A Survivor Kit

A part of SlutWalkJHB was a drive to collect rape survivor kits, or “helping hand-bags”. I was determined to make one up to donate on the day. I considered making one up for a child, but when I started thinking about what to include in a kit like that it made me so sad that I just couldn’t go through with it, so I made mine for an adult woman. I thought long and hard over what kind of hand-bag to buy, because like Jenty, I wondered if a rape victim would want to keep anything she was given in that situation… I eventually bought a larger version of a small green hand-bag I own. Green is supposed to be a calming, neutral colour so I was happy with my choice.

Like Jenty, I also put in a scarf as a gift, in a small gift box. It was a colourful silk scarf with a paisley design, and I love paisley.

I included a card and I wrote a message inside it. It took me ages to come up with something because I didn’t want it to sound like empty platitudes… I suppose it will sound like that anyway.

I put in a face cloth- the colour of which I couldn’t decide on and eventually settled for a soft orange one.

I put in waterless hand sanitizer, and “wet wipes” for grown ups- and I actually battled to find something that wasn’t a make-up remover or covered in pictures of babies.

I put in a body lotion and a bar of moisturising soap.

I put in a shower gel and a bottle of bubble bath.

I put in a package of soft sanitary towels.

And I put in a pair of knickers- black, comfortable boy shorts like I like to wear. They’re not hipsters and I bought them in my size.

I wanted to put more things in but I ran out of room.

I pray that whoever receives the bag I made up will know it was done with thought and care, and that I truly mean what I wrote in the card.

And you don’t have to wait for a SlutWalk to donate a bag like this one, there’s an email address in the list above where you can get more details of where to take one should you want to donate too.

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

Every 6 months or so, I buy myself a Heat or People magazine for some fluff and light entertainment. The next to last issue of Heat (thats how out of date I am, I don’t even buy the newest one) had a piece in it that had my jaw on the floor!!

It seems South African parents are in an uproar over their children seeing people have sex during a prime-time TV show called Vixens– on Vuzu channel! Vixens is a reality show (which most people know I can’t stand) about self-proclaimed sluts living in a Big Brother type “house”, and dudes who have girlfriends going to stay in the same house and NOT having sex with the sluts to prove their fidelity!!

Any questions as to why I dislike “reality” TV shows?

Vuzu is not a channel your children should be watching people! The channel is geared towards the 18-23 age demographic and if you’re really as concerned about what your children see on TV as you claim to be, they wouldn’t be watching Vuzu!

I’ve never watched Vixens BTW, not do I watch much of anything on Vuzu besides The Vampire Diaries. It is one of my 19 year old son’s favourite channels though.

News from AnGlug Central

So sorry to disappoint you all- AnGlug is a couple and living together as a family with the furry masters and the knucklehead- but there’re no rings on anyone’s fingers yet. Apart from the jewellery he’s already given me, that is. I didn’t mean to get all you all so excited!

The news is this.

I am super happy and spoilt and I cannot remember how I survived on my own for as long as I did! He completes me.

You may commence hurling.


Actually, this is the news:
Damien spends his weekends on the couch in front of the TV. He stays up late. He records and re-watches Animax and Cartoon Network on the PVR. He eats whatever we’ve said he may eat and drinks all the coke in the fridge. The place is a disaster area when he wakes up.
During the week, he sleeps in his bedroom upstairs, which is next to ours, as his “bedtime” is 21h30. If he doesn’t get at least 7 hours sleep he’s such a little twerp in the morning I already want to hit him when I wake him up.
Getting off the topic here.
What IS news is that when I find Damien sleeping downstairs when I go to wake him on a weekday, I know something is up and he didn’t sleep well.
And now I’m not sure whether or not to take as a compliment the fact that he can speak to me as candidly as he did… or to be totally mortified!
He begged me please to let him take over the garage and turn it into his living quarters because, apparently my Glugster and I are a little loud.
I said no, he couldn’t have the garage as it is for our cars and other assorted boxes… and apologised.
I apologised to my son for having noisy sex and keeping him awake… even though its late and he should already be asleep and we shut and lock the door and all…

Ooh- I almost forgot- I am attending the 15th Annual ADHASA Conference this weekend coming. Its two VERY full days, so I will be quite bushed by the end- but the programme looks splendid and its yet more to add to my AD/HD education.

Yet More Interweb Search Items

F shark flasher girls I posted about the always cute Blue Bulls (my rugby team) girls once and bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t find pictures of the Natal Sharks girls to compare them to!

F perceptions of divorce anger Aaaaalrighty then… does anyone remember me posting about divorce?

F angel the sitcom Way-hay, I have my own sitcom! Waaaait a second, where the fork are my royalties??

F badge bunnies web sites Now here I understand how the “bunnies” got to me…

F picture of strawberry tattoo Hey cool! I have one of those!!!

F gray anatomy single mom I have seen some of Grey’s Anatomy, is there a single mom in there somewhere?

F divorced parents disagree on ADHD meds Now THIS happens a lot! I think I blogged about it once.

F 100 reasons to say thank you Right now, I think I may be able to list 10 off the top of my head…

F Ritalin experience Ah well, this is self explanatory I think!

F fucking a single mom Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa…

F angel carrying baby tattoos Someone would want a tattoo like this?

F fuck mommy fuck twice Good grief… would this be a curse phrase, or something to do?

F slippery angel Well I dunno if I’m so slippery…!!?!

F angel slippery Ditto this one… LOL

F “gave me a facial” Oh yes please!!! Me too!

F privileged seat of the mind This clearly isn’t in my head… at least, there’s no furniture there that I know of!!!

F mom cleavage Okay, now THIS is an obvious one!

F bikes for handicap kids I think this one is linked to my nephew N’s story

F forklift Christmas card Okay, I have no idea why anyone would want a forklift on a Christmas card??!

F list of memes for blogs I know I’ve done a lot of memes, but I don’t remember making a list anywhere… so um, Googling person- did you find one?

F Linda Evangelista is the supermodel known for her chameleon like ability to change herself with the season. in her spare time she likes to breed one kind of animals I know I mentioned her once… but I get this search a LOT! Anyone know what she breeds?

Remember The Bed…?

Well, after it broke the first time, the Glugster managed to put it back together… but we pretty much killed it shortly afterwards.
The bed is now standing, up on its side, in his bedroom… and we are sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

See that bar in the middle? Its supposed to be straight…

The hassle now?

The bloody mattress doesn’t stay where we put it!!!
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