I Shop With A List

This morning I was chatting to Gina & Beagle Momma on Twitter, about shopping lists. Whilst we all use lists to do our shopping, Beags and Gina both write out their lists on paper whist mine is on Evernote.

It got me thinking about shopping lists – my own and the ones I have found in the shops, other people’s lists discarded in trolleys and baskets after their shopping is done.
Has anyone seen this website BTW, I love it: The Grocery List Collection. They have lists you can print out as well.
When my knucklehead was a little boy, we went and did some grocery hopping one day and when I got home and unpacked I realised I had 3 unopened bottles of tomato sauce, 2 bottles of chutney, too much pasta and 2 bottles of dish washing liquid, but I didn’t have tuna, mince, mayo, or coffee! I decided I had to make a plan to stop wasting money and avoid running out of things so I started making lists.
I actually could have kicked myself because I had always made lists! I even had a list for packing his nappy bag when he was a baby because I always forgot something!

So I sat at work with an excel spreadsheet and added everything I could think of to the list over the space of a week or so, updating it every now and then. Then just before payday I would print it out and at home I drew a line through everything I didn’t need. Then I did my shopping with the remainder of the list. It it even had little check boxes next to the items for when I got them and there were separate sections for “luxuries” like Coke, sweets, cookies and cottage cheese, and “extras” for when someone was having a birthday or an anniversary.

In 2005 I got my first “smart” phone. It wasn’t smart like today’s phones are, but it had capabilities I hadn’t had till then. It had a calendar on which I could capture my appointments and birthdays, my contacts could have names, multiple numbers, birthdays, addresses, email addresses and and and, AND it had a place I could make lists.
Whilst all the phones were getting smaller this one was big and bulky, with a black and white screen, a stylus and no camera, and I was put off touchscreen phones when it only lasted about 18 months, but after that I had to have a phone that could do more than call and text.

My lists have been digital ever since.

Now of course, with apps like Evernote I can update my lists on my laptop and see them on my phone and vice versa! I still have a shopping list with everything on it, I just put a mark next to the ones I need and remove the mark when I have the item. It also has separate sections for occasional items and I have a separate list for baking and cake decorating requirements.
I also have a separate shopping list for the knucklehead and I have a list for packing a bag for when we go away!

Do you use shopping lists?

31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 26


Day twenty six, share something you are proud of.


 I have a lot to be proud of. I just have to remind myself about it, often.

I am proud of my knucklehead. My son. He is doing so well and he has changed so much for the better in the last year. He’s doing something he loves and working really hard at it too.

I am proud of the volunteer work I do for SA Guide-dogs, and of the puppies my Glugster and I have raised and trained that are now working as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs all over the country.

Find the original challenge here:
31 Days of Blogging Challenge

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Everywhere you go!

Last year, my beautiful, ginormous, green Christmas tree fell over -taking all but two of my glass baubles with it.
This year, we searched for a tree for aaaages, finding one I really liked online – but for R1,900!! I can’t spend that on a Christmas tree!
Then we found discounted Christmas trees and decorations in a supermarket and my Glugster bought me a silver tree! Can you imagine it – a sparkly silver tree covered in sparkly tinsel and decorations!

Here it is before I added any decorations!


It looks beautiful! I kept the gold and silver decorations to a minimum, using them in a Pinterest-inspired centrepiece instead.


And I forgot I had three strands of Christmas lights so there’s only one on the tree, and here’s the finished tree…


To make sure it doesn’t tip over as easily as it did last year, I changed my decorating “concept”… I used to decorate mainly the front of the tree, pushing it against a wall or into a corner, making it look full. I didn’t realise how heavy the glass baubles would make it last year though, so this year its decorated all the way around. The front is colourful with an assortment of decorations and the back is all red balls, and on the two back “feet” of the tree stand – under the polka dot skirt – are small sandbags!

Here it is with presents under it – more presents than we’ve had under our tree in many years!


And here it is with three of our puppies!


Less Than a Week to My Birthday…

I’m not really feeling it.

I am overweight and unfit. I keep saying I want to do something about it but past attempts have failed miserably. I am ridiculously insecure for someone who should know better. I am tired of having to tell myself to shake the shit off my shoes when I once again sink into the nobody-ever-remembers-me-nobody-talks-to-me-nobody-tells-me-anything pit. I think I hate Facebook… Its made “people” ridiculously uncommunicative.

I turned 40 last year, and whilst at one point I was feeling like throwing a big party I didn’t follow through with any plans and the next thing I knew it was a week to Christmas and there wasn’t much point.
I stayed at home, mostly in bed, and a few special people visited me.
I’m a little sorry I didn’t do anything, especially since I have decided I will never turn older than 40 anyway.


So this year I will be turning 40 again.

My darling husband is taking me to dinner at a restaurant the night before, but I don’t know which one yet so that will be a nice surprise. He wanted to surprise me with a new tattoo, which I’d love, but we’re still counting our pennies every month so I asked him to fill my pantry instead. Having an ample supply of groceries, dog food and cat food is a HUGE thing for me! I also feel bad though ‘coz he’s been planning to surprise me with a new tattoo for months…
Then on the day of my birthday… I dunno. I suppose I’ll have cake and tea or something… I LOVE big parties! I LOVE lots of presents and lots of visitors, but having a birthday between Christmas and New Year doesn’t bode well for that, which is why in the past I have organised something for November – when I do organise anything.


I’m sounding like a real misery aren’t I…


I do have a kind of a wishlist for my birthday… It doesn’t change much from year to year – silver jewellery, anything with cupcakes on it, tools for baking and sugar art, stationery.
A pink or red blouse from Marietjie Oelofse (like my black one) would be awesome.
There are a few books on my list – Terry Pratchett’s “Snuff” and “The Long Mars” (both in paper back) and Carlos Lischetti’s “Animation in Sugar“.
I also have a wishlist of courses on Craftsy, so if you’d like to see it let me know.
Ooh and the Kenwood Triblade is still on there too.

I’d also like cures for cancer, Alzheimers and ADHD, so if you can hook me up with any of those I’ll be over the moon.


Today marks the 7th anniversary of the night I met and fell in love with my Glugster. What was supposed to be a blogger meetup to put a real person to the online person I had become friends with, became a date very quickly.

Two weeks later, he met my daddy darling and my brother on Christmas Day, and I announced to the world that I got a boyfriend for Christmas.
I’d been single and a single mom for so long that my mom and my gran actually cried…


Now he is my husband.
He’s my best friend, my lover, my sounding board, my cheerleader, my advisor, and my co-parent.
He’s my first call, my first thought, my next of kin.

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He listens to me and he loves me, even when I start a sentence in the middle of a thought and he has no idea what I’m talking about. He records TV shows he knows I’ll like, even if he’s not interested in seeing them.
He surprises me with little things that he knows I love, and if I asked him he wouldn’t hesitate to go and get me an ice cream in the middle of the night!

The night we met, when we came back down to earth, we had the wait staff standing at the door of the restaurant and all the chairs and tables stacked around us! We were completely oblivious to everything and everyone but each other and it was going on 2am!
It was amazing! I could hardly wait to see him again, and then I put the poor man through the wringer for a few months ‘coz I didn’t think I could handle parenting my son and a relationship, but he wouldn’t let me go.
And tonight, he’s taking me back to that restaurant!

I love you babe. With all my heart. Here’s to seven HUNDRED more!