Pictures I Found On My Phone…


These guys are very industrious, moving their advertising and goods on a regular basis, but their signs are hilarious!


Moi, dressed for a rockstar party.

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I’ve asked around so I know its not just me…

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I’m always on the lookout for funny spelling!

20140812_175137 - Copy

I’m always on the lookout for funny spelling!

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So how much icing sugar do you have…?

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Thats not a motorbike! ūüėÄ

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Sheesh… And they’re doing 120km/h!

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Spotted these tiles in a shop when out with my sister C – everything I loved she hated!

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We lived here, happily, for a few years when my sister B and I were little. Its strange to see it gutted now. Although it is being refurbished after they battled for years to get all the squatters out.

King Tut Is Coming To The Silverstar Casino this December

“What can you see?” asked the people behind archaeologist Howard Carter as he peered through a newly dug hole into the tomb chamber of the boy king¬†Tutankhamun in 1922.
“Wonderful things!” gasped Carter.
And it was true.

If you are a history buff (like me) or interested in archaeology (like me), then this exhibition is a must see and I am certainly not going to miss it!
Check this out: “…the exhibition has faithfully reconstructed the tomb of¬†Tutankhamun¬†to scale, presenting a realistic impression of the overwhelming opulence of the treasures intended to serve the famous young pharaoh on his magical journey to the Underworld. There are over 1,000 exquisitely reconstructed burial treasures produced by the finest Egyptian craftsmen under scientific supervision.
I can’t even imagine it!
I am RIDICULOUSLY excited to go and see this exhibit!

Here follows the official press release:

Golden Mask of Tutankhamun (Photographed by A.M. v. Sarosdy) Photo credit- SC Exhibitions

Discover the spectacular ‚ÄúTUTANKHAMUN ‚Äď His Tomb and His Treasures‚Ä̬†exhibition at Silverstar this December

The internationally acclaimed exhibition ‚ÄėTUTANKHAMUN¬†‚Äď His Tomb and His Treasures‚Äô takes centre stage at Silverstar‚Äôs impressive new 2000-square-metre entertainment venue from 2 December 2014, running throughout the festive season and the early part of 2015.¬† A first for South Africa and the continent, this captivating exhibition gives visitors the unique opportunity to experience the treasures of the tomb at their moment of discovery. This amazing adventure begins with a multimedia presentation illustrating the fascinating story behind the exploration and excavation by British archaeologist, Howard Carter, the history of¬†TUTANKHAMUN, and the culture of ancient Egypt.

Seen by over five million people worldwide, the exhibition has faithfully reconstructed the tomb of TUTANKHAMUN to scale, presenting a realistic impression of the overwhelming opulence of the treasures intended to serve the famous young pharaoh on his magical journey to the Underworld. There are over 1,000 exquisitely reconstructed burial treasures produced by the finest Egyptian craftsmen under scientific supervision.  These exact replicas coupled with state-of-the art technology and video material provide a vivid illustration of the culture and spiritual world of the ancient Egyptians. Visitors will also discover what these magnificent historical finds reveal about the religion, deities, dynasties, and mysterious hieroglyphics of the empire on the Nile.

Tyrone Th√∂le, managing director, Great World Exhibitions says ‚ÄúTUTANKHAMUN¬†offers a truly exceptional experience ‚Äď because of its outstanding quality and breadth of presentation and because it speaks to all of us.¬†Who wouldn‚Äôt want to experience what it must have felt like to stumble upon one of the greatest discoveries of all time? Visitors are bound to be mesmerised by the exquisite exhibits, exciting video footage and fascinating revelations at this phenomenal exhibition.‚ÄĚ

The fragile and valuable original artefacts cannot be transported, so this exhibition offers visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the (perfectly replicated) antiquities‚Äô from King Tut‚Äôs tomb – all under one roof.¬† Brought to South Africa through a partnership with Germany‚Äôs SC Exhibitions, Great World Exhibitions and Silverstar, the exhibition¬†brings the historic moment and the story of the burial treasure‚Äôs discovery to life in a unique way. Visitors are guided through the exploration ‚Äújourney‚ÄĚ with the help of an audio guide (included in the ticket price) that makes the fascinating experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. There‚Äôs even a special children‚Äôs audio guide to maximise their experience too.

