baby with my husband, my other half. He too, would love to have a child of his own, but between the two of us we have a whole bundle of issues that mean we can’t.

Is that strange or what?

I’m no longer a gibbering mess when someone close to me tells me they’re having a baby. I’m no longer a complete wreck when I see ultrasound pictures or get a baby shower invite.
But it still tugs at my heart strings, and it takes a while for me to talk about it… And every now and then it hits me hard and I feel an ache that I find baffling and annoying.
My Glugster says it will never completely go away… I wish it would.