The Knucklehead And His Spike

The knucklehead’s bearded dragon, the lizard formerly known as Mojo, is a little over two years old now.
When he comes home from work, Spike is fetched out of his terrarium and they head outside into whatever sunshine is left so the knucklehead can have a smoke and Spike can “chill”. When he’s in his bedroom listening to music, Spike gets to walk around on the bed, much to Greebo the cat’s disgust!

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I think when I die I’d like to come back as a bearded dragon belonging to my son!
His terrarium is cleaned and rearranged on a weekly basis with an assortment of rocks and logs so he never gets bored!
And outside in the garden there’s a little play place – fenced so the dogs can’t disturb it – where Spike gets to hang out and warm up in the son whilst the knucklehead has a cigarette. The knucklehead has even cultivated a strawberry plant in the pen for Spike to snack on when they’re ripe! There’s a half-buried log with a hole under it for Spike to hide in, plants for shade and rocks to climb on.

The Lizard King…

My knucklehead’s bearded dragon, Spike, lives a royal life in this here house!

When the knucklehead goes into his room he calls to and talks to Spike like I do to my cats! Its too comical!

When he’s preparing Spike’s food in the morning and evening Spike sits on his shoulder and gets fed hibiscus flower petals whilst his veggies are being chopped!

When the knucklehead goes outside for a cigarette Spike goes too, and sits in the sun on a perch made of wood! He sits on the same perch when his terrarium is being cleaned out.

When the knucklehead is lying reading on his bed at night Spike has the run of the bed and walks along the edges before walking up the knucklehead’s leg to sit on the pillow under the reading lamp!

The Knucklehead Has A Lizard!

No- I’m not being obscene- he actually has a pet lizard! A bearded dragon, no less!

My son has been asking (read- hinting, begging and pleading) for a snake, lizard or spider since he was in pre-school, but I always said no because I knew who would end up taking care of it (since he was a little kid), and an exotic pet is an expensive pet.

Then ExMi mentioned on Twitter that although she hated herself for it, the bearded dragon she purchased about a year ago needed a new home.

It was like magic! Have you seen “Despicable Me“? You know when Gru says: “Light bullllb.” It was like that!

I hadn’t been thinking about it or anything, but I knew in that instant that the lizard, named Mojo, was meant for my knucklehead.┬áI didn’t say a word to him though- I would┬ánever have heard the end of it, and had things fallen through and Mojo hadn’t come to live with us, I would have been nagged endlessly because it would have meant I’d said yes in principle! I did discuss it with my Glugster of course, and we agreed that it was all good as long as the knucklehead understood that the lizard would be his responsibility.

ExMi and I went into negotiations, and a week later I went to fetch Mojo from her house. I only told my knucklehead that he was getting a very early Christmas present the night before I collected the lizard.

Mojo has been renamed Spike (I know, I know, not exactly original), and he has taken up residence- in his terrarium- in the knucklehead’s bedroom. When the knucklehead came home to find the lizard in his room, he spent the entire evening rearranging furniture, preparing food, and watching and talking to and cuddling Spike. And as is typical with the knucklehead, I was summoned to the room several times to see what the lizard was doing. There are big plans underfoot for plants, a bigger terrarium, and leash training! Is that even possible?

The knucklehead couldn’t be happier.

Lets Play Picture Tag…

Sweets tagged me with a photo meme… You have to find five things around your house that say something about the person you are and snap a picture of them. Then tell us about them…
Here goes!

This is my laughing cow and fur covered bar stools… the cow was a gift from Sister B for my 30th birthday, and the barstools I covered myself. I dunno if it says much apart from displaying a little of my “strangeness”.

My lavalamp and CD holder with my name on it. The CD holder has my Eros and King Robbie CDs in it, Damien gave it to me for my birthday once. Thats an incense holder in the background and those are the info magazines that come with the X-Files DVDs. What does it say about me? I love things… if I could I would have everything I own on display somehow!

Some of my dragon collection… I do love dragons…

A blockmounted dragon poster that Damien gave me, and photos of Damien. This is just some of them, apart from one or two dragon pictures and an MC Escher poster in my bedroom, there are pictures of Damien everywhere. I love my boy…

My book collection and most of my dragons… I cannot stop buying books!!!

Ok so thats a lot more than 5 things… so what. Feel free to tag yourself if you’d like to play!

Another Attempt At Fiction

Jason Evans, over at The Clarity Of Night, had another writing competition (it closed on 31 August)! As always, it was a photograph inspired competition, this one titled Halo and I was thoroughly taken by the picture he chose.
He posts the entries on his blog, so go over and take a look at mine (entry #51) and the others… I am very impressed with them all so far, and #6, #49, #38 and #1 (not necessarily in any order) are so far my favourite favourites… I haven’t read them all yet, AND you can vote for the “reader’s choice” winner when the competition closes.
Oh, and I have added a link in my sidebar to a post listing my other attempts at fiction if anybunny would like to see what else I’ve scribbled… I look to people like Jason to keep me on my writing toes! Thanx dude!