Ticket prices range from R80 to R160 per person and there is a special discounted family package of four tickets for just R440. Children of five years and younger are admitted free of charge.¬†Furthermore, for added convenience and ease of access to the exhibition,¬†tickets are sold in dedicated time slots. Visitors may choose when to arrive within the time slot they have selected while booking online or at the box office. Purchased tickets are valid for the entirety of the booked day as visitors might arrive before or after the booked ‚Äėtime slot‚Äô. Once entered the exhibition, visitors are welcome to stay as long as they want within opening hours. The exhibition is open seven days a week, except for Christmas Day. Tickets are now on sale at¬†¬†and¬†

Hurry, take advantage of the special early bird discounted offer of R20 off ALL ticket prices valid for the exhibition dates from 2 December until 15 December inclusive. ¬†Moms and dads who purchase the already discounted family package will enjoy a further R80 off their purchase of four tickets.¬† It takes about two hours to walk through the exhibition, although many visitors stay for longer.¬† There‚Äôs a shop carrying official programmes, mementos made in Egypt and other quality merchandise.¬† The fascinating ‚ÄúKing Tut‚ÄĚ family educational entertainment outing at Silverstar is nothing short of spectacular.


A firm favourite with children, students and adults of all ages, ‚ÄėTUTANKHAMUN¬†‚Äď His Tomb and His Treasures‚Äô has visited numerous cities, ranging from Zurich and Munich, to Madrid, Budapest, Dublin, Brussels, Paris and Seoul. Set to arrive in Africa for the very first time, the exhibition opens at Silverstar in Muldersdrift, Mogale City, from 2 December 2014 to 1 March 2015. Silverstar ‚Äď one of Tsogo Sun‚Äôs premier entertainment destinations ‚Äď has just undergone a R560 million-rand redevelopment. Exhibition visitors can therefore also look forward to spectacular entertainment and dining opportunities at one of the most exciting destinations in Gauteng this summer. Whether you‚Äôre fascinated by the wonders of ancient Egypt, a budding Egyptologist or you simply want enjoy a fun family outing with a difference, don‚Äôt miss ‚ÄėTUTANKHAMUN¬†‚Äď His Tomb and His Treasures‚Äô. ENDS





Exhibition dates:
2 December 2014 ‚Äď 1 March 2015 inclusive

Muldersdrift, Mogale City
Next to R28 Krugersdorp/Pretoria highway 

Opening times:
Sundays ‚Äď Thursdays: 09h00 ‚Äď 19h00
Fridays & Saturdays: 09h00 ‚Äď 21h00
Public Holidays: 09h00 ‚Äď 21h00
(Last admission 90 minutes prior to closing)
Estimated time to view the entire exhibition:¬†¬†¬Ī 2 hours

Ticket prices (incl. use of audio guide):
Adults: R160
Seniors (60+ years) & Students: R120
Children (6 to 18 years): R100
Children 5 years and under: Free

Time-Slot Tickets

You may access the exhibition at any time within the 30-minute time slot you have selected when booking (on line or at the box office).
Once you have entered the exhibition, you are welcome to stay as long as you want within opening hours.


Early Bird Special

R20 off all individual tickets valid for exhibition dates from 2 to 15 December 2014 inclusive.
Added save of R80 on a family package.


Family and Group discounts and packages

Tsogo Sun Cardholders, School, Group, Family, Pensioner and other special offers are available


Bookings and on-line

Visit  and for bookings and information
Twitter: Р@kingtut_jhb
Event Hashtag: #KingTut_JHB

Booking Agent 


SC Exhibitions ( is a division of the culture and events promoter Semmel Concerts. The company has been involved in live entertainment for over 20 years and is an affiliate of CTS Eventim AG, Europe‚Äôs leading ticketing and live entertainment corporation. ‚ÄúSemmel‚ÄĚ stands for the name of company founder Dieter Semmelmann, ‚ÄúConcerts‚ÄĚ for cultural experiences such as shows, readings, media projects and venue operation. The exhibition ‚ÄúTUTANKHAMUN¬†‚Äď His Tomb and His Treasures‚ÄĚ has been a global success since 2008. As an international producer and local host, SC Exhibitions brings entertainment, education and knowledge to a wide audience with selected exhibitions.



