F1 in Hungary

Hungary’s Hungaroring is my favourite F1 track.
It has a reputation for being a dull race, with not a lot of overtaking, but as they say in F1, you never know until the checkered flag waves.
Sunday’s race was the 10th of the season and they’ll now go into the summer break so it’ll be three weeks before the next race, but a Ferrari win after a gripping 69 laps was just SO cool!

The race started with a very touching tribute to Jules Bianchi. He was involved in a horrendous, freak accident at Suzuka last year, and he passed away this month.
He was a good driver, destined to race for Ferrari, and the Hungarian Grand Prix was dedicated to him, with the drivers paying tribute with his name on their helmets or their cars.
Bianchi is the first driver to lose his life in a race-related incident since Ayrton Senna’s death in 1994, which is an incredible testament to the safety of F1.


After two warmup laps, the green lights went out and my heart nearly stopped when my beloved red fire engines (BRFE) with Vettel and Raikkonnen rocketed into P1 and P2 off the start, and Hamilton dropped to 10th when he went wide and through the kitty litter (blaming Rosberg for it)!
I’m not a Hamilton fan.


The rest of the race was thrilling indeed. Loads of overtaking, wheel-to-wheel battles for position, time penalties for race incidents, followed by a podium like we’ve never seen – a Ferrari and two Red Bulls!
Force India’s Hulkenberg’s front wing literally fell off and then shattered under his car on lap 40, sending him into the tyre barriers and bringing out the safety car. It’s a wonder his car didn’t take off considering it was doing over 300kph at the time! He was uninjured, and the team changed the nose on teammate Perez’s car, just in case.


Raikkonen’s Ferrari retired on lap 56 after he’d been in second for most of the race. The poor guy’s had some shitty luck this season.
The McLaren’s scored 12 points, largely due to penalties served by other drivers, but they need the points.
Despite their domination of the practice and qualifying, Hamilton and Rosberg finished 6th and 8th after losing their front row start to my BRFEs. After Hamilton went wide on the first lap, he had to serve a penalty later for running into Ricciardo, and then Rosberg tangled with Rissicardo later in the race too, coming off second best.


Maldonado maintained his reputation for being a bit of a nut with no less than THREE time penalties
Nasr and Ericsson in the Saubers battled each other throughout the race and were both in the points until the Mercedes recovered and pushed them down to 10th and 11th.
Williams wasn’t doing too badly, even after Massa caused a second formation lap after stopping out of position the first time, but Bottas lost position due to a sliced rear tyre after a collision with Verstappen.


Vettel’s win put my BRFE on the podium again, and it meant he equalled Ayrton Senna’s 41 wins.
In my head, the German anthem is immediately followed by the Italian anthem, after all the years of Michael Schumacher winning with Ferrari, and it was really awesome to hear it like that again after my favourite race.


Hamilton still leads the championship race with 202 points, followed by Rosberg with 181 and Vettel with 160.

And now we wait for the next race.

~~ images from www.formula1.com ~~

Go! Go! Go!

Last year I think I saw all of 2 races in the F1 season.

Of the 6 races this year I have missed 2 because I forgot to PVR them, but having the F1 calendar uploaded to my Gmail calendar means I know exactly which race is happening when!

I’m a bit out of touch with the new rules, and I must be honest in that I preferred it when the pit stops included refueling, but its been awesome to catching up.

I forgot how much I enjoy F1.

Oh and I’m still a Ferrari supporter – no matter who is driving them!

An EcoSport for a Week, from @FordSouthAfrica


Now I just know I’m going to make a few of you envious, but it is only for a week… I’m driving this beautiful Kinetic Blue, Ford EcoSport 1.0 GTDi Titanium!


I was very excited when I got the email asking if I’d like to drive the EcoSport for a week! Whilst the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is my dream car and I remain a sucker for a truck, the EcoSport is almost within our price range, and for me it has pretty much everything I look for.
Its a small SUV that seats 5 comfortably, there’s more than ample room for my dogs, it has loads of boot space with back seats that not only fold flat but fold up again behind the front seats creating just over 700L of space! AND! I can fold the seats up and put them back down myself! You don’t need superhuman strength!

Its a high ride which I really like, but its not a mission to get into and the driver’s seat and steering wheel are adjustable to ensure you’re sitting in the perfect driving position.
This particular model has leather seats, and whilst I prefer cloth because I don’t burn my bum, the leather is easier to keep clean of dog hair… 😛
It has a decent cup holder for every seat and two – yes TWO – 12V charger sockets, one in the front and one in the back. It has a CD player and a USB port, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth using Ford’s SYNC® and there are volume and phone controls on the steering wheel.
The headlights can be set to switch on automatically and then they switch off when you turn the car off so no forgetting to switch them off, and it has rain sensing windscreen wipers.
And cruise control!
And the 1L engine is turbo-charged so there’s a little bit of a roar when you accelerate, and I LOVE that sound.


And an added bonus for me – the cubbyhole has a cooler built into it!

