Being on Lockdown

For the most part, I didn’t “feel” it. I like being home with my dogs, I like having my hubby home with me, and before lockdown I worked from home full time.
Level 5 and 4 was tricky with the dogs – we couldn’t take them out for training so we had to come up with ways to work them at home, and Jake was home with us for several weeks as the lockdown prevented him from being matched with his person.
My Glugster is working from home full time, and we’ve rearranged the house to create a semi-private office space for him. He’s always been more productive at home than at the office so this has worked like a bomb for him.
My baking business died, though. No social gatherings means no parties, so no cakes or cupcakes needed, I have now started getting enquiries again with level 2 so here’s hoping…

My biggest and still ongoing “adaptation”, for lack of a better word, is going without domestic help. Dora used to come twice a week, and has done for almost 10 years, but with her having kids at home we told her to stay with them till we know its safe for all of us to get back to work. We have continued to pay her, but I suspect – from my “check in” texts to see how she’s doing – that not all of her employers have been able to do so.
I am going to be honest here and admit, which I am sure have done before, that I am the worst “homemaker” on the planet. I really don’t mind doing washing and hanging it out to dry, I don’t even mind ironing. I am happy to make the bed. I like things “tidy”. But I get irritated just thinking about having to un-re-pack the dishwasher and tidy the kitchen, which is almost daily with three of us home and eating several times a day! Thinking about what to prepare for three meals a day drives me bonkers. And my hubby is amazing when it comes to “housework”! He will vacuum the house because even with a mask on it sends my asthma into overdrive. He will tidy the kitchen and help me bring in the washing and he cooks and he gets takeout when its been a crazy day.
And the knucklehead takes care of his own space and his own washing.
I still hate having to do any of it.

Level 5 started at the end of March 2020. Only essential services were open for limited hours and for limited numbers of people. My darling Glugster handled the shopping as I became super neurotic about catching CoViD19, we didn’t go anywhere or see anybody, and my poor knucklehead was practically pacing like a caged lion with not being able to leave our property – especially since we thought he’d be working in Mykonos by then!
The biggest uproar countrywide, including in our house, was the ban on cigarettes. Completely non-sensical and beyond frustrating, we gave in to desperation and started buying the ridiculously expensive smuggled-in crap.
Don’t even get me started on the tripe that spewed from NDZ’s mouth.
As we gradually dropped to level 4, then 3, and now 2, the restrictions were lifted bit by bit, and after almost 5 months I am really looking forward to seeing my mom again, never mind saving money on the knucklehead’s tobacco!
And I can’t wait to take the dogs to our favourite little park again!

There are still a lot of things about our country’s lockdown restrictions that make zero sense, and my admiration for our president’s fast action to try to curb the spread of the virus very quickly waned. For example – when they started allowing church services to take place with a maximum of 50 people in attendance, you could be shopping in a big supermarket with a couple of hundred people!
And you weren’t allowed to visit friends and family, where you could do an in-depth check on who has been where and what precautions had been taken, but a limited-numbers church service with relative strangers was okay!?
And the ban on cigarettes was explained by those in charge as a “health issue” and contributing to complications should a smoker catch CoViD19, and not wanting people to share cigarettes! I mean WTAF?!
And they briefly lifted the ban on booze at one point before reinstating it. Now its lifted again, and whilst I find the queues outside bottle stores more than a little ridiculous, I can’t understand why the people making the rules didn’t think people might share bottles, like they claimed people would share cigarettes!?


Whether we’re in lockdown or not, we’re all going to be wearing masks for a long time. Masks aren’t new to me – I have always worn one when I have to spend any time in a doctor’s waiting room. We’re going to see more than one infection “peak” in our country, as people get lazy and complacent with precautions.

I am hoping the mask requirements will stay in place for the future – though I’ll have to start wearing armour of some kind so that I can handle being repeatedly elbowed in the ribs by my hubby when I yell at people in the shops to cover their noses with their masks! 😀