When Brain Surgery Suddenly Seems Like a Good Idea… Part 2

So the knucklehead has had the Chiari Decompression surgery.

He went into theatre at 11h30 on Friday morning, and they wheeled him out of recovery at about 16h30.

The procedure took about 4 hours, and my mommy darling and I spent the day at the hospital to wait.

He was asking for me as soon as he started coming around – very disoriented and scared and in a lot of pain.
It broke my heart to see my baby so afraid and so sore.
He grabbed my hand and refused to let go until we got to ICU, and then I had to wait outside while they hooked him up to everything. We were allowed to spend about 30 minutes with him after that, and then we had to leave and wait for the next visiting “hour” (its only 45 minutes long at night).

I saw the Neurosurgeon after he had checked on him in ICU, and he said he was happy with everything, and that he had been able to remove a smaller piece of the skull than he thought he would have to. This is great.

He is still in ICU, probably moving to a normal ward tomorrow. He’s in a lot of pain, but the BP cuff on his one arm has been removed, the oxygen tubes in his nose are out, one drip has been taken out, and the electronic pressure sock-things have been taken off his legs, so he’s a little more comfortable. When they move him tomorrow the catheter will come out and the arterial line will come out. The central line in his neck will stay in, just in case they need a drip.
Incredibly, he has already regained the feeling in his right arm and chest, in fact his skin is so sensitive he twitches at the slightest touch. Hopefully this will ease in time, and the crazy itch he used to get around his right eye has stopped.

He’ll be in hospital till about Friday, and he has several weeks of recovery ahead of him, but he’s better and stronger every time we see him. He’s arguing with me now, and wishing the ICU staff would just let him sleep! He has been able to sit up straight, and he’s gradually moving his head and neck a little more. 😀

We are exhausted from driving up and down to the hospital several times a day, thankfully I don’t have a lot of orders pending and I am going to keep it that way for a few weeks until he is properly okay on his own.

Thank you all for your love and prayers!

What Is An HSG X-ray?

Simply put, a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is used by fertility specialists to determine the health of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

This might be a little too graphic for the dudes, so I will forgive anyone with a penis, or anyone a little squeamish, for not reading… but I do think it may be worth posting about for anyone else that may Google it in future.

To be honest- I wish I had Googled it properly! And I REALLY wish my Glugster had been there to hold my hand 🙁 and had I Googled it properly; I would have arranged to have him there.

An HSG x-ray is just one of the many tests done when you see a fertility specialist because you’re battling to fall pregnant. As you’d expect, just about anything to do with reproduction has a gynecological aspect to it, so a lot of these procedures are invasive and more than a little uncomfortable. Thus far I have only had to undergo the bare minimum of them, so I am lucky.

I was quizzed when I saw the doctor, and had to fill in reams of paperwork about my medical history and my allergies, so we had already established that I do not have an iodine sensitivity- which is important for an HSG!

The test should also be done as soon as possible after your period and before ovulation so that you and the doc can be sure you’re not pregnant. And there are other things to take into consideration too- like diabetes, bleeding problems or infections- so clear all that with the doc first.

hsg x-ray

So. Last Thursday. I left home extra early because I was afraid of getting stuck in traffic, and arrived ninety minutes early for my appointment. I sat and read my book whilst I waited, and then I coulda kicked myself when the clinic staff called me for my appointment- after the kakkest fast food breakfast I have ever had– because it was in that instant I realised I hadn’t Googled the procedure. And I Google EVERYthing! I was already nervous, and suddenly my butterflies started doing back-flips!

I got up off the waiting room couch; put the bookmark in my book, and myself and another woman followed the sister down to the labs. We waited another 5 minutes and I was called in first.

I had to strip from the waist down and put on a hospital-type gown.

Then I had to get up on to a typical x-ray bed, you know the hard narrow ones, and lie on my back on a hospital-issue linen protector. There was a big x-ray machine arm over the bed, on which I was cautioned not to bump my head when I got up onto the bed, and there was a raised screen off to the left. They moved the bed a little with me on it, until I could clearly see an x-ray picture of my pelvis nicely centered on the screen. Then they asked if I was cold and if I need a blanket, I said no thank you, and lay there waiting for the doctor and listening to the two women talking about their children and movies and such for 5 minutes.

If I think back, they could have used that time to explain the procedure to me a little… even if I had Googled it.


When the doc arrived, he introduced himself and immediately started the procedure. Okay, so no explanation from him either.

He first inserted a speculum, like your gyno uses (hands up if you know how awesome that feels… NOT!) and once it was in and screwed open, he put a catheter tube through my cervix into my uterus, and proceeded to fill my uterus with an iodine solution.

At this point I’m trying to force myself to relax and practicing my Lamaze breathing techniques…

The liquid flows up into the fallopian tubes and then out into the abdominal cavity. This is how they see, using a moving x-ray (or a fluoroscope), whether the uterus and fallopian tubes are properly open and there are no blockages and there’s no scarring*.

It doesn’t hurt when the iodine solution flows in, and it’s not cold or anything, but my uterus didn’t like it much and it hurt… almost as if my body was protesting the “invasion”!

Thankfully it was over pretty quickly, and I had my eyes closed the whole time so I didn’t even see if the dye flowed through everywhere its supposed to flow through or not…

Once the doctor removed the catheter and the speculum, I was allowed to lie still for a few minutes to recover, and then I could get up and get dressed.

