The Beginning Of A Happily Ever After

On Saturday, Laura-Kim and David got married.

LK+D CHapel Exit

It was glorious, and my Glugs and I were privileged to share the day with them!
Laura was just breathtaking in her ruffled gown!
My sweetheart and I held hands as we remembered our own vows during the ceremony.
We ate FAR too much cheese and too many bread sticks whilst the photos were taken.
We danced a Rumba and a Cha-cha and an East Coast Swing and a boogie, with a break between songs ‘coz we’re still very unfit, LOL…
We ate too much of the incredible food and thoroughly enjoyed the dessert and the photo booth!
Laura-Kim, her mom and her bridesmaids have spent MONTHS making bunting and searching for decor elements and punching confetti and they did all the setup and decorating at the venue themselves. There were HUGE fireplaces in every corner of the reception hall to keep us warm, and photographs of Laura-Kim, David and their children were on display all over the venue. And Imperfect Perfection was exactly the right venue for their nuptials.
We shared a table with several of our met-via-social-media friends but I had no phone or camera battery to commemorate the rest of the evening!

And this was my outfit! I found the dress for a jaw dropping bargain at PQ Clothing, and opted for boots instead of the red and black snakeskin Nine West heels I was going to wear. They were only slightly more comfortable, but they were a lot warmer!
And of course, I’d had my hair coloured and highlighted the day before thanks to an early Mothers Day present from my darling Glugster.

IMGP6735 - Copy

I Dance Like A Yeti!

LOL! My @glugster’s favourite TV advert at the moment is the Castle Lite advert with the yeti in it.

Whilst I will never admit to putting on the moves like the yeti uses at the beginning of the ad- when only my cats are watching- if you watch from about the 40th second you’ll see him getting down to the groove in the background, and I have been known to employ similar moves when the music grabs me…

I Love The Theatre!

And I am blessed to have a darling husband who loves it as much as I do!

Our most recent excursion was courtesy of Southern Sun! I entered a competition on their Facebook page in December and on the morning of my birthday I was notified via Twitter that I was one of the winners of 2 tickets to…


THE NUTCRACKER ON ICE at Montecasino’s Teatro!

When we were waiting for the show to start I Googled The Nutcracker story for my Glugs as he didn’t know it, and its a little easier to understand the performance if you know the tale. Tchaikovsky’s music is divine, and I love being able to follow the story when I watch a ballet. As is the rule in theatres, you’re not allowed to take any photographs inside the theatre during the show, and I so wish I could give you a glimpse of what we saw! It was FANTASTIC and we had such awesome seats!

our view of the stage!

I’m sure everyone has watched some figure skating at some point, so you can imagine the kind of moves they do on an ice rink being done on a theatre stage! It was awesome! And there was so much to see! What a show! It was even snowing on the stage! The costumes were so gorgeous – some of the dancers even had lights in their tutus!! I was literally gasping with delight!! Drosselmeyer flew off the stage and over our heads! The mouse king was spinning around with the mouse queen ON HIS HEAD – without even holding on to her!! Two skaters went up on rope swing thingamabobs! Drosselmeyer made a woman disappear!

It was wonderful. And it was over so very fast.

Thank you Southern Sun for a lovely evening’s entertainment!

Now I Want To Tap Dance!

That is so like me!

I am occasionally appalled at how easily I can be influenced by advertising gimmicks and the like… but only occasionally.


I am the person who HAS to have something simply because it is in gawjiss, sparkly packaging. I am the person who buys all the goodies cleverly displayed at the till points. I watch Dirty Dancing and I want to take dance lessons. When I watched Hidalgo I wished I could race horses across the desert!

You can stop laughing now.


Last night, watching Riverdance live at Montecasino’s Teatro (after I saw Lord of the Dance on DVD several times) I was struck with an intense desire to take tap dancing lessons! I even remembered having a pair of red tap shoes that I had to share with my sister B when I was a little girl! I think my mommy or daddy darling tossed them for the sake of peace… heh heh…

We had some really awesome seats last night. Not only did we sit in the middle of the theatre thirteen rows from the front, but we got to sit next the the fabulous Jenty and her other half too! Thanks a lot for the tickets Southern Sun!

Guy Rickarby was the percussionist and watching him was quite incredible! He was playing so many instruments, often two at a time! I was torn between watching him and watching the dancers!

The lead dancers in last night’s performance were Lauren Smyth and Jason Oremus, with Rocio Montoya doing the flamenco, and Kelly Isaac and Michael E. Wood doing the tap dancing. The Riverdance troupe is fantastic! Its hard to comprehend anyone’s feet moving that fast, and some of them were jumping- and doing a step kick thing in the air- as if they were on cables! Do you know how fit you have to be to be able to jump so high!? And some of the moves make it look like they have rubber ankles!

It was fabulous! I am so glad I finally got to see it live! And my mommy darling was in her element!

Its Riverdance!

OMW I am going to see Riverdance tonight!

I am SO excited!

I am taking my mommy darling with me as she’s always been a fan, and whilst my Glugster LOVES the theatre (aren’t I lucky), Riverdance is not something that’s not on his list of “MUST SEE” shows.

Its going to be awesome!