~~     As per my Ladybloggers pledge, I state clearly that I have been loaned the EcoSport for a week,
to drive and enjoy, and speak about on social media – blog, Tweet, instagram and Facebook.     

I Had A Week Long Fiesta Thanks To @FordSouthAfrica !

I had the opportunity to drive a brand new Ford Fiesta ST for a week!


When this sexy beast pulled into my driveway, I could hardly wait to get behind the wheel! The guy who dropped it off assured me he’d be back to fetch it the following Monday, no matter how sweetly I asked to keep it longer.


Even the steering wheel looks happy!

The Fiesta ST has Recaro racing seats which were a tad uncomfortable for my overweight backside hugged me tight but with the extra length of the door on this hatch I battled to reach the seat belt once I was in the driver seat.
It has metallic pedals, and lights in the foot wells when it gets dark.


Does this look inviting or what!!?

It has an option for automatic headlights so I didn’t forget to switch them on and off (which I often do) and it has Ford’s SYNC which meant I could talk on the fly without touching my phone AND I could listen to my playlists when there was nothing on the radio.
The Fiesta ST comes in 5 colours, and the one I drove was Race Red – I think this and Frozen White may be my favourite colours in the range.
I love the keyless start ‘coz its just too damn cool, and being a bit of a petrol head, having some of the engine noise inside the cab made it VERY hard not to put my foot down (my score on a driving app I downloaded on my phone completely tanked in the week I dove the Fiesta)!


Make no mistake, its a hot looking car.
It radiates power with a mean grill and a low slung front end, 17″ alloy wheels and long slim headlights.
The 6-speed manual gear box has super smooth changes and low revs in the 1.6 Ecoboost turbocharged engine make for fantastic fuel economy.
Its got loads of boot space too, so after a wedding on Saturday I could go back on Sunday morning and load up with all kinds of vases, jars, boxes and decor without worrying about space.


I loved it. I love the power and the control, and you can feel the turbo kick in when you pull away… But I’d get myself into all kinds of speeding fine trouble if I got to drive this car every day!

~~as per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state here that I was not paid to write this blog post
and that all opinions contained herein are mine and mine alone~~

The Long Easter Weekend…

I was both looking forward to and dreading this long Easter weekend. I mean, who doesn’t like a four day weekend with a valid excuse to indulge in loads of chocolate and sweet treats!

So why was I dreading it? Because Saturday April 19th was the second anniversary of my sweet nephew Nathan’s death. I cannot put into words how much I miss that little boy… How much it hurts to think that I will never again be able to speak to him or hug him…
We didn’t do a lot on Saturday for Nathan, but there were images of Nathan showing on the TV, and we spoke about him through the day, and da Bruvva and my mom tidied up his little remembrance garden.


For Easter we joined da Bruvva and his family at my folks’ place, with our now nearly completely blind Riddick in tow. We had chocolate Easter eggs, iced Easter cookies and cold meat sandwiches on my Glugster’s fresh homemade bread. My sisters B and C and their families couldn’t make it – B was working and C and nephew L were sick as dogs, so it was a much smaller family Easter than is normal for us.
da Bruvva’s two little boys hunted their Easter eggs in the garden, and when the knucklehead arrived he had to go and find his too!
I’ll explain his late arrival shortly…
It was a peaceful, happy day.



my knucklehead finding his hidden chocolate Easter bunny


I made iced cookies for Easter


my nephew E eating an iced cookie


my daddy darling and my godson J eating iced cookies

One thing I really love about visiting at my parents’ house is being able to take my dogs with me.
My parents’ dog is a fox terrier cross and he and Riddick love playing together. He’s also very comical in that he will climb a tree to catch the “lights” – reflections from the sun catchers in the garden!

20140419_15.06.21_edit 20140419_17.03.39_edit


sweet Riddick, worn out after a day of visiting and playing

So why did my knucklehead arrive at my mom’s house late? Because getting all three of us, Riddick the Lab, the cooler box full of food and drink and the Easter eggs to my folks’ house took two trips… In a Smart car!!
Why on earth are we driving a Smart? Its certainly not by choice… And we had family and friends alike in hysterics over this situation. With just my Glugster and I in the car its like a clown car!
We have been driving my parents’ old Merc for a while but its age and wear-and-tear were starting to make it really unreliable… So my Glugster traded it in for a Peugeot 407 which we were supposed to get last Thursday, and when it developed some issue that delayed its delivery they organised this Smart for us to use until the 407 is ready. Which will hopefully be by later today…

On Sunday afternoon my Glugster and I went to the movies! I can’t remember when last we indulged in Ster Kinekor’s lovenest seats for a big screen movie, but its been long enough that we were quite flabbergasted by the ticket prices! And while we were enjoying a bit of a date for the first time inabout a year, we found a photo booth! How cute is this strip I now have in my wallet!
I love this!
Its like the cheesiest, most old fashioned thing a couple can do!


I also got to see my dear friends Sweets and Leeds this weekend, and seeing friends I care deeply for is always a bonus.

I hope you had a good Easter weekend too.