And then the linen protector made sense because as soon as I sat up, some of the dye leaked onto the bed.

They had very thoughtfully provided sanitary towels, and I realised I would perhaps need a couple…

I was sore, like mild period cramp sore, and I was uncomfortable- but not unduly so. I could walk and drive and everything, and I got lucky in that I managed to get a follow-up appointment in someone else’s cancellation!

I bled a little through the day, along with the leaking iodine solution, but by lunchtime-ish I was fine again.

So now we wait for the appointment to see the doctor again and hear what all the test results are.

And I completely forgot to mention that apart from clarifying whether or not you have physical issues, the procedure itself is often enough to “encourage” a pregnancy on the woman’s next cycle as she’s essentially had her uterus and fallopian tubes washed out and any small blockages cleaned out!

Other links you can look at for more info: webMD.com and sharedjourney.com

*ahem… I had a termination in 1998, and there was a slight possibility of scarring from the procedure- which is in essence like having a built in IUD


…come play on my rollercoaster…

Granny Darling Update…

email from my mommy darling:


Catheter is out. Drip is out. She has kept a litty-bitty food down. Progress at last.
They are going to x-ray her chest today. Dunno what for?
She is up and about in a wheel chair (which is held together with bandages. It’s really 3rd world there). The sooner we can get her out of insert-shirty-hospital-name-here the happier we ALL will be.

Thank you for your prayers and care- it has all worked.

If I have missed anyone please pass this along!

Love and such gratitude to you all!


hhmmm… I seem to title several posts this way… maybe I should get me a sound-proof room where I can really scream every once in a while!?

Anyhoodle, I am STILL having connection hassles with my 3G datacard, but only at home. Everywhere else, no worries! And VodaCrap is telling me its my datacard thats faulty. Or I must change my profile. Or I must reinstall. Have I tried another room in my house.
VodaCrap helpline staff, here’s a little tip. When someone calls you and asks for assistance, do not immediately assume they’re completely clueless losers and start saying things like “OK, click on “TOOLS” then click on “PROFILE” then click on… do not instantly launch into the little rehearsed click on “START”, “PROGRAMS”, “CONTROL PANEL” speech because not all of us are as thick as bricks!
ASK the caller if they have changed their profile lately. I have mine set on “3G Only” for a reason and I have already tried switching it around to try and get a longer lasting signal.
You wanker.
ASK the caller if they have checked on their temp files and internet history and and and before telling me where to click!
You asshole.

Right… so can you tell I am suffering from blog-reading-commenting withdrawal!!?! I have not had my 6 hour nightly fix in ages and I am SO behind!!!

Ooh, and before I forget- granny darling is doing fabulously well! I went and saw her last night, she’s not in ICU though she is in a lot of pain (obviously). Thank you so much for all the well-wishes and prayers and PLEASE keep it up!

Death To Spambots And Other Weekend News…

Today is mine and the Glugster’s second monthiversary! Sheesh can you believe how time flies bunnies!!! In truth- it feels much longer. And without getting too lewd and lascivious… let me just say that I can NOT get enough of him!!! And yes I know its still early days… but I’m loving it!

On Saturday Glugs and I were exceptionally lazy… we napped and snacked and watched TV all day. Damien had his PS2 with him and played “Ghostrider” all weekend! Heavenly… then yesterday we went to braai at my sister C’s place with da Bruvva and my nephew N. The Glugster got a chicken tour of a difference in seeing sister C’s significant other’s show roosters… we ate really well, and went up to the horse slash game farm where Damien and I used to ride to say goodbye to our old “friends”, and of course there are pictures that I’ll post later.

And I must just warn you all- I am AGAIN having connection crap at home so I am SO very behind on my reading and commenting… and VodaKak is blaming everything from EsKak to the rain for my troubles without actually helping me with anything. I miss you all dreadfully and I’ll get back up to speed as soon as I can!! There’s good news too- I am getting a new laptop!!! An awesomely spectacularly yummy HP Pavilion dv9500!!! I had my grubby little paws on it this morning and I’ll be spending the next week or so installing drivers and programs and all that fun stuff. I had a minor panic attack when I discovered my new toy had an express card slot i.s.o. a datacard slot- but I am due to upgrade and renew my 3G account at the end of February so I’ll be getting an expresscard with my upgrade. I’m also busy transferring data off of my current notebook to make sure I don’t lose anything.

In other news- believe it or not- my BLOG was being spammed bunnies!!! Anyone notice the freaky posts that appeared this morning (thanx for the head’s up babe…)? You see, Blogger gives you the option to email posts and pictures and even videos straight to your blog- and I have been using this option for well over two years as my client’s server doesn’t always allow me access to my blog. Then last week I noticed a freaky post or two saved as drafts on my nephew’s blog. I deleted them, thinking maybe one of the other contributors to his fan club had sent them by accident. Then I got an odd post on my own blog, which I deleted thinking it may be spam, but not worrying about it terribly. And then this morning the dreaded spambots struck again. TWO spam posts!!! I deleted both, and I have now changed the email address I use to post via email. But I’m going to keep an eye on it as this is now clearly not as “safe” an option as it used to be…

My granny darling is out of surgery and into ICU… there’s still a looong recovery road ahead of her- but so far it seems as if everything went well.