Searches That Found Me…

I haven’t checked these things in aaaages, so I went to look. As always, I get a lot of ADHD related searches, here are a few I haven’t seen before:

  • Hein Badenhorst
  • 10 steps before ritalin
  • why starcharts dont work for adhd children

And there were several about things I know have blogged about before:

  • suncares arts academy
  • 1.6 ford focus trend option pack with candy red
  • tsogo sun arts academy
  • glurge examples
  • “how much i sneeze”

And then there were some odd ones… A surprising number of them dealing with medication of some kind!

  • thermark 
  • can i drink 7 betasleep capsules? 
  • how long does it take for deselex tablets to work on throat allergies
  • monsters inc “smelly garbage and wet dog”
  • crutches me
  • duvet

How Did You Find Me!?

I had a good giggle tonight, I was checking on my Google Analytics and I realised that my “new” blogging home has a whole new set of search terms that led people here, and some of them are very strange indeed!
There were several searches for planning baby showers, lots for children’s sticker charts, and quite a few Absa-related searches.
These were the ones I thought were the funniest, and I haven’t changed any spelling or grammar:

  • cool gadjets that make life easier
  • gedgets in my life
  • tell me how are gadgets made.
  • drag queen challenge     erm… I think it may well be a challenge to be a drag queen…
  • duvet cover feels being touched whilst sleeping     methinks someone’s been watching too many Paranormal Activity movies
  • handmade ceramic wall clocks     I have never made any kind of clock…
  • itching caused by duvets

Do you know how people found your blog? What did you Google to find me?

You Googled What?!

When last did you take a look at the words or phrases people searched and found your blog!?

I realised when looking at my Google Analytics reports tonight that I haven’t checked out my keywords in a while and I went to have a look- there’s some funny searches happening on this here interwebs, bunnies!

Apart from the expected searches involving ADHD, tattoos and TTC, I usually get a lot of results from searches for cars, cupcakes and weddings too- no surprises there. I’ve also had searches for census issues leading to me, but I did blog about it a couple of times so that was no surprise either.

Here though, are the ones that had me frowning and grinning all at the same time!

  • “27 dinner” “geek girl dinner
  • “get this widget” “car insurance”
  • “grosgrain voice”
  • 100 % online social network dating
  • aising glace
  • an angel when you be mind
  • baby orajel cape town
  • bad angel sluts
  • bliss out phrasal verbs
  • buy crocheted slip on wine glast coasters
  • creepy hand
  • cute number 5
  • exhibitionist flasher network
  • flying times in your sweet and young flowers
  • things men should know about women

When A Thing Is Funny, Search It Carefully For A Hidden Truth*

Here, oh ever loyal bunnies of mine, are the top 20 strangest search terms that have led people to my blog…
Some of them are kinda linked to some or other post in which I mention something like a junkie, or teenage pregnancy- but others are a total mystery to me! Heaven knows I’ve never tried to fake a social security number or tan twice in one day, let alone embrace insomnia!
  1. 2008 + “how to get a fake social security number”
  2. 100 best fucking step’s
  3. and my car is being watched by this ugly ass junkie
  4. “bees buzz in my breast”
  5. Embracing Insomnia
  6. feline throat photos model
  7. i am so jealous of michael shoemaker lyrics
  8. kazuki nakajima tan jacket
  9. ladies furry slippers spanking
  10. organising a matric farewell
  11. parent directory cleavage
  12. pictures mom as an angel
  13. pietermaritzburg zoo
  14. slang tom prostitute
  15. smoke at school pack
  17. tan twice in 1 day
  18. teenage pregnancy + crime
  19. temporarily out of order
  20. angel who had sex with 80 boys

And here are the 20 very common ones that I see a lot of when people find me… and these sorta make sense because I blogged about them at some stage.

  1. adhd heros
  2. adhd poem
  3. angel
  4. angel junk food junkie
  5. angel of mind
  6. Angel rl sex pics
  7. angel slippery
  8. angel’s backrounds
  9. what is a angel
  10. shiny angel blogspot
  11. farouk balsara
  13. poems about grandson
  14. mafia party
  15. mafia theme evening
  16. mafia themed party and even moffia theme party
  17. mom fack me
  18. fack
  19. fack my friend mother
  20. fack tattoos


*George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

ADHD And Parenting Type Searches.

That led future “lurkers” and one-hit-wonders to my blog via inventions like Yahoo, Google, AOL, Ananzi and so on…! Hell I wish people would leave comments when they visit me. TELL ME you’ve been here for crying out loud- especially if it was by some freaky search term and you were flabbergasted to find my blog listed- or if you actually found what you were looking for!!

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