GREAT WORLD EXHIBITIONS¬†is South Africa‚Äôs leading promoter and presenter of internationally acclaimed touring exhibitions. Our proven track record and exclusive focus¬†on delivering¬†touring exhibitions reassure our partners of a commercially sound operating model and a professional service. Our objectives are to entertain, educate and inspire South Africans. We achieve this by showcasing the most exceptional and innovative exhibitions that captivate audiences all over the world. Since 2012, our team has successfully promoted and run three¬†BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life¬†and two¬†Da Vinci ‚Äď The Genius¬†exhibitions at prime locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Our latest venture,¬†TUTANKHAMUN¬†‚Äď His Tomb and His Treasures, will open at Silverstar in Johannesburg on 2 December 2014.



Silverstar, the jewel on the West Rand, offers a host of dining options to cater for all tastes with most restaurants overlooking the outdoor square, which features a state-of-the-art 50m² high definition screen for major sporting events. In addition Silverstar offers a 2,200-seater dome hosting a variety of entertainment offerings such as concerts, comedy and exhibitions. The recently upgraded complex features ten-pin bowling, laser tag and six new cinemas boasting the latest 3D technology, including a new Club Select gaming area, thus truly positioning Silverstar as the premier entertainment destination in the West Rand.



Tsogo Sun a leading hotel, gaming and entertainment company in South Africa, providing a variety of hospitality and exciting entertainment and leisure experiences. Tsogo Sun proudly supports the National Responsible Gambling Programme. Winners know when to stop.  Only persons over 18 are permitted to gamble.  National Problem Gambling Counselling Toll Free Helpline 0800 006 008.



For media information and images kindly contact:


(m) + 27 82 822 9478
(Skype) debradesouza

Communications Manager ‚Äď Silverstar Casino
(t) +27 11 662 7404
(m)  + 27 82 589 3040

~~As per my Ladybloggers pledge, I state clearly that I have not been asked or paid to promote this exhibition.~~

A Blindfolded Eye Opener

On Saturday my Glugster and I attended a¬†Puppy Raiser Social at the SA Guide-dogs Association’s Gladys Evans Training Centre in JHB.
These socials are an opportunity for puppy raisers and brood stock holders with pups of all ages to meet each other and meet members of the training staff.
There is time for socialising, refreshments are provided and they include an activity or talk that is either informative or fun (they usually try to make it both).

For Saturday’s¬†two hour social, we were surprised with blindfold masks and then we were escorted across the training lawn to the GDA’s College of Orientation and Mobility hall.

There we were assisted to a seat Рexactly they way they would help a visually impaired person Рand then shown that there was a knife, fork, cup, spoon and serviette set out on the table in front of us.
And just a note here – the following pictures (except the first one in this gallery) I took while I was blindfolded because I couldn’t NOT take any pictures!

Once everyone was seated the GDA staff walked around pouring fruit juice and then served food and we were¬†informed where the food was on the plate¬†–¬†rice at 2 o’clock, quiche at 6 o’clock and veggies at 9 o’clock – and, still blindfolded, we¬†were invited to eat!


Plates were cleared away (with many people not even sure if they’d finished eating) and dessert was served. A couple of slices of tinned peaches on a plate are tricky to find without using your fingers!

All of this was done under blindfold, with us having to keep control of our puppies-in-training at the same time!
Wendal was an absolute superstar, and having been under formal training for a few months already he was as good as gold, lying at my feet.
My Glugster had a bit of a harder time than me, having offered to look after almost 16 week old puppy-in-training Ash whilst her mommy¬†was busy. She is very well trained already, but there was another young pup under the table next to her so they weren’t quite as chilled as Wendal was.


Executive Director Gail spoke to the Puppy Raisers afterwards and explained why the pups knowing to sit quietly at a table whilst people are eating is so important.
The social was certainly an “eye opener” for many puppy raisers!

Now you know what we did, let me try to tell you how I felt…

Firstly, I have a deep and intense connection to my camera (and my phone of course), and not being able to take pictures and tweet what we were doing was immensely frustrating!
Is that ridiculous or what!?
I found myself racking my brain to try and think how I was going to access the apps on my touchscreen Samsung S4 if I couldn’t see the screen!!

