My New Favourite Things!

On the hunt for blog fodder I remembered there are a few things I’ve been telling people about, and raving about, and if that’s not blog fodder -what is!?

I am loving the new Colgate Plax for sensitive teeth! Its fantastic! It doesn’t feel like it burns in my mouth like regular plax, and its alcohol free.


Annique Resque Zeroache+ and Annique Resque Crème.
The Zeroache+ provides temporary relief for everything from muscular aches and stiff joints to headaches and a sore throat! My sister discovered it after her spinal fusion surgery and now we’re all using it!
The Crème is the only thing that has so far soothed my itchy and cracked knuckles! Its made to helps to effectively relieve irritated and itchy skin and its safe for children and babies.
In winter, when I am doing sugar work for cake decorating, I wash my hands a lot. Between colours, between finished pieces… I wash my hands so much that my knuckles and the sides of my hands are raw, itchy and sore. So much so that it keeps me awake at night, and in the morning my hands are swollen from scratching in my sleep! This Crème actually soothes it like nothing else I’ve tried does!


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The SAKKS Koi Show

On Sunday my Glugs and I went to the 2015 SAKKS Gauteng Koi Show at Val Bonne Country Estate (which we wouldn’t have found without the GPS).
We had a koi pond at our old house, and we’ve had several koi, but we don’t have a pond anymore and we miss it. My Glugs introduced me to the joys of koi keeping, and since he does all the pond maintenance and PT, I just get to enjoy the fish.

2015-05-24 12.34.55

The koi contest was something else, let me tell you. Some of the fish that had been entered were almost a metre long! And exquisite! We walked round and round the big pools where the  fish were on display before heading to the stands where there were all kinds of koi for sale.
Without a pond to put them in we didn’t buy any koi, but there were so many I would have loved to take home! I think if my Glugs and I could do so, we’d have a garden that was at least half-koi pond!

Just for interest’s sake, here are some of my favourite koi varieties, and if I could I’d have at least one of each of these!
koi3 koi5 koi1

And these ones Glugs and I both like…


And Modderfontein Reserve (Val Bonne is inside the reserve) is like a hidden jewel. We couldn’t get over how beautiful the place is, with a few dams, walking trails, biking trails, and a beautiful picnic area next to “Fisheagle Dam”.
Unfortunately we can’t take our pooches with us, but we’re actually keen to go back and have a picnic.

2015-05-24 12.55.17 2015-05-24 12.54.35

So apart from fish-phobic Shebeeliciousness, who probably wouldn’t even read the post since I put “koi” in the title, what do you think of them?

Have you been to the Modderfontein Reserve?

I Do Love The Cold…

And I think I fell in love with a fridge last weekend…


It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.
Every now and then I see something that I just have to have, usually an appliance of some sort, and this is the first time I’ve seen a fridge that caught my eye!

Its a 510L French Door Samsung Refrigerator.
The fridge door shelves are deep, the shelves in the fridge are adjustable, it has two veggie drawers inside that have their own temperature controls, the fridge door has a water dispenser and you can dispense ice too – crushed or cubed!!! In case you didn’t know – I have ice in ALL my cold drinks!




The freezer section at the bottom is a drawer, so you can pull it out and see whats in your freezer to pack or unpack groceries, without having to sit on the floor!

Between the fridge and the freezer is another drawer – with adjustable compartments and its own temperature controls!


We had gone out for a bit of a brunch because of loadshedding, and were window shopping in Dion Wired before heading home. I opened and examined every single fridge in that shop – and I kept going back to this one!
There’s not much chance I’ll ever own such a sexy fridge… At over R30,000 its well out of my price range, but its nice to dream, right?


~~     As per my Ladybloggers pledge, and in case you were wondering – nobody at Samsung, Dion Wired,
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A Whole Decade…

Yesterday marked my tenth anniversary in the blogosphere.

Ten years.

I couldn’t imagine it back when I started. When I did think about it I thought it would be exciting. A noteworthy event.

This blog has gotten awfully quiet since my son became a grown up…
I blogged a lot about being a single mom to a boy with ADHD, and about how much “fun” his school years were. But as he’s an adult and can be Googled, and he doesn’t want a lot of those stories shared with the world at large.
Maybe one day I’ll be able to make those blog posts visible again, but for now they will stay private.

And my blogging has changed in other ways. I have a separate blog entirely for my furry family, and that gets updated fairly frequently since my Glugs and I raise Guide Dog puppies now. And I have a separate blog for my baking adventures.
I don’t read as many blogs as I used to either… I miss that. I just don’t get to them anymore. And I am still incapable of reading a blog post without leaving a comment on it.

I met my darling Glugster, my husband, through blogging and reading blogs.
I met some of my nearest and dearest friends through blogging and reading blogs.
I’ve attended some fabulous events and launches, and I’ve been given some awesome gifts and gadgets to test which has been fantastic, and I do hope that continues.

Thank you to my readers. Thank you to my commenters.

Happy bloggiversary to me.

Just Skip It!

Yesterday I went to an event on Cardiac health, and when we left we were each given a thank you gift, in this case it was a “Fit Body Box”.


Inside the box there’s a skipping rope, a pedometer, a scale and a tape measure that can also calculate your BMI.


This morning I skipped. With the skipping rope. For the first time since I was in primary school.

I didn’t even manage 2 minutes before I had to stop – with the step-step style skipping not the two-feet-hopping type of skip – but considering my BMI is 37 and there are few things more uncomfortable than running or skipping with my boobs, I think its not a bad start.

Baby steps.

Or should I say, baby skips…?