Brand New #GoodMorning™ Peach & Apricot Breakfast Biscuits from @Bakers_Biscuits

Yesterday, I received this really cool looking mini-coolerbag in a blog drop from Bakers South Africa, and it was full of breakfast! 😀 I LOVE breakfast food – I will happily have breakfast for every meal – so this little hamper was perfect for me!

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, but it can be difficult to find a meal that is the right combination of taste and convenience within a balanced diet. BAKERS® found the magic blend with its Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits™ in 2014, and is now adding a scrumptious Peach & Apricot flavour to the range.

Then I discovered that the box of Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits was the new Peach & Apricot flavour!

BAKERS Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits™ are extremely versatile: you can simply pop a pack into your bag as you run out the door in the morning, and they have the potential to make your breakfast so much more than just your first meal of the day.

The Mixed Berries flavour has been my favourite Breakfast Biscuit flavour to date, but this new flavour is definitely giving it a run for its money. They are delicious! The aroma when you open the little 4-biscuit package is mouthwatering. And the little bit of chewiness provided by the bits of peach and apricot is the prefect compliment to the crisp biscuit.

I decided to share them with my Glugster, so I put some in his new Bakers lunchbox!


Please note => I wasn’t paid to talk about the Bakers Breakfast Biscuits, but I was sent the breakfast hamper as a blog drop with the expectation that I would talk about it on social media.

Get to @Mugg_and_Bean for #SmokyFlavours!

Can you get addicted to barbecue sauce…? After the #SmokyFlavours launch last Thursday, they sent us home with a little bottle of the sauce their sauce and I am hooked! 😀


Recently, my Glugster and I were invited to attend the exclusive launch of the Mugg & Bean #SmokyFlavours menu at Morrells Farmhouse, where we were treated to a feast and a half!

These delectable, perfect for winter dishes, will only be available will August – so don’t wait!

You know – when you head to a Mugg & Bean – that you are going to eat well, and you’re going to get a generous plate of food.


Here’s the official press release!


There are few things as true to South Africa as the smell of a smoky summer braai, but Mugg & Bean is reimagining and introducing these aromas to a new category in its winter menu, launching on Tuesday, 05 July 2016.

In the past smoky food that is charred or burnt is a sure sign of ruined meal. Not anymore. This season, smoke is the hottest trend. Rising in global popularity in recent months, smoky food dishes are complex with their sweet and bitter undertones, where various cuts of meat are flavourfully infused with a smokehouse treatment, prepared over an open fire or smoke-filled with speciality sauces. Lesser known cuts such as brisket and flank steak are dominating the meat market using the smoky trend.

Marketing Executive for Mugg & Bean, Lee-Ann Cullingworth explains that this addition was made to satisfy their customers’ adventurous palettes, “We want to enthuse our consumers, feed their growing appetites for exciting and new dishes and take them on a flavour adventure.”

Because this smoke flavour cannot be pinned down as a specific taste, the trend is rather defined by its distinct scents, similar to a nostalgic memory of campfires and the sense of being warm and comfortable. The smoke-kissed meats are complimented with fresh salads that can comprise of ingredients like crispy onions, root-to-stem veggies and seasonal citrus flavours, perfect for the winter time.

“The new additions will see use of smoked paprika, chipotle and other smoky sauces,” says Cullingworth. “Flavour and innovation are at Mugg & Bean’s core. Our new-product development team is constantly adapting our menu to the latest trends while ensuring our food is always generous, made-from-scratch and authentic.”

Mugg & Bean has always been about generosity, which comes to life through its generous portion sizes, flavours inspired from across the globe and the warm and welcoming food experiences that has remained true to the brand for the past 20 years. “We will continue to push our culinary boundaries by bringing new ingredients and flavourful combinations to our customer’s plates and palettes,” concluded Cullingworth.

Do yourself a favour and walk into a Mugg & Bean restaurant this winter to try the newest category and let us know what you think of the new offerings on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #SmokyFlavours.

So The @FordSouthAfrica EcoSport Has Gone Back…

The Ford EcoSport has gone back… And I am going to miss it.

I got to drive the Kinetic Blue Ford Ecosport 1.0 GTDi Titanium Manual for a week, courtesy of Ford South Africa.


Check out the pictures on Ford’s website to see detailed shots of the interior of the EcoSport.

What I Like

Fully adjustable driver seat and steering wheel.
I can fold up the backseats and put them back down ON MY OWN.
A cup holder for every seat.


What I Don’t Like

No lights or air vents for the back seat.
No overhead grab handles on any doors.
The silver panel on the centre console catches the sun sometimes.


What About Driving It?

I like a powerful car, and I found the EcoSport actually appeases my love of power by being responsive under foot, even though this model only has a 1L engine under the hood. And there’s a little bit of a rumble when you accelerate that sounds like a much bigger engine.
For me it handled like a dream. Parking it was a breeze, aided by power steering of course.

I can sit comfortably while I drive and I can get into and out of it with ease even with the higher ride, and the height of the foot pedals off the floor is just right – I’m not driving with my toes or having to lift my feet to reach the pedals.
The air conditioner works like a bomb, which is a must have for me, and the sun visor is actually long enough to keep the sun out of my eyes – I often find them to be too short to be any good. And both visors have mirrors on, the passenger visor mirror including a little light.
And having very light-sensitive eyes I really like that the rear view mirror dims automatically at night, there’s no need to flick it back and forth.
And I didn’t actually find a blind spot in the EcoSport, which I have in a lot of other cars.