Walking across the lawn under blindfold was strange… I know the property so I knew where we were going, but it felt to me like we were walking in a circle to the right! I battled not to try and steer my guide by yanking on his arm as we walked!
Once we reached our destination he guided me to a seat and then I realised I didn’t know where my husband was or who was sitting next to me! Was it a round table or a square table?! Was my handbag going to be okay under my seat!? And reaching out to see if there was someone in the seats next to me was a little tricky as I didn’t want to grab someones boob or¬†smack someone in the face!
And the noise! I battle to filter out background noise under normal circumstances and without my eyes I was even more aware of the voices around me! Thankfully they seated my Glugs almost opposite me at what I realised was a long table, and I heard a voice I recognised a few chairs down from me, but there was not a lot of conversation… Without eye contact its very hard to initiate small talk¬†so I found myself talking to¬†my husband, who was not quite¬†a metre away from me at the table but it felt like a mile!

At the start of the little luncheon I handed my camera to one of the Guide Dog trainers and she took a few pictures of the seated guests for me, and then she got busy so I had to either not get any pictures or make another plan, so without removing my blindfold – which was incredibly tempting – I remembered how to unlock the screen and turn on the camera, and held thumbs!

We were blindfolded for maybe an hour, and it felt a lot longer. I kept catching myself trying to look past my blindfold, as if I was just holding something in front of my face and turning my head a little to the left or right would fix it. Let me tell you, it took considerable concentration to not simply remove the blindfold, like you would brush your hair back out of your face.

Once I found my cutlery Рwith the aid of the GDA staff member who had seated me РI kept touching it as if I was expecting to forget where it was or someone was going to take it away!
Eating the food on my¬†plate was tricky – I couldn’t tell if there was anything on my fork and I kept turning my fork upside down and getting¬†nothing on it! And I couldn’t see how big a piece of the quiche I was cutting so I got almost the whole thing in my mouth!
I tried using my fingers to see if there was any food left on my plate, but I also wanted to be polite and not make a mess!
Dessert was two slices of tinned peaches on a plate, and lemme tell you bunnies – that shit is slippery!! I resorted to using a finger to hold a piece while I cut it with my spoon and I managed to eat it, but I got sticky fingers in the process!

I was terrified I was going to knock my cup over, and I was quite sure I would spill food on my shirt and in my lap!

It was an eye opener and a half, excuse the pun. It was fun and a little scary. It made me think differently and I learned a lesson or two.

A Bird Magnet!

Does anyone know what tree this is?
Its in our garden outside our bedroom and since it started to flower it has been filled with birds!
Loeries, muisvoels, finches, glass eyes, starlings, doves… its been amazing!



The @Philips Airfryer #morememories

I finally got a Philips Avance Collection Airfryer to play with for three weeks!


It arrived yesterday, and today I baked chocolate cupcakes in it!


I used my silicone cupcake cups and they worked like a charm.


They were a touch underdone after 8 minutes so I did the second batch for 9 minutes and they were perfect (although if anyone on this planet is going to die from eating raw cookie dough and cake batter its me).

I got to use the Airfryer once before and I did beautiful chicken breasts and veggies in it, and after baking in it today I am already sold – even though I still have two and a half weeks with it!
What this gorgeous countertop machine is also perfect for is for someone like my son. He no longer lives at home, and in the little bungalow he lives in as an intern he has a microwave, a 2 plate stove, a toaster and a snackwhich, but he doesn’t have an oven which means his frozen groceries are limited to microwave meals.
With one of these Airfryers I would be able to get him frozen pizzas and pies as well since the Airfryer would cook them perfectly!
Philips unique Rapid Air Technology lets you fry with air to make food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Little or no oil is needed to ensure perfect texture and delicious results!¬†Philips Airfryer’s unique design which combines fast circulating superheated air, starfish design and optimal heating profile allows you to fry a variety of delicious meals in a fast, easy and healthier way without necessarily adding oil.

Frying          Roasting          Baking          Grilling
Frying         Roasting         Baking         Grilling
~~As per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state that I have been loaned the Airfryer machine for a period of 3 weeks, with the expectation that I will use it and talk about it on my blog and social media.~~