Cruise control makes for very comfortable driving on the highway, and it aids in keeping your fuel consumption down of course. I did not see a huge difference in fuel use while I was driving it BUT I didn’t take any really long trips. I did my usual trips with my Glugs to the station in the morning and fetching him and going to Guide-dogs. The furthest we went was to JHB South to visit family and the boot is deceptively spacious – we fitted 3 cooler boxes and some luggage in it with ease!

The seats are comfortable, I could even use the headrest which for me us unusual – its usually too high for me. The driver’s seat is adjustable up and down and backwards and forwards, and it has some lumbar support you can adjust. I really prefer fabric seats to leather… I loathe burning my bum when I sit down and whilst the leather is easier to clean, its hot for my dogs too.
The back seat is made for three… but definitely not three big bums. 😛 Coming home from my sister there were three of us in the back seat and whilst we had ample legroom, we were a little bit squished sitting next to each other.
Carting my dogs around is no problem. My three Labs could happily sit together on the back seat, and folding the seats flat meant they could comfortably lie down and even spread out a bit without squishing each other.

The freedom of hands free phone calls using SYNC is fantastic – answering and hanging up using the buttons on the steering wheel means I don’t let go of the wheel. I tend to make phone calls when I drive, its just how I roll, so SYNC is ideal.
And I can control the radio volume the same way and cruise control the same way.

And an added bonus – the cubbyhole is chilled! I can keep my water cold while I drive!


A Bit About Safety…

Driver and passenger airbags with side and curtain airbags, traction control and ABS with Electronic Stability Control.
Five 3-point seatbelts as well as ISOFIX kiddy carseat anchors in the back.
Automatic headlights – you can switch them on and off yourself or you set it to auto and they come on when its dark and go off when its light, or when you switch the car off.
It also has rain sensing windscreen wipers, though I can’t imagine anyone forgetting to turn those on in the rain!
And it has a sensor built into the bumper so when you’re reversing it will warn you if you’re heading for a pole or a wall. And I love this reverse sensor alarm because I have nightmares about accidentally running over one of my dogs!


Pricing starts at R256,900 for this model
1.0L Turbo-charged 3 cylinder EcoBoost engine
5-speed manual transmission
Leather seats
ISOFIX child seat anchors
Auto headlights
Ford SYNCÂŽ with Bluetooth and Voice Control
2 x 12V power socket (front and rear)
Steering wheel mounted audio controls
Cruise control with steering mounted controls
Rain sensing wipers
Cooled glovebox capable of holding 6 x 330ml cans
Rake & Reach adjustable steering
Auto dimming rearview mirror
Reclining, 60/40 split rear seats
Driver seat height adjustment and lumbar support

~~As per my Ladybloggers pledge, I state clearly that whilst I was loaned a Ford EcoSport to drive for a week,
I signed an indemnity form and I was not paid nor asked to write this blog post

Can I Have A Bit Of Tantrum Here Quickly?

Everything shrinks, but the price continues to go up.
Its like everyone took a leaf out of American Airlines’s rule book after they started saving $70K a year by putting one less olive in their first class in-flight salads.

Let me give you some examples.

  • Boxes of tissues used to come in packs of either 100 or 200. Now its 90 or 180.
  • Iced Zoo biscuits used to have an animal shape stamped into the underside of the cookie as well as the icing animal on the top. And there used to be twice as much icing on top.
  • Pringles have shrunk. You know the “once you pop you can’t stop” chips? For one thing the tube is no longer tall enough to hold your spagetti. And for another thing – when I used to buy Pringles, the corners of my mouth would get raw because the chips were so big. No more.
  • Filled biscuits like Lemon Creams and Jolly Jammers have maybe half the filling in they used to have. As for twist-lick-dunk, have you tried it lately!? Don’t make me laugh.
  • Coldrink and beer used to come in a 340ml can. Then Coke had a “gas shortage” in 2005 or 2006, and after that the cans were 330ml.
  • And did you know that South African legislation states that bread should weigh 800g unless otherwise stated either on a label. What a cop out. When last did you weigh your bread?
  • Even eggs have been downsized. In South Africa an XL egg is a good 10g smaller than the ones classified as XL in the USA, Europe and Canada.

Quite frankly, it pisses me off.
I wish a simple blog post would be enough to tell big business and manufacturers just how much I hate being ripped off.

Ugh… Insurance…

We finally found a jeweller that stocks Donna Mia Jewellery to get a quote on replacing mine.

And we’ve decided that instead of attempting to replace ALL my precious rings and costume jewellery we just asked the same jeweller to quote on a necklace and ring along with the bracelet.

This whole process of having to get our own quotes is taking too bloody long and we’ve given up trying to find a place to quote on replacing my Glugster’s clothes.

And my beloved bracelet was one of the MANY things stolen when they burgled us and every day I remember another thing that was in my jewellery box that is now gone.
My wedding earrings…
My umbrella earrings from Snowgoose…
My amethyst ring from my Glugster…
My silver ring with my name on it…
My collection of cupcake earrings…
My cupcake necklace from Shebee & Jon…
My infinity sign earrings from Sweets…
My bead and enamel “dragon” necklace from my mommy darling…

Another thing in my jewellery box was an apple pendant on a silk rope. Years ago my Glugster and I bought matching pendants for myself, sister B, sister C and my mommy darling on a special offer from Jenna Clifford, and we often wore them at the same time – without any planning.
Anyhoodle, mine was gone and when I lamented the fact to them one day my mommy darling went and fetched hers and gave it to me. So now my sisters and I still have matching pendants!
Isn’t that just awesome of my mommy darling!

As for the laptops, hard drives and the phone we have those quotes already sorted, and the TV was replaced by Teljoy as it was a rental.